Windblight Ganon is one of the Main Quest in LoZ:BotW

Windblight Ganon is a Quest (Main quest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Champion's Ballad.


Install the Champion's Ballad.



The Medoh's Emblem have awakened a trial within Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Travel to the Divine Beast to attempt it.

This is the final challenge of Revali's Song.

Quest Items[edit]


  • Link has no shield, so you must dodge all blasts from Windblight Ganon.
  • The only other option is to stun them with critical hits to its faceplate.
  • Use the numerous pillars in the area or the updrafts to dodge the attacks as needed.
  • WIndblight Ganon can destroy the cover with its melee attacks.

  • Link starts with the Falcon Bow equipped.
  • Fire the Arrows at the face plate of Windblight Ganon.
  • Use the focus ability while airborne to make it a lot easier to land all 3 arrows rapidly and ensure a stun on the Windblight.
  • After 3 arrows, using the Falcon Bow, you will stun it, bringing it down to ground level.
  • Rush the Windblight Ganon and attack it with your Feathered Edge.
  • Once it has been broken, you will want to use either Remote Bombs or Bomb Arrows when its health is critical.

  • When Windblight Ganon's health is reduced to less than half, it will deploy its reflectors.
  • These can redirect its smaller energy blasts, allowing it to fire around corners and hit Link.
  • It will also start to use its Guardian blast attack as well.
  • Without a shield to reflect it, the best action to take is to hide behind a pillar.
  • Start watching for warnings on the durability of your equipment.
  • The updrafts just become a lot more important to ensure enough accurate hits to the Windblight to stun it.
  • When the Windblight is using its laser attack, with the assistance of an updraft and Focus, you have a great chance to stun it.
  • When reduced to low health, you will want to start using the Duplux Bow.
  • If you are using the Focus ability and careful aim, then employ your bomb arrows to quickly defeat Windblight Ganon.



: To the one who approaches this Divine Beast... In the name of the Goddess Hylia, I offer this trial. In exchange for Medoh's Emblems... you will be granted the chance to tread through the realm of memories. Those who lack determination will find this trial unforgiving. Do not take this place lightly, nor dismiss it as merely a world within your mind. The truth is much deeper than you know.

This illusory realm was created from the depths of your memories... The enemy you shall face is a product of the fear that dwells within. You must overcome this fear to proceed. This battle is a trial of the soul. You must emerge victorious using only the tools provided.

Kass: Perhaps meeting you here was no coincidence. This is a perfect spot for you to get lost in your thoughts, as well as a perfect spot for me to write a song. Ah! Wandering around here and listening to anecdotes about Champion Revali has truly invigorated me. In fact, it has inspired me to honor him in my own way, separate from my teacher's unfinished song. That is why I felt inclined to roost here, near the Divine Beast Vah Medoh which [[Breath of the Wild: Revali Revali]] himself mastered. I've written a song... to try and capture the essence of Champion Revali...

Recall Medoh's Champion of flight, before he fell to his fateful plight. Revali's feat was a wonder to see, so the princess made her plea.

Hmm... It seems that the Rito Champion was not one to share his feelings. So? What do you think of Champion Revali's Song? By writing a song that highlights the hidden feelings of Champion Revali, I feel closer than ever to my dear teacher. I feel more confident that I can do those missing lyrics justice.

Revali: I truly never imagined you would do so well. Regardless, Revali's Gale should be more efficient than ever. As you are, I guess it's theoretically possible for you to best Ganon.


You completed the three trials inscirbed on the stone monument in the Hebra region.

After you collected three of Medoh's Emblems, the monk told you to head to the DIvine Beast. What waits you there?

Go to the Divine Beast Vah Medoh and find out.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Windblight Ganon Video Walkthrough

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