Link talking to the Daruk in LoZ: BotW.

Daruk is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Daruk is the Goron Champion and was the pilot of the Divine Beast Vah Rudania.

Daruk wielded the massive Boulder Breaker.




Daruk: Hey, little guy! Long time no see. I always knew you'd come back. Y'know, I never stopped believing in you! You're here to take control of ol' Rudania back from Ganon, eh? You're going to need a map that shows the guts of this place. You can grab the info from the Guidance Stone over there. Now get a move on!

Daruk: Nice job getting the map of the Divine Beast! The terminals that control Rudania are noted by the glowing points on your map. To take back Rudania, you'll need to activate all of the terminals. You got this, little guy!

Daruk: There are four terminals remaining! That's the way!

Daruk: There are three terminals remaining! All right, let's get movin'!

Daruk: There are two terminals remaining! Just a little more!

Daruk: Just one terminal remaining! Just one more!

Daruk: Nice! That was the last terminal! Now go ahead and start up the main control unit! There should be a new glowing mark on your map. You're going to need to make your way over to that. Stay focused little guy!

Daruk: Watch yourself now! That ugly pain in the crag is Ganon's handiwork. Thing got the best of me a hundred years ago. Good luck, little guy! Go get 'im!

Daruk: Great work lil' guy. I owe you big for this. Because of you, my spirit is finally free. Can't thank you enough! I feel like I should apologize. I was doing all I could to protect Hyrule when that thing got the best of me. Sorry that me resting with the rubble causes such a mess. The good news is, Rudania is now back under our control. That means that our century-old Ganon beat-down plan can finally go into effect! I'm gonna take this down the mountain. I'll have a better shot at Ganon there. And then, once you've made your way into Hyrule Castle, we're gonna light that thing up! I want to give you something. It's a special power of mine called Daruk's Protection. It's no good to me now that I'm a spirit... but it might be useful for you. Here it comes!

Daruk: From this moment forth, the power of protection from the depths of my soul, now lives inside you. Good luck, little guy! And give my regards to the princess.

Daruk: Well, that oughta do it! We're set here, now we just gotta wait for the perfect shot. Ganon won't know what him 'im! Hyrule looks pretty good from up here... even after a hundred years. The ol' rolling grounds sure are a sight for sore eyes. I wonder how the Gorons fared after the Great Calamity. I sure hope everyone down there is still going strong after every- Hey! Well look at that! Still going strong, indeed!