Divine Beast Vah Rudania is part of the Main Quest in LoZ:BotW

Divine Beast Vah Rudania is a Quest (Main Quest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Make your way to Goron Village and talk with Bludo.




The Divine Beast Vah Rudania is running amuck on Death Mountain, causing a lot of problems for the Gorons. Link has been asked to find Yunobo and then to stop the Divine Beast's rampage.

Quest Items[edit]


  • Go into the Goron Village and talk with Bludo to learn what is happening around Eldin.
  • He will send you to the Abandoned North Mine to find Yunobo who went there to get pain killers for Bludo.
  • Follow the path to the North, up to and past Shae Mo'sah Shrine. Follow the path as it heads to the Northeast and to your destination.
  • Heading past the shrine, be wary of the Rock Octorok that is directly on the path.
  • There is another just around the corner.
  • They can be be defeated with a careful bow shot at distance or by throwing and detonating a remote bomb at the proper time. Otherwise the Octorok will eat the bomb.
  • Make your way to the Abandoned North Mine.
  • By entrance you will encounter Drak. He will wonder why you are there. Tell him you are looking for Yunobo and that the Boss sent you.
  • He will explain that it gets hotter in the Mine area and that it is filled with enemies.
  • For this portion and onwards, you will want heat protection Level 2 or better.
  • Head over to the nearby cannon and interact with it.
  • Drop a remote bomb into the base of the cannon to arm it.
  • Hit the nearby lever to move the cannon so it is pointed toward the Lizalfos camp to the North of you. Detonate the bomb in the cannon to fire the cannon ball and destroy a portion of the camp, taking out a few of the Lizlafos as well.
  • Go to the Northern edge of the ledge with the cannon. Jump and glide over top the next ledge or the updraft nearby to the West.
  • Go to the cannon there, hit the lever and drop a Remote Bomb into the cannon.
  • Fire it when the cannon stops moving. This will either kill or heavily damage 2 Fire-Breathing Lizalfos who are in your way.
  • Go over to the East now, climbing up the small ridge. Continue to the East using the Updraft.
  • This will let Link safely get past a Lizalfos camp who will be firing Fire Arrows at him.
  • At the end of the updraft line is another Cannon. Arm and fire it in its default position to deal with some of the Lizalfos.
  • Hit the lever and let it go all the way to the right. Rearm it with another Remote Bomb and fire it to take out another Lizalfos on a platform.
  • One again, rearm the cannon, this time will take a little timing. You want to fire the cannon at the rock pillar that is between where the Lizlafos were.
  • Blowing it up will some Ore you can smash open.
  • Use the updraft from the Lava just to the North of the Cannon to head North along the path.
  • Follow the path to the North and glide into the nearby updraft.
  • Head across the Lava to the North and to the next cannon.
  • Arm the cannon with a Remote Bomb. Hit the lever and have it start over to the right.
  • Fire the cannon at the Lizalfos watch tower to take them out. Rearm the cannon.
  • Fire the cannon again when it stops moving to blow up the skull base and another watch tower.
  • Glide over to the North to the rock island you were just shooting. Follow the outside path to the North and head inland when you reach the switchback.
  • Search the remains of the stone skull to find a chest with some treasure inside.
  • Head to the Southwest from the Skull remains to find the next cannon. Glide over to it and arm it.
  • Fire it to destroy the large metal base that the Lizalfos have built.
  • Rearm the cannon after that and hit the lever.
  • Fire the cannon to hit the small rock island between where the Lizalfos structure was and the large rock to the North of your location.
  • Go to the Northwest and glide to the updraft you can see there.
  • Use that one to gain the height to reach the Updraft you just revealed.
  • Ride this updraft to its height. Look to the West to spot another rock island with a cannon on it. Glide over to the cannon.
  • Arm the cannon and aim it toward the large stone vault at the top of the rock island across from it to the Northeast.
  • Blast open the vault to reveal a terrified Yunobo. Head over there using the updraft and talk with him.
  • Yunobo will explain how he got trapped in there and after the mention of the Boss, rush back to Goron City.
  • Link can get back there quickly by traveling to Shae Mo'sah Shrine.
  • Head back to Bludo.
  • Talk with Bludo who will give you 3 Fireproof Elixirs for your earlier effort.
  • Bludo will attempt to head out but the painkillers were not enough. He wants you to help Yunobo to deal with Divine Beast Vah Rudania.
  • He will send Link to the Bridge of Eldin to the Northeast of Goron City.

