Divine Beast Vah Medoh in Location in Loz: BotW.
Divine Beast Vah Medoh in Location in Loz: BotW.

Divine Beast Vah Medoh is found in Tabanatha.



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Divine Beast Vah Medoh Map


  • Agree to head off to Divine Beast Vah Medoh with Teba.
  • Teba will give you one more chance to prepare before you engage Medoh.
  • There are 4 Guardian Turrets that help spread the Shield that protects the Divine Beast. Each of them takes about 2 Bomb Arrows to destroy.
  • The cannons are found at the ends of each wing, the head and the tail.
  • Your stamina will replenish each time you redeploy your Paraglider.
  • Make your way carefully around Medoh, destroying each Turret as you come across them.(Until they begin smoking)

On Board Divine Beast Vah Medoh[edit]

  • With them destroyed, Link will land on Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Revali will greet Link when he lands and activates the Fast Travel Point.
  • Revali will show Link where to find the terminal that enables the local map.
  • Head forward toward the Malice barrier in front of you.
  • On the right-hand side you can see the Glowing Eyeball that controls this barrier. Shoot it down with an arrow.
  • Go forward to the updraft in front of you. Use the Paraglider to get some lift and head a bit over to the left.
  • Land in the ladder on the left and climb up to the chest there. Inside the chest is an Ancient Core.
  • To the left of that chest is another Malice Eye. Destroy it to make things easier later on in this dungeon.
  • Turn back toward where the map terminal, but look down and to the left. You will find another chest. If you drop down to that chest, you will find Bomb Arrow x5.
  • If you go for the chest, drop down to the bottom level of Divine Beast Vah Medoh.
  • Before you drop, look down to find another Malice Eye below the sliding stones and Metal sliders.
  • Destroying the Malice Eye will reveal a chest. Inside it you will find a Ancient Shaft.
  • To the right, facing the updraft, you will find a Malice Barrier with a mouth. This mouth will spawn Cursed Monsters (Cursed Moblin, Cursed Bokoblin, Cursed Lizalfos).
  • Destroy any that spawn in then make your way over to the updraft. Use it to get across the gap and move toward the terminal.
  • When you land, you will need to destroy a Guardian Scout armed with a Guardian Spear.
  • Defeat the Guardian and continue forward to reach the Map Guidance Stone. Interact with it to gain the map and some control over Divine Beast Vah Medoh. This will reveal the location of the 5 Terminals that Link needs to activate to gain control over the Divine Beast.
  • There are 3 terminals in and under the left wing and 2 in the right wing.
  • The controls allow Link to have the Divine Beast Tilt up or down, allowing him better access to areas.
  • Head over to the right wing first (if you were headed toward the head of Medoh), where you will find a terminal and a chest that requires some effort to reach.
  • Tilt Medoh downward for easy access into the wing.
  • To solve this puzzle, you will need the Magnesis rune.
  • Look toward the far edge of the wing and up to the ceiling. You will see another Malice Barrier. You can easily dispatch this one with an arrow to stop any Cursed enemies from spawning.
  • This will also cause a chest to fall with 10 Ice Arrows to fall.
  • Once in this room, go over to the Crystal switch you see on the leading edge (left-hand side) of the wing. Go and hit it.
  • This will open a window to the left, allowing the wind in to activate a spinner switch to your right.
  • Turn to the spinner switch and activate your map. Have Medoh Tilt upwards.
  • Use Magnesis to hold the spinner switch in place until a sliding plunger hits a switch.
  • You will see the gate in front of a terminal rise. Head into this new chamber and activate the terminal.
  • Next, head for the crystal switch once more and look toward the main body of Medoh. On the same side as the terminal, on a raised platform you will see a chest.
  • Jump and glide over to it from the crystal switch. Inside it you will find a Knight's Bow.
  • The remaining terminal on this side requires access to the underside of the wing, so it will attended to later.
  • With Medoh still tilted, glide across to the Left Wing.
  • Head toward the far end of the wing and activate the crystal switch. This opens a window and creates a strong draft through the wing.
  • There is a Malice barrier on the left-hand side of the wing, guarding a Terminal. The eye sits beyond the Cursed Mouth.
  • To reach this terminal, go to the right-hand side (leading edge) of the wing either by gliding or using the ramp.
  • Take aim at the Malice Eye and destroy it with an arrow.
  • Go to the end of the platform closest to the torso of Medoh.
  • Jump and glide over to the terminal to activate it.
  • On far end you can see a chest that you can glide to and claim the Soldier's Claymore inside it.
  • Drop down to the floor and head over to the right, where you can see an opening.
  • Select the Remote Bomb Rune and drop one through the opening.
  • Roll the first one forward to the weakened stone and detonate it.
  • Drop a second Remote Bomb into the opening and it will roll down the slope and then get blown away from the leading edge of the wing by the wind draft you created earlier.
  • When it reaches the back edge of the wing, in front of the next section of weakened stone, detonate it to reveal a giant Metal ball.
  • Tilt Medoh so this wing is upwards to roll the Metal Ball over to Link.
  • Switch your Rune to Magnesis and grab the Metal Ball with your Sheikah Slate.
  • Bring it over to the opening you were rolling the Bombs through and set it down on the track there.
  • Tilt Medoh so this wing is downward.
  • The Metal Ball will roll into a plunger switch, raising the bars and allowing Link access to the next terminal.
  • Go inside this far room and head over to the left to reach the terminal and activate it.
  • Level out Medoh and head back into the Torso section.
  • Drop down into the lowest section of the torso and head across to the underside of the right wing.
  • You will see a gondola on a track and at the far end of that track is a Malice Barrier with an Eye along the top of it.
  • Climb into the Gondola and have Medoh tilt its right wing downward for a short while.
  • As soon as the Gondola starts moving, level out Medoh. Link is unable to shoot the Eye if the Gondola is next to it.
  • This will give Link a clear shot at the Malice Eye to remove the barrier.
  • Tilt this right wing downward once the barrier is removed. This will allow Link to reach the chamber the Barrier was blocking.
  • Go to the back of the room and up the ramp.
  • At the top of the room, look around the room to find the Terminal here and activate it.
  • Activating this terminal will raise the gate that previously blocked access to this chamber from the upper portion of the wing.
  • Make your way back to the torso portion of Medoh.
  • Look across the bottom portion of the torso toward the left wing. You will see a Malice Barrier with a Cursed Mouth.
  • Tilt Medoh's left wind downward.
  • Glide through the opening just above the barrier.
  • Land and turn around to spot the Malice Eye to the right of the door. Destroy it to create a clear passage.
  • Look to the far edge of the left wing. You will see an open chamber there.
  • With the left wing tilted down, Link can easily glide over into the chamber. Inside there he will find the last Terminal needed to reclaim Medoh.
  • Tilt the Wing Link is in upwards so he can glide back to the torso.
  • Get back to just outside the torso. Do not go inside, instead, head to the left.
  • You will see a Malice Barrier over something.
  • Take out the Eye to reveal a fan.
  • Use the updraft the fan creates to reach the top of Divine Beast Vah Medoh.
  • Level the Divine Beast once Link is on top of it.
  • In the center of the Beast's Torso you will find the Main Control Unit. Approach and interact with it to trigger the boss fight of this dungeon.

