Snow climate and mountain peaks can result in cold weather and damage Link, unless he has sufficient Cold Resistance

Very Cold temperature can cause damage to Link in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


The Temperature Gauge near the Minimap shows what the current temperature is. If It's in the Blue part of the dial, then Link is suffering from cold and may take damage.

Increase Link's Cold Resistance to be able to withstand cold conditions. See "Strategy Guide/Tips" section below on ways to raise your Cold Resistance.

Causes of Cold[edit]

One or more of the following conditions may cause the temperature to drop:

  • Changes in Weather such as Storm/Rain/Wind
  • Going through snow climate areas
  • Being in very high/elevated areas, such as mountain peaks.
  • Nighttime

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Be sure to watch the temperature gauge and also anticipate when you reach cold areas such as the top of mountains.
  • Prepare by increasing you Cold Resistance
    • Link can increase cold resistance by:
      • Putting on warm clothes (For example, Quilted Shirt) that have "Cold Resistance" listed in their attributes
      • Eat dishes cooked with ingredients such as the Spicy Pepper ingredient.
      • Equipping flame weapons such as the flameblade, great flameblade, and flamespear.
  • In place of increasing Cold Resistance, you can light a Campfire to keep Link warm.
    • Lighting a campfire requires materials such as Firewood and Flint.