Divine Beast Naboris is part of the Main Quest in LoZ:BotW

Divine Beast Naboris is a Quest (Main Quest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Make your way inside Gerudo Town and then approach and talk with Riju.




The Gerudo need help to calm the Divine Beast Vah Naboris

Quest Items[edit]


Beginning the Quest[edit]

  • Make your way into Gerudo Town, having completed Forbidden City Entry.
  • Head straight back through the town into the palace.
  • Go inside and you will find Riju, the Gerudo Chief and her guard, Buliara.
  • Buliara will tell you to go speak with Captain Teake through the archway to the Northwest.
  • Captain Teake is found on the platform overlooking the training grounds. Approach and talk with her.
  • Teake will have her unit accept Link and they will tell her what information they have.
  • Talk with Liana, Kotta and Leena.
  • Their will mention that Barta has gone to Karusa Valley to scout out the Yiga Clan hideout there. She has not been seen in 2 days.

The Rescue[edit]

  • Make your way West to Karusa Valley from Gerudo Town.
  • Head up through the Valley past the flags suspended above the valley.
  • You will need to dodge numerous boulders being rolled down at Link if he comes along the bottom of the Valley.
  • Most of these can be avoided easily or by traveling along the lips of the valley.
  • Follow the path to the stone ledge, climb up it and continue along this path toward the end of the valley.
  • Along this portion of the trek, you will begin to encounter Yiga Footsoldiers likely armed with Duplex Bow.
  • Every Yiga you defeat out here will drop some Rupees and a Mighty Banana in addition to their Duplex Bow.
  • When you get to the top of the slope, there will be a number of Sheikah Statues that have had their faces covered by the Yiga Symbol.
  • As you approach the middle portion of this, 3 Yiga Footsoldiers will appear.
  • Defeat them by engaging carefully. At lower levels (or higher difficulties), try to engage the Footsoldiers one at a time to make the battle a lot easier.
  • Keep on the move throughout this encounter to make it easier to dodge their attacks.
  • Defeat them and make your way inside the Yiga Hideout itself.
  • Inside the Yiga hideout, you will need to find the way forward.
  • Use either Fire Arrows or light Arrows using the torches nearby to allow you to clear the path.
  • There are also Torches scattered around the area that you can light and use to clear away the tapestries blocking the path forward.
  • There are chests and other hidden goods around the area.
  • The correct hallway is found to the East of the central platform. Going down this hallway will lead you into the Yiga Clan Hideout.
  • Once inside, immediately head straight across to the cell you can see.
  • Inside this cell is Barta. Talk with her to learn what she knows about things, which is that all the Yiga do is patrol and eat Bananas.
  • Head to the left of the cell, East, to find the first patrolling Yiga, a Yiga Blademaster.
  • Watch the Blademaster and wait for them to reach the Northern most point in their patrol.
  • Head to the North quietly behind them.
  • Climb up on top of the stone slab in the middle of this Yiga's patrol.
  • Look to the East, you will see a lower area with a stationary Yiga Blademaster guarding a door.
  • Glide over the wooden fence and carefully drop down to the left of the Blademaster or in the front left portion of the lower area.
  • For either, you will see a platform with some Bananas on them.
  • Shoot down their platform to have the Blademaster be distracted by the Bananas.
  • This will give Link a chance to slip past the Blademaster and into the next room.
  • When you first enter the room, go straight ahead and climb up the ladder there.
  • Follow the hallway there to its end to the North.
  • You will find a room with a lot of Mighty Bananas and a chest with a Topaz inside it.
  • Head back down the hallway to the first break in the wall from the room you were just in.
  • Turn to the North and glide off the walkway to the North and onto the ladder you can see. Be careful of the Yiga Blademaster patrolling nearby.
  • Climb to the top of the ladder and head to the East, along the walkway, or the left-hand edge of it.
  • Get close to the door, just to the stones nearby it.
  • From the walkway, drop a Banana down onto it.
  • This will lure the Yiga Blademaster forward and let Link glide past them and get down the next hallway.
  • The next room looks like a training room.
  • In the middle is a chest with a Mighty Banana inside it.
  • There are also 3 chests in the ground that Link can pull out using Magnesis.
  • 2 of the chests has a Topaz inside it while 1 has a Ruby inside it.
  • With the chests collected, look to the East with Magnesis active.
  • You will see a metal wall that you can move. Approach it and move it using the Rune.
  • The wall will swing outwards, revealing a hidden passage through.
  • Go forward through the revealed passage.
  • This will bring Link into the room with Master Kohga.

