Challenge the Ancient Foes is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

Challenge the Ancient Foes is a Quest (Quest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Champion's Ballad.


Install the Champion's Ballad.



One of ancient trials that Mipha undertook was to face off against Challenge the Ancient Foes


  • Travel to Zora's Domain shrine, Ne'ez Yohma.
  • Once there, you will want to head toward Toto Lake and Upland Zorana.
  • Head to the Northeast and up the waterfall toward Toto Lake.
  • Equip the Zora Armor Set.
  • Use the 2 waterfalls nearby to reach the top of the waterfall.
  • Look to the left to find 2 Zora, Seggin and Bazz.
  • Travel to the West and toward where you can see the hovering Guardians.
  • Before you engage them, equip either high defense armor or the Ancient Armor Set.
  • To complete this challenge you will need to defeat 3 Guardian Skywatchers and 1 Guardian Turret.
  • Be wary because below you are a few Lizalfos that will join in any combat within their range.
  • Take a little time to snipe those you can before turning your attention toward the Skywatchers.
  • With Ancient Arrows, it can be easy to complete this challenge with some very careful aim.
  • Getting close can be tricky, use some careful use of Stasis[ can make it a lot easier to complete.
  • Travel along the tops of the hills as you go West toward where the Guardians patrol.
  • Start by eliminating the Guardian Turret that sits in the middle.
  • While stationary, it has a good vantage point to protect most of the area.
  • If needed, quickly deal with the patrolling Guardian Skywatcher that can come over the hill you are on.
  • From there, glide over to where the Guardian Turret was.
  • If you head into the lower area between the hills, you will need to worry about a few Lizalfos and some Electric Keese.
  • Deal with the Keese to avoid getting shocked and dropping your weapons and shield at a bad time.
  • Defeat the last of the Skywatchers and the Sato Koda Shrine will rise from the ground.
  • Head over to the Shrine and enter it to take the on the trial: Support and Guidance.



Seggin: Link! Exquisite timing. Look over there! The same creatures that appear when Lady Mipha challenged her sacred trial have returned to Upland Zorana. Lady Mipha defeated with her usual grace and skill. I wonder... is the trial calling to someone one?

Bazz: Hm? It is rare to see a Hylian here... Oh, how silly of me! It is none other than Master Link! I am happy to see you, old friend. I must sincerely thank you for your help with that Divine Beast Vah Ruta mess. While you are here, I should warn you... Blue-eyed Guardians have appeared in Upland Zorana. Apparently, those things last appeared when Lady Mipha challenged her sacred trial. My father insists they are no cause for alarm, but I am on high alert just in case.


The scattered One-Hit Obliterator led you to a location where a stone monument with a map of trials appeared. Kass's song seems related.

One, find what the light's path shows.

Two, conquer the ancient foes.

Three, chase rings of the waterfall.


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Challenge the Ancient Foes Video Walkthrough

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