Link talking to the Bludo in LoZ: BotW.

Bludo is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Bludo is the Elder in the Goron Village. He is strong and very knowledgeable about keeping Divine Beast Vah Rudania. He does have back problems and sometimes cannot help because of his back pain.




Bludo: Drat! That blasted Rudania!

Link: What's wrong?

Bludo: With Rudania runnin' wild recently, Death Mountain's eruptions have gotten real bad. Do ya see Rudania stompin' around up there on the mountain. They say that 100 years ago, it actually used to protect our people from harm... but that was then, and this is now! Now all it does is mess up our mining operations! We're all suffering because it's stoppin' us from doin' business! I can't tell ya how many times we've used the cannon to chase off that fiend. But it always comes back!! Arrrgh... Youch... Owwwowow...

Link: Are you OK?

Bludo: Hmph, it's just some back pain... Wait. Who are you?

Link: I'm a traveler.

Bludo: I see... So, then, you came all this way to pay your respects to me? I like you already, brother! Well, my name's Bludo. I'm the great Goron Boss who's fearsome enough to silence a crying child! Or to make a silenced child cry, either way. Yes, it is none other than I, Bludo! I was plannin' to drive off Rudania like I always do, but then this blasted pain in my back flared up outta nowhere... That blasted Yunobo... When will he return?

Link: Who is Yunobo?

Bludo: Yunobo is a young Goron who helps me drive off Rudania. He went to grab some painkillers for my back from the Abandoned North Mine, but he hasn't come back yet...Slacker... I bet he's off somewhere wastin' time... Hey... if ya happen to see Yunobo, will ya let him now I'm lookin' for him? Arrrgh... Ugh... Ouch...