Fighting Master Kohga[edit]

  • The start, and throughout the battle, Kohga will summon an energy shield you cannot break.
  • For the first part of the battle, Kogha will summon a large Yiga bomb above his head.
  • Hit Kohga while he has the bomb above his head to cause it to drop on him.
  • Kohga will be stuck and vulnerable while he is in the ground.
  • When reduced by a third of his total health, he will begin to hover of a pit in the middle of the arena.
  • You will need to fire the arrow at Kohga just before the Bomb is above his head.
  • When below 75% health, Kohga will summon a large Yiga Bomb.
  • Fortunately, this Bomb is metal, so the Magnesis rune can grab it and allow you to drop it on Kohga.
  • Repeat this process until the final cutscene is triggered.

Boarding Divine Beast Vah Naboris[edit]

  • Return to Gerudo Town after collecting the Thunder Helm.
  • Go into the palace and locate Riju but talking with Buliara
  • She will tell you that Riju is on the second floor.
  • Go up the stairs to the left or right of the entrance into the palace.
  • She will be waiting for you either at the top of the stairs or inside her chambers.
  • Approach and talk with her. This will trigger a memory for Link.
  • Riju will suggest to get a Sand Seal and travel to the Lookout Post to the South of Gerudo Town.
  • A few sand seals can be found to the left of the entrance of Gerudo Town (Facing the entrance).
  • Sand Seals can also be rented from vendors in the Eastern portion of the Town for 20 rupees, you just need a shield.
  • You can also head directly to the Outpost and talk with Riju.
  • To find Riju at the Lookout Post, go to the Northern side and climb the ladder there.
  • At the top of the ladder you will find Riju waiting for Link.
  • She will explain that you both will be closing in on Vah Naboris using Sand Seals and she will be expecting you to shoot its feet with bomb arrows.
  • Riju will give Link 20 Bomb Arrows for this task. Like any other, she will not give you more after this.
  • A short cutscene will run that has Riju create a protected area around herself to help guard Link against the Lightning strikes of the Divine Beast.
  • After that, it is time to begin the assault on the Divine Beast.
  • Keep close to Riju and use this time to get familiar with the range of the protection.
  • When you get close enough to Divine Beast Vah Naboris, a short cutscene will start and the will begin to charge its lightning bolts.
  • Link will need to hit each of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris's feet.
  • Keep close to Riju most of the time to avoid the lightning blasts. There will be a circle showing where the blast will hit.
  • Carefully aim each arrow at the foot firing.

Divine Beast Vah Naboris[edit]

