This page has the Shira Gomar Puzzle Solution.

The Aim for Stillness Trial is a Trial in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

This page has the walkthrough/solution to the Aim for Stillness Puzzle.


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  • Start by going forward and jump off the ledge into the wind rising from the turbines below.
  • Make your way over to the far platform.
  • Land in front of the next turbine, but do not jump onto it just yet.
  • Pull a Circular Remote Bomb and drop it into the wind.
  • It will rise up to the breakable rocks, detonate it to clear the way forward.
  • With the blocks cleared, jump and glide upwards on this updraft into the next platform.
  • Here, go forward to the tube and summon a remote bomb.
  • Drop it into the tube and watch it get blown over to the far side.
  • Detonate the bomb to open the path forward.
  • Jump into the windstreams and ride this one and the next over to the next platform.
  • This is the trickiest part of the shrine.
  • First, to the left on a small platform is the only treasure chest.
  • Watch the gear with the 2 launcher tubes and wind turbines below you.
  • Use Stasis on the gear to freeze it in place when one of the turbines is facing the small platform.
  • Use the Turbine to then glide over there quickly and open the chest.
  • Inside the chest you will receive Bomb Arrows x10.
  • Return to either the gear or the platform you started from.
  • Now you will want to progress farther into the shrine.
  • There are 2 ways to deal with the breakable blocks in front of you: Bomb Arrows and Remote Bombs.
  • Destroy the blocks and then you have the opening and closing gate to contend with directly.
  • You can lock in the open position by using Stasis on the Wind Switch just to the left of the gate.
  • Then the tricky part of gliding over there.
  • With the Wind Switch frozen with Stasis, wait for the next turbine to come by.
  • Just as it is crossing the Wind Switch, run and jump toward the opening.
  • This will let Link get caught in the wind stream and be carried through the opening into the next one.
  • Once there, go along with the angled wind stream and to the next few that will let you move between them.
  • This will lead you to the platform with the Monk on it.
  • Climb the stairs and interact with the Monk Shira Gomar.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Aim for Stillness Video Walkthrough

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