Link talking to the Bolson in LoZ: BotW.

Bolson is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Bolson runs the Bolson Construction Business. He is in charge of demolishing a house in Hateno Village, which, if asked, he will offer to sell to Link.




Bolson: Mornin'! Need something from me?

Link: What're you doing?

Bolson: In case it's not obvious, I'm demolishing a vacant house. Times are rough. Not a lot of buyers, y'know? So the villagers decided it was best to just tear it down.

Link: I can buy it!

Bolson: Whoa, get a load of young moneybags... Just wants to "buy" it, huh? Okey-doo... Let me lay it out for you. See this house? Been vacant for years. So the villagers had a meeting, argued, voted, and decided to tear it down. The demolition costs, with associated fees, permits, and other such details come in at 50,000 rupees. So when you say you want to "buy" it, you're talking about 50,000 rupees... You got that much on you?

Link: Impossible!

Bolson: Heh... Figured. When I was your age, I had serious money problems too, so I know how it feels all too well...

Bolson: ... All right. All right, look. Here's the deal! Just for you! I'll cut you a special price of 3,000 rupees. BUT IN RETURN! I'm going to need you to bring me 30 wood bundles. Building materials... You know how it is. Anyway, you understand the terms? Then get to it. And show me what you're built out of... That's a construction joke."'

Bolson: Hudson! Karson! Stop what you're doing!"

Hudson: You got it!

Bolson: Hey! You ready to deliver 30 wood bundles?

Link: I'll pay your price!

Bolson: Okey-doo. I'll grab them from you.

Bolson: All I needed to see... Good-faith wood. You're obviously serious about this, and now I know it. So, as promised, I'll sell you this old house for the low price of 3,000 rupees. Once you've got the money together, come grab me.

Bolson: Hi! Did you get t3,000 rupees together?

Link: I'm ready!

Bolson: Seriously?! You're gonna give me 3,000 rupees? Like, with three zeros? You aren't just posturing?

Link: I'll shell out!

Bolson: No way! Talk about studly! I'll just take that off your hands. Thanks for the sweet investment. Spending so much money on ANYTHING at your age... It's just so... studly! There's a weapon mount in there that never sold... Consider it a housewarming gift. Hope you get some use out of it.

Bolson: So... net-job time, baby! What'd I have lined up again? Oh, yeah, that's what's next. I was going to send Hudson up Akkala way to clear some land!

Bolson: Hi! I asked Hudson to clear some land in the Akkala region.

Link: Clearing land?

Bolson: Yup... Business expansion, y'know. I'll probably have him head out soon. If you want to say anything to Hudson, better catch him before he leaves.

Bolson: Hi! So, the both of us sort of hit a personal milestone, huh? Time to kick back and get LEISURELY, baby! ... Though you look a bit judgemental for such a fine moment. You're looking at me like we should both keep working at it. Heh! You don't even have to say it. "Oh, wah, I just bought a house and it's totally empty and depressing!" oh, sure, that's you to a T. I see it in your eyes. Yup, I was just like that you, about a lifetime ago. So tell you what, lemme help by taking of furniture, or the exterior, or anything really, for 5,000 rupees. Actually, no, scratch that. For you? Let's start at 100 rupees. Just cruise on by whenever you have the spending cash and we'll talk.

Bolson: Hi! Need something from me?

Link: Build me something.

Bolson: Whatcha want?

Link: Gear displays.

Bolson: What kind of mount?

Link: Weapon mount.

Link: Bow mount.

Link: Shield mount.

Link: Installations.

Link: House exterior.

Bolson: That'll be 100 rupees, OK? You can shell that out?

Link: I'm ready to pay up!

Bolson: Okey-doo, payments due up front.

Bolson: Okey-doo. Hang on a sec. Gotta get my mind right.

Bolson: Karson! We are ON!

Karson: Been waiting!

Bolson: Pretty flawless, if I do say so myself. You should take a look.

Bolson: AHH! YOU HOUSING MONSTER! You got EVERYTHING?! Ah, such is the way of youth... Driven! Even reckless, some might say. Well, since you bought everything, I threw in some free furniture! Yeah! Least I could do! Karson! Look lively!

Karson: I'm with you!

Bolson: Well, I am TUCKERED! I couldn't swing a ball-peen hammer right now, let alone an axe... Break time, baby!