  • Go forward past the Malice Barriers in front of you.
  • Past them you will encounter a Guardian Scout armed with an Guardian Spear.
  • Go on up the ramp and follow the switchback upwards.
  • At the top of the ramps, you will find a Malice Eye.
  • Defeat it using an arrow to hit it or use any weapon.
  • Go to the back right and climb the ramp in the back. This will lead you to the Guidance Stone.
  • Go back into the main chamber, drop off the ledge from the room with the Guidance Stone and turn around, heading out the rear of Naboris.
  • You will see a Metal chest suspended in the air by a rope.
  • Use Magnesis to start it swinging.
  • With it swinging, while it is close to Link, use Stasis on the chest to hold it in place.
  • Fire an arrow at the rope holding the chest while it is still under stasis. Let Stasis wear off and the chest will drop onto the platform where Link is.
  • Head back into the main body and go to the right. Take the ramp up into the central portion of the Divine Beast.
  • Approach the central control unit, but go to the left at it, taking the stairs there upwards.
  • Go through the opening there and turn to the right. You will see a Guardian Scout waiting for Link, with an Ancient Battle Axe. Defeat it.
  • Turn around and head past the entrance you just came through. Go up the ramp and follow along the outside of Naboris.
  • Go into the first entrance on this side of the Divine Beast, dropping into a new room.
  • Look to the left inside this room to find a chest with 5 Bomb Arrows.
  • Return to where the Guardian Scout was after that.
  • Drop a Remote Bomb by the cracked stone of the wall. Detonate it to create an opening you will need later.
  • Go through the opening and head across the Divine Beast to the opposite side.
  • You will find another portion of cracked wall that you can bomb. Do so to open another needed passage for later.
  • Go on trough the opening to reach the chest on the other side. It has an Ancient Spring inside.
  • Drop down to the bottom of the central hallway.
  • Go into your map and rotate the front-most section, 270 degrees (3 intervals).
  • As this section rotates, watch for the terminal to go by. After that, head onto the moving portion and line up wit the upcoming walkway.
  • Rotate the section Link is now on an additional 90 degrees with Link on the walkway.
  • Go along the walkway to the left, toward the malice barrier.
  • You can spot the Malice Eye you need to destroy below the Cursed Mouth, to the right of the Malice Barrier.
  • Continue along the walkway to the other side to reach the terminal on this walkway.
  • Rotate the middle section 90 degrees.
  • Wait for the middle section to finish rotating then jump down onto the platform in front of you.
  • There is a chest there with an Ancient Shaft inside.
  • Jump across to the walkway toward the head of the Divine Beast.
  • Once again rotate the middle section, 90 degrees, upwards.
  • Move Link onto the middle section and have him stand between the chest you just opened and the unopened chest on his left.
  • Drop over the edge to the left to land next to the chest.
  • Rotate the middle section 90 degrees to make the chest accessible. Inside it you will find a Knight's Bow.
  • Turn and head toward the back of the Divine Beast.
  • Go and stand in the doorway leading toward the bottom rear door of the Divine Beast.
  • Rotate the middle portion of the Divine Beast 270 degrees (3 times).
  • Additionally rotate the back most portion 180 degrees (2 times).
  • This will complete the circuit along the top of the Divine Beast and start the rotating of the wall toward the head of the Beast.
  • Have Link go to that end of the Divine Beast and stand in one of the doorways.
  • Ride the doorway upwards to the top of the circle.
  • Glide out of that doorway and hug against the front portion of the Divine Beast.
  • In the middle of this rotating wall is a newly opened door.
  • Go inside the doorway and follow the hallway there to the end.
  • Be wary of the traps spread throughout it.
  • Go forward to the middle of this hallway where you will see 4 posts with lasers.
  • Freeze one of them using Stasis and immediately start rushing forward in the opening it created.
  • You will see a Malice Eye in the middle of the back wall.
  • Get close and fire an arrow into the eye.
  • Rush up the short ramp to the chest.
  • Open the chest to claim the Knight's Shield.
  • Make your back out of the neck and into the main body once again.
  • Drop out of the neck and go back into the rotating doorway.
  • Once again, ride it upwards to its apex.
  • This time, head outside, onto the base of the neck of Divine Beast Vah Naboris.
  • There is a giant turn wheel there. Grab it and rotate it around a full 360 degrees counter-clockwise.
  • Rotate it an additional 180 degrees counter-clockwise to bring around a lantern. It will connect to a circuit and light up.
  • Now, start turning the wheel clockwise, going 360, then an additional 90 degrees plus a little more to bring another lantern into position.
  • Done properly, the neck of Naboris will rise and a platform elevator will descend.
  • Ride it up to the top to reach another Control Terminal. Interact with it to activate it.
  • Drop off the neck and make your way back to the doorway that you came through to reach this portion of the beast.
  • Now, have Link make his way to the opposite portion of the beast.
  • Have Link stand in the doorway once again.
  • Go into your map and rotate the back section 180 degrees down.
  • Have Link go forward to be underneath the walkway above him.
  • Rotate the back section 180 degree upwards, reconnecting the circuit along the top of the Divine Beast.
  • Ride the walkway upward to reach the top.
  • This will another room on top of the Divine Beast.
  • Go through passing the metal conductors ahead of you.
