Fireblight Ganon is one of the Main quests in LoZ:BotW

Fireblight Ganon is a Quest (Main quest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Champion's Ballad.


Install the Champion's Ballad.



Quest Items[edit]


  • Approach the Divine Beast Vah Rudania to trigger the sequence leading into the realm of memory.
  • Just like any other case, you will have a limited inventory during the fight.
  • You can have extra hearts and buffs in place before going into the fight and those will be available.

  • The good news of this encounter is the durability of Boulder Breaker is more than high enough to survive the whole fight against Fireblight Ganon.
  • Stay by waiting for an opening to move in and attack the Fireblight
  • Whenever it raises its axe arm, expect it to be brought down heavily.
  • Use this time to move in to the bottom of its torso and start attacking with Boulder Breaker.
  • Expect the Fireblight to perform a spin attack with its axe, that will not hit Link if he is next to its body.
  • If you see the Fireblight raise its hand, watch out for the spray of embers that it can unleash.
  • Simply run out of the way to dodge this attack.
  • Reduce the Fireblight to 50% health to trigger its second phase.

  • The Fireblight will take to the sky after that, infuse its guardian axe with fire and then surround itself with a fiery shield.
  • This changes how you will be able to damage the Fireblight.
  • You will need to wait for it to create a fiery vacuum to unleash a powerful homing fireblast attack.
  • When you see flames rushing toward the Fireblight, throw a Remote Bomb toward it.
  • Once the bomb is around the Fireblight, detonate it.
  • The Fireblight will drop to the ground, stunned, so Link can rush in and attack it.
  • It will likely move along the ground for a while, and attack with its axe, leaving fire on the ground.
  • The Fireblight can also take to the sky and raise its hand, summoning a dense orb of Fire.
  • The orb can be dodged, but you can also stop it by firing one of your few Ice Arrows at it.
  • It will cycle between these few attacks until its health is critical.

  • When the Fireblight Ganon reaches Critical Health, it will start to use the Guardian Laser attack.
  • Immediately aim for its face with an arrow (if any remain) or rush at it with the Boulder Breaker and attack ruthlessly.
  • If you are concerned, hide behind one of the few pillars in the area for the blast to fire then move in and attack.



Maz Koshia: To the one who approaches this Divine Beast... In the name of the Goddess Hylia, I offer this trial. In exchange for Rudania's Emblems... you will be granted the chance to tread through the realm of memories. Those who lack determination will find this trial unforgiving. DO not take this place lightly, nor dismiss it as merely a world within your mind. The truth is much deeper than you know. This illusory realm was created from the depths of your memories... The enemy you shall face is a product of the fear that dwells within. You must overcome this fear to proceed. This battle is a trial of the soul. You must emerge victorious using only the tools provided.

Kass: You still adrift in thought? You seem lost to the whims of your mind. Oh... Pardon me. I suppose it's none of my business. Ah! Wandering around here and listening to anecdotes about Champion Daruk has truly invigorated me. In fact, it has inspired me to honor him in my own way, separate from my teacher's unfinished song. That is why I felt inclined to roost here, near the Divine Beast Vah Rudania, which Daruk himself mastered. I've written a song... to try and capture the essence of Champion Daruk...

Recall Rudania's Champion of flame, before his fated moment finally came. This is the tale of Great Daruk's task, and the princess who came to ask.

Hmm... I suppose even Champions are not immune to fear. So? What do you think of Champion Daruk's Song? By writing a song that celebrates the softer side of Champion Daruk, I feel closer than ever to my dear teacher. The missing verses of an ancient song... I think the perfect setting would be Hyrule Castle in the distant past.

Daruk: I knew ya could do it, little guy! Now you can use Daruk's Protection more than ever. If ya see that Ganon jerk, give him a message for me... "Good riddance, bacon-breath!"


You completed the three trials inscribed on the stone monument in the Eldin region.

After you collected three of Rudania's Emblems, the monk told you to head to the Divine Beast. What awaits you there?

Go to the Divine Beast to find out.


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Fireblight Ganon Video Walkthrough

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