Shoot Rogue-Sight marks is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Shoot Rogue-Sight marks is an objective in the Story Mission, Going Rogue in Borderlands 3


  • There are 3 "hidden" Rogue-Sight marks hidden in particular spots in Floodmoor Basin.
  • One can be found in Reliance, looking to the East.
  • Underneath the overhang of the building there is a crate.
  • Look down the scope to see a glowing orange mark on the "crate".
  • Shoot the mark to reveal a chest.
  • The next closest rogue's mark is found out to the East from Reliance.
  • Go to the nearby shack just down the road from Reliance.
  • Nearby the shack are 2 flattened cars.
  • Between them is a crate.
  • Look at this crate using the Rogue-Sight to find the mark to break.
  • The final Rogue-Sight Mark in the Floodmoor Basin can be found to the South, going to the nearby swamp.
  • Head into the swamp over over to the Western side where you can find the shack.
  • Look to the West of the tree nearby the front door of the shack.
  • You will see a grey crate sitting there, so look at it using the Rogue-Sight and shoot the marker on it.
    • It does appear that an AoE action skill can also trigger the mark, revealing the chest.