  • Go over to the right and drop over the side, immediately starting to glide.
  • Glide, keeping close to the Divine Beast to reach the chest below where you just crossed.
  • Inside this chest is an Ancient Gear.
  • Collect it then glide down to the landing below.
  • Go forward into the doorway just before the rotating section.
  • Rotate this back section 180 degrees, have Link get into the middle lined up with the walkway, and then rotate it an additional 180 degrees.
  • This will bring Link back to the circuit you need to power.
  • Go into the hallway with the 4 metal poles on sliders.
  • Use Magnesis to slide the very top one to the end of the circuit coming from the main body.
  • Use Magnesis on the top metal plate on the right and then the metal plate just below it.
  • Now, slide the bottom metal plate into position to complete the circuit and get the power all the way along the back of the Divine Beast.
  • Go into your map and move a single section of the Divine Beast.
  • Once the back portion lowers again, head out to the end of it with Link.
  • Go stand by the platform at the end and then return the moved section of the beast to its place.
  • Wait for the section of the Beast that Link is on to move and then head to the end of the walkway in front of him.
  • The Malice Eye will open when Link approaches. Hit it with an arrow to clear away the Malice Barrier in front of him.
  • Go into the room that the barrier was blocking.
  • Look to the right to spot another Malice Eye. Hit it with an arrow to break the barrier blocking the path into the rest of the hump.
  • Step to the edge of elevator that will raise in the middle of the room and wait for it to lower.
  • There, you will find a chest that you can reach using Magnesis. Grab it and pull it to Link.
  • Inside the chest you will find an Ancient Screw.
  • Look down into the opening where the elevator is.
  • In the back left portion on the floor below you is another Malice Eye. Snipe it while the Elevator is out of the way.
  • Continue around the elevator shaft so you are across from where the chest was.
  • Look below the floor to find a Metal Sphere.
  • Grab it and drop it to the floor below using Magnesis.
  • Go over to the ladder opposite Link and climb it upwards.
  • At the top of the ladder, go to the right to reach another wheel.
  • Rotate it close to 270 degrees, to complete the circuit around the elevator shaft, bringing power to the section just past this room.
  • Drop down and go over to the now moving elevator going toward the head of the Divine Beast. Ride it across.
  • In the next room you will find another elevator with a Guardian Scout on it. Defeat the Guardian Scout. It is armed with an Ancient Battle Axe.
  • Keep on the floor you are presently on and wait for the elevator to lower in the hump closest to the head of the Divine Beast.
  • Look under the floor below the Malice Barrier across from you to spot the Malice Eye. Hit it with an arrow to destroy it.
  • This will clear the Malice Barrier across from you and reveal another of the Control Terminals. Activate it.
  • Get onto the nearby elevator and ride it up into the chamber above.
  • In this chamber, grab the nearby metal sphere using Magnesis.
  • Drop the sphere onto the elevator shaft next to you so it will fall all the way to the bottom. It can also sit on the elevator, but know you will need to grab it later on.
  • Look down into the bottom level of this hump to spot another Malice Eye. Snipe it.
  • Turn and look toward the other hump. You will see a chest in the top portion of it.
  • There is a moving elevator that Link can use to reach that portion of the other hump.
  • Hop onto the elevator and ride it across to access the chest.
  • Inside that chest is a Topaz.
  • Turn around head to where the elevator is that you just rode across.
  • Wait for it to move out of the way and then drop down to the floor below it. Glide to land safely once past the elevator.
  • Look into the opening of this section of the Divine Beast to look into the area below.
  • There are 2 Guardian Scouts below you. Either drop down and engage them or take them out from a distance using your Runes or Bow and arrows.
  • Enter the room below and head toward the rear of the Divine Beast.
  • Find and grab the Metal Sphere with Magnesis rune.
  • Bring it back into the room you were just in.
  • Drop it onto the circuit in front of the gate in the middle section.
  • Go into the hump closest to the head next and grab the next metal sphere using Magnesis.
  • Bring it back to the central chamber and drop it in the other reciprocal.
  • This will lower the gate and allow Link to get at the next Control Terminal.
  • Head toward the back of the Divine Beast, to the left (facing away from the control terminal), and go to the rear of the Beast.
  • Once there, go to the left and glide off that side of the beast.
  • Glide over to the middle section of the right-hand side of the Divine Beast.
  • Below you here will be another Guardian Scout. This one is armed with a Guardian Sword.
  • Defeat and then face the rear of the Divine Beast.
  • Go through the doorway you see along the outside.
  • Inside this part, go over to the right and into the circular opening where you can see the final terminal.
  • Climb into the chamber and then rotate that section of the Divine Beast 90 degrees.
  • Approach and activate the terminal.
  • With the final terminal activated, it is time to get to the main control unit.
  • Rotate the section Link is in 270 degrees.
  • Move over to where you entered the chamber and wait for it to align with the point you entered from.
  • Go through the opening and then over to the nearby opening on the side of the divine beast.
  • Rotate all 3 sections of the Divine Beast so they align on the bottom of it.
  • Go forward and over to the Main Control Terminal. Interact with it to begin the fight with Thunderblight Ganon.

