Link wearing the Champion's Tunic in LoZ: BotW.

The Champion's Tunic is a shirt in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


In ancient Hyrule, only those respected by the royal family could wear this garment.

Where to get[edit]

Return to Impa in Kakariko Village after viewing at least 1 lost memory.


The Champion's Tunic starts with a defense level of 6. Wearing it also enables you to see the HP of enemies. BreathoftheWildChampionShirtStats.jpg


Upgrade Level Upgrade Cost Defense Level
1 3 Silent Princess 8
2 3 Silent Princess, 2 Shard of Farosh's Horn 14
3 3 Silent Princess, 2 Shard of Naydra's Horn 22
4 3 Silent Princess, 2 Shard of Dinraal's Horn 32


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