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The A Minor Test of Strength Noya Neha Trial is a Trial in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

This page has the walkthrough/solution to the A Minor Test of Strength Noya Neha Puzzle.


Recommended Runes[edit]



  • Head forward once you are inside the shrine.
  • Approaching the center of the main room will cause of the Guardian Scout II to rise up from the middle.
  • Using Lightning Weapons or Shock Arrows can stun the Guardian Scout for the first 3 phases of the fight.
  • This Scout is armed with an Ancient Battle Axe +.
  • The Guardian Scout will start moving toward Link with a chance to start firing off small eye bursts.
  • Watch for the lead up of its various attacks: the fancy swing for the swords, the sweeping back for the Axe or the spinning motion for the spear.
  • Another thing to watch for is the Scout holding the weapons horizontally.
  • It will leap back and hold its weapons horizontally and start rotating its weapons. It will come charging at Link.
  • Get Link behind a pillar to trick the Scout into smashing it and becoming stunned.
  • When reduced to 50% or less health, it will begin to use its Updraft attack by rotating its head emitting a beam.
  • This creates a lifting area of wind, to lift Link upwards using his Paraglider.
  • You can also just throw a Remote Bomb at the Scout and detonate it. You can also fire arrows at it.
  • When damaged upwards of 75% health, the Scout will start to use its powerful blast volley with a long charge time.
  • Watch for the blue aura around the Scout, when it coalesces on the scout, the attack will begin. Try to be as close as you can to the Scout to make it easier to dodge the attack.
  • With the Guardian Scout defeated head to the back of the room through the newly opened door.
  • There you will find a chest with the Knight's Shield inside it.
  • Climb the stairs and interact with the Monk Noya Neha.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Be careful during the Combat Trial, keep in mind where the pillars are for protection.
  • The Scout can be stunned by hitting its eye with an arrow.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

A Minor Test of Strength Video Walkthrough

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