Thunderblight Ganon[edit]

  • During the first phase, move in and attack Thunderblight Ganon when it stops moving.
  • It will occasionally send out homing bursts of lightning that can disarm Link of his equipped weapons if they hit him.
  • Keep on the move to avoid these Lightning Blasts.
  • Most of the time during this phase it will jump around at a high speed to attack Link with a slash of its Guardian Sword.
  • It will pause briefly, giving Link a chance to parry with his shield and stun the Thunderblight.
  • When it enters its second phase, it will electrify its sword. Now, hits from this sword is disarm Link.
  • It can also drop a number of metal spikes into the ground. These are used to attract lightning from clouds it can create.
  • Link can grab the Spikes with the Magnesis rune and by raising one above himself, protect himself from the lightning.
  • Link can also bring the Metal Spikes over to the Thunderblight and the Lightning Strikes will stun and damage the Thunderblight.
  • The Thunderblight will also occasionally try to parry Link's strikes. Limit the length of your attacks against it.
  • During its final phase, in critical health, it will start to use the Guardian Laser Blast.
  • Like with any other Laser Blast, it can be reflected back with a well-timed shield parry.


Riju: Yet another traveler... How did you get in here? It seems you have something rather interesting there...

Buliara: You stand before Lady Riju, chief of the Gerudo! Declare your business, but come no closer!

Riju: Yet another traveler... How did you get in here? It seems you have something rather interesting there...

Riju: Hold on, Buliara... This one appears to be more than a common traveler. You there - what is your name?

Link: I've come to calm Naboris.

Buliara: You think you have what it takes to subdue something as powerful as a Divine Beast? The only ones who could ever control them were Champions like Lady Urbosa. And all the Champions died in the Calamity 100 years ago.

Riju: Hmm... Buliara, a memory just jumped into my head - something my mother spoke of. When the Calamity happened, the pricess of Hyrule placed a fallen swordsman into a deep sleep. That swordsman, much like our new friend here, was named Link... though it always seemed more legend than fact.

Buliara: But, Lady Riju! Do the same stories not say that the Hylian Champion carried a legendary sword? I see no such weapon in this person's care.

Riju: They do indeed... if I recall correctly, it was called the sword that seals the darkness. The princess of Hyrule supposedly hid it away in a forest somewhere. What of the device on this one's hip? It appears to be a precious relic of the Shiekah. I can't imagine they would give something so valuable to a simple drifter - can you?

Buliara: ... I don't remember ever hearing of a Hylian vai among the Champions. Wait a minute... You're a voe!

Riju: A voe within our walls is a great crime. But a voe who is a champion... Well, we'd never mistreat a friend of Lady Urbosa. And if you're here to help us with Naboris, then we are allies. You saw it on your way to our town. Divine Beast Vah Naboris, cloaked in a massive sandstorm, hurling lighting at any who dare approach. We have to do something to stop it, but we have yet to find any way to appease the Divine Beast on your own. If you truly are a Champion, perhaps you will be able to enter Naboris and calm its anger.

Buliara: Lady Riju! I don't see how you can trust a complete stranger with something as important as this task. Perhaps if this person were first to prove his worth by recovering your stolen Thunder Helm...

Riju: Ah yes... An interesting suggestion. You see, there is only one thing in all of Hyrule that can withstand the lighting from Naboris. The Thunder Helm, a family heirloom and relic of the Gerudo. But as Buliara says, it was stolen from us.

Buliara: You needn't worry, Lady Riju. If he truly is a Champion, this should be an easy task for him. Our soldiers can tell you all you need to know about the thieves who stole lady Riju's heirloom. Head through this arch. It will lead you to the barracks. Then, seek out Captain Teake, and ask for a full report.