Fighting Windblight Ganon[edit]

  • Its head is its vulnerable point.
  • You will want to use either a One-handed weapon and a Shield or your Bow throughout most of this fight.
  • Take your time with firing off your arrows, especially in the earlier portion of the game.
  • Using the Bomb Arrows is a great way to inflict damage on him.
  • The Master Sword will be in its powered up state of the whole fight and will not break.
  • During the first part of the fight, Windblight Ganon will be moving somewhat slowly, using its teleport to get around.
  • Mostly it will sway and do its larger movements by becoming a ball of wind and flying to a different part of the Divine Beast.
  • At first Windblight Ganon will attack with its Guardian Arm
  • Thankfully, like the Guardians, it has a Charge time before it will fire. It will fire in a volley of 4 blasts.
  • Usually it will simply aim and fire a few bursts of energy at Link. These can easily be blocked.
  • Aim for its head and hit it either with Arrows or Bomb Arrows.
  • If it is low to the ground, you can rush it and attack it with melee weapons as well.
  • During the first phase, the other attack Windblight Ganon will use is a Tornado attack.
  • Link can safely enter the tornado and use the Paraglider to slow his descent and take aim at Windblight Ganon when it reappears.
  • When Windblight Ganon reaching 50% health, it will loose 4 small drones.
  • These drones can reflect the shots fired from Windblight Ganon's cannon to better target Link.
  • They will also come together and rotate rapidly in front of its gun. They will then be launched at Link with deadly accuracy.
  • When low on health, Windblight Ganon will start to use its eye as a Guardian Laser.
  • This Guardian Laser can be interrupt with a Bomb Arrow to its face.
  • Enough sequential bomb arrows can stun Windblight Ganon and cause it to drop to the ground.
  • Defeating the Windblight Ganon will give Link a Heart Container.