A Wife Washed Away is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

A Wife Washed Away is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk with Fronk in Zora's Domain




Fronk is muttering to himself and worried about his wife. She went fishing while Vah Ruta while rampaging but has yet to return.

Quest Items[edit]


  • Approach and talk with Fronk who is working on the repairs to the Domain.
  • Fronk explains that with Ruta calmed down he would expect his wife to make her way back to Zora's Domain but she yet to.
  • Link can agree to find Mei to begin the quest.
  • With the quest begun, head to Lake Hylia, traveling to the Ya Naga Shrine.
  • Climb up the Eastern side of the island and glide over to the nearby Island on the Eastern side.
  • Go to the Northern side of this small Island. There you will find Mei heading down to the water or in the general area.
  • Talk with her and she will realize just how long she has been gone.
  • Mei will give Link 5 Staminoka Bass and dive into the water in a hurry.
  • You can return to Fronk to hear his relieved words that his wife Mei is back.



Fronk: They say Ruta has calmed down, and yet...

Link: Go on...

Fronk: Ah! It is you, Link! I am sorry... I was talking to myself. The truth is... My wife Mei left and hasn't come back yet. After the Divine Beast Vah Ruta started rampagin, she went out to go fishing like everything was normal. And now Ruta has settled down, but she still hasn't returned... I'm afraid the worst has happened... If only I had stopped her from leaving! Oh, what do I do?!

Link: I'll find her!

Fronk: Link... You saved Zora's Domain, and now you're going to help me find my Mei, as well? You are a true Champion! I am sorry to put this burden on you, but please... Please bring her home!

Mei: We got a big haul today! Fishing is so much fun!

Link: Do you know Fronk?

Mei: Hm? Fronk? Yes, he's my darling. My love! Why, is something wrong? ... WAAAAAAH!! My darling! I'm sooooorry! I completely forgooooooot! I got carried awaaaaay! I-I-'ve gotta get back home right away! Here, you can have these!

Mei: OK! Now they're all yours. Now then... Time for me to go home to Zora's Domain! See ya!



Video Walkthrough[edit]

[ A Wife Washed Away Video Walkthrough]

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