Riju: Without my heirloom, you'll never be able to approach Naboris. Heh, you know... I take heart in having such a rare visitor as yourself. Lady Urbosa must be looking out for us.

Teake: What are you doing in here?! This is the barracks for the chief's guards, not a place for tourist to gather. We're on high alert after the recent theft, so you should clear out. What? Buliara sent you? My apologies! I'm the officer in charge of the soldiers, Captain Teake. The chief's heirloom was stolen by thieves belonging to the Yiga Clan the other day, so everyone's on edge... We've determined that the Yiga's hideout is in Karusa Valley, but... The soldiers are all exhausted, so I was just thing about requesting some extra help... Hey, everyone! Listen up! This Hylian vai has agreed to help us, so offer her any information you can! Consider yourself a part of our unit! If you have any questions, my troops will be happy to help.

Liana: Hey, I haven't seen Barta. Where she's gone off to?

Leena: She said she was going to scout the thieves' hideout, but she left before we could say anything. Now that I think about it, she's been gone for two days. I wonder what happened to her...

Liana: You- Are you serious?! Why did you let her go by herself?! And why did you wait two days to report this?!

Leena: I'm- I apologize... She said she just wanted to check it out and would be careful, so I thought...

Liana: Uuugghhh. As if we aren't busy enough searching for the chief's heirloom, now we have to find Barta too... If the captain hears about this fiasco, she'll punish us for sure! Probably 100 laps around Gerudo Desert...again.

Kotta: Oh... Oh, no. What should we do?

Liana: I'm thinking about it!

Barta: Hey, what are you doing here? This is the hideout of those Yiga thieves who stole the Thunder Helm... If they spot you, they'll call their friends for sure. There's no way you can take them all on. If only you had some way of distracting them... but I don't know how. All I ever see them do is patrol and eat bananas. I haven't seen anything else that you could exploit as a weakness. Listen, this place is dangerous. You should get out of here while you can. I can take care of myself.

Master Kohga: Hey! Who the heck are you? And what are you doing in my napping spot?! Wait a minute... That thing on your hip... Is that.. Could it be a Sheikah Slate? If it's a Sheikah Slate... Then that means... Yeah, IT'S YOU! You're that Link guy I've been looking for! What luck! My scouts are out in the field looking high and low, but you just wander into my hideout! Oh, excuse me. I haven't introduced myself yet. I am the leader... I am the leader... Of the Yiga Clan! The strong! The burly!! The one!! The only!! MASTER KOHGA!!! Now prepare yourself!

Buliara: If you are looking for Lady Riju, she's on the second floor. Normally people aren't allowed into her sleeping quarters, but she has given you permission it seems... Be on your best manners. If she deems you a disturbance to her, it will not end well for you.

Riju: I've been waiting for you... Oh, you needn't say a word. As the chief of the Gerudo, I can sense the power of the heirloom flowing from you. I know that you've succeed! I am, as you have no doubt noticed, still but a child. The people look on me with nothing but warmth in their eyes, but even this brings me some pain, I must admit... I'vetried so hard to be worthy of their love, to be a worthy chief... and to prove to myself that I was worthy, too. When my family heirloom was stolen, I felt as though a shadow had fallen over me... Yes, your arrival in the midst of all this must be the work of Lady Urbosa... Now, please give me the helm.

Riju: Um. How do I look? What's wrong? You're just staring... Anyway, what matters now is... How...how is it?!

Link: It looks good!

Riju: I see... The threat of Divine Beast Vah Naboris poses has only grown since we began searching for the heirloom. I believe that Gerudo Town itself may be in danger before too long... As chief, and as a Gerudo, I must find some way to stop that thing before it threatens my people. Will you help me?

Link: Of course!

Riju: Heheh, who would have thought, just before such a momentous battle... hearing a simple, confident pledge of support from you would be what puts me at ease? I'll head out now. Let's meet up at the lookout post south of town. There's only one way to get close to Naboris, and that's with the help of a Sand Seal. The lookout post isn't too far from town, but you should take a sand seal there. You can get some practice in that way. I'll be there waiting for you with my favorite sand seal, Patricia. Still... It really is a little big...

