Link talking to the Bozai in LoZ: BotW.

Bozai is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Bozai is a Hylian outside Gerudo Town who is jogging around the whole town to try to get any of the Gerudo's attention.




Bozai: Sa-sa-sa...sav'aaq! So yeah, hey, the name's Bozai. I'm 25, single and I LOVE jogging. Especially on sand. Yeah, everyone says I'm tenacious as a tick! And I think some of them meant it in a nice way, too! out here on your own? Pretty rough and tumble place... Wanna hang out with me awhile?

Link: Nice sand-jogging!

Bozai: Ah... You noticed these old things? Yeah, they're my Sand Boots. They allow me to traverse the desert without being slowed down at all, so jogging is a breeze. If you'd like to check them out, we could grab a quiet corner and...

Link: Gimme those boots.

Bozai: Huh? Oh... Well... Here's the thing. These sand boots are super rare, and I'd happily give them to you, but... ...Wait. This is a golden chance to woo... I mean, sure! I'd LOVE to give them to you, you hungry little boot monster! But first, a favor. Ever heard of the legend of the eighth heroine?

Link: Eighth heroine?

Bozai: Everyone's heard the legend in the Gerudo region about the seven heroines, but... some tell of an either heroine... Wiped clean from history, and no one knows why or how... A Phantom heroine known to all but seen by none... I've been taken with the legend since I was a child. Find her! Show me the eighth heroine, and I'll give you these sand boots. What do you say?

Link: I'll go look.

Bozai: YESSSSS! *ahem* According to those who idolize the eighth heroine, she is enshrined somewhere in the Gerudo Highlands. Apparently they even have a nickname for her: The Bronze Giant. Catchy. Beyond that, I don't really know much... Who knows, there might be someone in Gerudo Town who knows more about the legend of the seven heroines. Maybe that info would help. I don't know. Anyway, draw a picture or something if you find her! And then show me! I'm pretty picky about pictures, too. If you get one, make sure at least the statue's upper half is visible, OK? Oh, and here... If you'd like, you can use these. I'm sure they'll come in handy. Besides, you seem really into boots.

Bozai: The Gerudo Highlands are covered in deep snow, so it's hard to walk, right? Everyone knows that. But with these snow boots, you can walk through snow like it was flat ground... No... you can walk even faster than that! No one makes these anymore, so they're extremely valuable. As such, you can't keep them, OK?

Bozai: Many have investigated the eighth heroine, but it's an inscrutable legend, an unsolved and possibly unsolvable puzzle... And as Ms. Boots spins her wheels on it, we'll grow closer... And closer... And then... Hee hee!

Bozai: Oh! Oh, thank goodness! You made it back safely! You were gone for so long, I started to fear the worst... I have to come clean. The eighth heroine is just an urban legend - it doesn't actually exist... I... Well, I just wanted an excuse to get close to you, y'know? I wanted to keep you engaged so I just thought up something impossible to hold your interest... ANd as a result, I put you in harm's way! I'm a cad! And I've been so, so worried... I won't put you in danger anymore! From now on, I'll be your protect-

Link: Found it.

Bozai: Are your trying to console me because I've been so heartsick over this? You're such a kind soul. But no need to coddle me. From now on I'll-

Link: Look at this!

Bozai: That... certainly is...the way it was rumored to look... That- THAT'S AMAZING! I thought it was just an old wives' tale! The eighth heroine actually exists?! If the rest of the world knew this, it'd be absolute bedlam! ... But I won't tell anyone... Yeah, that way, it'll be our little secret, right? Sort of a bonding thing. And yeah, i-if it's OK, I'd like to take this opportunity to ask you-

Link: Sand boots, please!

Bozai: Oh... Oh, OK... Just a second. I'll take them off...

Bozai: Treat them as tenderly as you would me. *ahem* And now, could you be a lamb and return my snow boots? Otherwise ol' Bozai's going to be barefoot! All right, we're done here! Boy, but these will make running in the sand pretty difficult, and I'm pretty tired anyway from my jogging regimen... I think I'll just park myself under the tent in front of Gerudo Town and take five. Care to join me later?

Link: Good-bye.

Bozai: Huh? Aw... Good... Good-bye.