The Bosun on Elpis in Borderlands: The Presequel (BL:TPS)

The Bosun is an enemy in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel


Pity's Fall

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Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion

Strategy Guide[edit]

The Bosun is a commander of a large gang of Scavs. Before he "went native", the Bosun was a remarkable AI programmer. This fight can either be really hard or really simple. it all depends on how well you can get the hang of the Bosun's tactics.

The Bosun has numerous attacks. The problem one is very powerful and can kill anyone easily if caught in it. He will unleash a sustained Fire laser beam at you. Just keep moving as he drags its along the ground. He can also fire off electrical orbs with minor homing abilities. There is also a missile volley to worry about.

The fight itself has 2 stages: Shielded and Unshield.

The Shielded Phase is very simple. There are 4 Bosun's Shield Regenerators spread over the room. You need to track these down and destroy them. They are armored so explosive or corrosive weaponry is going to be the best to use here. You cannot hurt the Bosun until the Generators are destroyed.

The second phase, Unshielded, has you going against the Bosun and all his handy minions. It is very important to keep on the move during this time. He summons a good swarm of Scavs that are after you. Expect Lunatics, Scavs and more. Weaken a few for an easy second wind. Aside from that, focus your fire on the Bosun. Start with Shock then change to Acid to cut through his shield then armor. If you have a powerful Torgue Assault Rifle, that can also rip him apart.