Riju: What a sight. Divine Beast Vah Naboris is pretty intimidating... If we want to get close enough to that thing, we'll need sand seals.

Link: Of course!

Riju: Feeling confident? Good. Let's get going, then! First, we'll use the sand seals to get in really close to that thing. I'll take the lead. I'm counting on you to shoot at its feet with bomb arrows. Naboris draws energy from the ground to keep moving. If you damage the feet, I think you can stop it. Those lightning strikes, though... Getting hit even once could prove fatal. The Thunder Helm can repel the lighting strikes, protecting me from harm. But it can also shield a limited area around me... You'll have to stay close if you don't want to be shocked. And listen... If you're too injured to keep fighting, promise me you'll retreat here, to the lookout post. Don't do anything reckless under any circumstances. Here are some Gerudo Bomb Arrows. There aren't many, so be sure to put them to good use. This is the last time I ask... Are you ready?

Link: Of course!

Riju: Could you give me a bit of room, just for a moment? My Name is Riju, descendant of the royal line and leader of the Gerudo people! Wioth the power of the heirloom passed down in my family, I shall calm the Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Ancestors of the Gerudo! Answer my call! Aid me in this task! Oh, wow! I can feel their power coursing through me! Let's move! Lady Urbosa... Please grant Link and me your protection...

Riju: Unfortunately, I cannot appease Naboris on my own. I have no choice but to entrust the rest to you. Don't let us down, Link.

Urbosa: Well, well, well... You sure do know how to keep a woman waiting. I can't wait to see you take Naboris back from Ganon. One thing at a time. You'll need a map to find your way around.Head over to that Guidance Stone over there. Sounds easy, right?

Urbosa: Good work getting the map of the Divine Beast! The terminals that control Naboris are noted by a series of glowing points on your map. Take back Narboris by activating all of the terminals. You're ready for this.

Urbosa: There are four terminals remaining! I'm counting on you!

Urbosa: There are three terminals remaining! Hang in there!

Urbosa: There are two terminals remaining! Stay focused!

Urbosa: Just one terminal remaining! You're almost there!

Urbosa: Well done! That was the last of the terminals. Now... you'll need to start up the main control unit! Take a good look at your map. Head for the glowing mark you see there. You're doing well... but overconfidence can be a deadly foe.

Urbosa: I knew you wouldn't let us down, Link. Thanks to your valor and skill, my soul is free and Naboris is ours once again. Which means that finally... we can complete what we started years ago. We Gerudo have no tolerance for unfinished business. I've waited so long for the moment to see you finally rush Hyrule Castle... As well as for the moment when I incinerate Ganon into a pile of ash. Which reminds me, I wanted to give you a little something. Please accept this gift, which has come to be known as Urbosa's Fury. It will no doubt be of use to you.

Urbosa: Both you and the princess... I know you have suffered much regarding what happened to us Champions. But this is how things had to happen. No one need carry blame. So please, make it clear so she understands that. Tell her to shed any worries. And let her know...I couldn't be more proud of her. You take good care of the princess. Oh, and also... Take good care of Hyrule.

Urbosa: Nabooru... Legend of the Gerudo, celebrated over ages. And you, who were named to honor her - you are a legend as well. Isn't that right, Naboris? The bitter essence of defeat from a century ago still sits upon my tongue... But that is now in the past... It was written that Calamity Ganon once adopted the form of a Gerudo. And that... will make this victory all the more satisfying. I like that. Once we've established a lock on that thing... It will be up to Link to keep Ganon occupied until the moment we unleash our strike. That moment... is going to be so delicious.






The fight with the Divine Beast Naboris has begun. Attack the feet of the Divine Beast using bomb arrows to stop its movement.

It seems that staying close to Riju will nullify the effects of the Divine Beast's powerful lightning attacks.


You succeed in taking out all four of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris's feet, stopping its movement!

Continue your quest by entering Naboris.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

[ Divine Beast Naboris Video Walkthrough]

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • All Yiga are easily distracted by Bananas. Link can drop these near any Yiga's path and they will happily skip over to the Bananas once they spot them.
  • If the Yiga spot Link while he is inside their hideout, they will call a large number of reinforcements. While they can be beaten, it takes a lot of effort
  • Most revival (Mipha's Grace and Fairies) methods are blocked by the Yiga.