A Fragmented Monument is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

A Fragmented Monument is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk to Garini who can be found in the Palmorae Ruins, on the Northern end of Palmorae Beach. This is just Southeast of Mount Dunsel.




A broken monument has the curiosity of Garini who can decipher it if he can see all the pieces.


  • Talk with Garini to begin the quest. He will ask you to get detailed drawings of each Stone Fragment.
  • The fragments' text glows at night which can make them slightly easier to find.
  • One Stone fragment is just to the East, with the rocks going down to the shore, you will see a line of 3 palm trees.
  • Follow the palm trees to the bottom of the mountain face and look there to find one of the fragments.
  • Take a picture of this fragment.
  • Go to the Western portion of Palmorae Beach.
  • You will see some wooden crates there nearby by rocks in the water.
  • Go over to the crates and walk out onto the rocks
  • You will see one of the Stone Fragments in the water. Take a picture of it.
  • Head over to Soka Point, off Cape Cresia.
  • At the very Northern point of this peninsula you will find the fragment.
  • The Fragment sits in the water. Take a picture of that.
  • Head back to Garini and talk with him. Link will show him the 3 pictures.
  • Garini will translate the runes and explain the next step, which he is clueless about.
  • Go to one of the nearby Shrine platforms and kneel.
  • When both Link and Garini crouch on the platforms, Kah Yah Shrine will be revealed.



Garini: Hmmm... Ahhh! Sory about that. I was in the zone. Did you need something?

Link: What are you doing?

Garini: I was just examining this stone monument.This place has a very spiritual aura to it. Do you feel it? I recently realized that there is writing engraved on this tone monument... So now I'm trying to figure out what exactly is written here.

Link: Can I help?

Garini: Ah, so you're the curious type, too. This stone monument was once much larger, but it broke apart during an earthquake a while back. If you really want to help, help me find the missing fragments, will you? They'll be scattered all around. I think the fragments had the same kind of script carved into them...If you find a fragment, please draw a picture of it and bring it to me.I'll be here finishing my examination of this stone monument! ...Oh, right. And the words on the stone monument glow with an eerie light at night... That should make them easier to find. One of them should be right around here. Please find that first!

Garini: Did you find any fragments of the stone monument?

Link: I sure did.

Garini: Oh! Amazing! Show me the next one! Hrm... hrm...Perfect! You have more? That's amazing! ........ Excellent. Thanks to you, I've got a good shot deciphering the entire monument. Give me a second to see if you can put this all together... Wow! Thanks to you, I've deciphered the entire passage! "When the two find their place and kneel in reverence, the shrine will reveal itself." ...Ah! I... haven't the foggiest what that's supposed to mean.

Garini: Hunh?! ... Is that it?!

Garini: Whoa! I don't know what was closer to bowling me over, the surpise or the way the ground was shaking! Haha! So the two who needed to "find their place" were you and me... Makes sense. Good job figuring that one out! I sure never would have... Huh? you're fixing to explore that shrine? Oh, sorry. I won't keep you any longer. Off you go!


Garini wants to know what the fragmented stone monument said when it was whole.

He's asked you to note down with whatever tools you have what each scattered fragment of the monument looks like.


You took picture of the scattered fragments of the stone monuments and showed them to Garini.

Once assembled, you discovered that the writing on the monument read as follows.

"When the two find their place and kneel in reverence, the shrine will reveal itself."


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A Fragmented Monument + Quick Thinking Trial Video Walkthrough