Getting to Divine Beast Vah Rudania[edit]

  • Make your way back to the Eldin Bridge leading to Death Mountain itself.
  • There are at least 2 Moblins attacking Yunobo. Defeat them to talk with the Goron.
  • He will explain you will need to help him get to the Divine Beast by bringing down the bridge... by firing him at it.
  • He will jump in. Hit the nearby switch and it will move the cannon to face the Bridge of Eldin.
  • Go across the now lowered bridge
  • On the far side of the bridge, Divine Beast Vah Rudania will release a number of Guardian Drones into the air.
  • Link can now tell Yunobo to either follow you or stay in place. This will be critical to your success.
  • Go forward and over to the right along the path in front of you.
  • In front of you is a Sentry patrolling the path with an overhang on the right-hand side of the path.
  • Wait for Yunobo to catch up with Link.
  • Once he has, move forward and get both Link and Yunobo underneath the overhang when the Sentry has gone past it to the far side.
  • Wait for the Sentry to pass overhead and then the pair should move forward.
  • Your path forward will be blocked a little by some boulders.
  • Push the boulders in front you to clear the path, but be mindful of the Sentry.
  • Whistle to have Yunobo pause.
  • Link will need to either climb above the Sentry and along the nearby ledge.
  • There are a few boulders on this ledger. Link just needs to push the boulders onto the Sentry that is blocking your path forward.
  • Call Yunobo forward and continue forward up the slope.
  • On the right is the first Cannon. Go over to it and wait for Yunobo.
  • Have him get in the Cannon and fire him at Divine Beast Vah Rudania. To do that, hit the switch nearby and then detonate a Remote Bomb to send Yunobo into Rudania.
  • Rudania will start moving along Death Mountain to another spot.
  • Continue along the path upward to the next set of Sentries.
  • Have Yunobo wait at the end of the patrol.
  • Climb up the Northern cliff-face. The ledge above has a few metal boxes.
  • Use Magnesis to lift and slam the metal boxes into the Sentries. Flicking the motion controls downward is a great way to do high damage quickly. Otherwise, move the crates into the sides of the sentry to damage them.
  • You can also hit the Sentries on the bottom to do damage as well.
  • Use the crates to destroy the 2 sentries in front of you.
  • Drop down onto the path you have been following and call Yunobo over to you.
  • Approach the break ion the mountain in front of you with the Sentry hovering directly above it.
  • Link can either use a Metal Crate from the ledge to destroy the Sentry or use one of the metal slabs nearby to do the same job.
  • Link can also simply lay the metal slab across the break in the stone to block the Sentry's field of vision.
  • Turn to the left after that and head on up the path.
  • Close to the top of the path you will encounter a Moblin.
  • Just pat the moblin you will find the next cannon. Head over to it.
  • Yunobo will jump into the cannon. Fire it at Rudania with a Remote Bomb, to force Rudiana farther along Death Mountain.
  • Continue along the path to the Northeast. There are 2 more Sentries.
  • 1 will be stationary, 1 will be following a circular pattern.
  • Bring Yunobo to the rocks just before the updraft with the 2 Sentry.
  • Slip past them and then use the updraft to reach the ledge above.
  • Go forward to the metal crates just ahead. Use Magnesis to grab it.
  • Use the Metal Crate to smash all the nearby Sentries.
  • With the sentries destroyed, return to the path below and call over Yunobo.
  • Continue along this path, looking to the right. You will see another cannon guarded by a pair of Moblins.
  • You can easily defeat these Moblins by knocking them off the ledge that the cannon is set on.
  • Have Yunoboget in the cannon by approaching it.
  • Arm the cannon with a Remote Bomb and then aim and fire it at the Divine Beast.
  • This third assault will send Rudania into the caldera of Death Mountain.
  • Automatically you will be taken to the Divine Beast itself.

On Board Divine Beast Vah Rudania[edit]

  • After the cutscene with Daruk, turn around.
  • Go to the end of the tail to find a chest with an Ancient Screw.
  • Go forward through the door into the main body of the Divine Beast.
  • It will immediately become dark inside the Divine Beast.
  • Just ahead to the left you will see a Malice Eye. There is another just ahead on the right as well.
  • Destroy both of them with a quick arrow shot.
  • Look up after that to find another Malice eye next to a Cursed Mouth. Destroy this one quickly as well.
  • The two on the floor will reveal chests. The Malice eye closest to the entrance has a Dragonbone Boko Club. The two farther in have Ice Arrows x5 and a Torch.
  • Continue toward the back of the room, where you see the blue flames.
  • Use the Torch, lighting it with the blue flames to illuminate the area around Link.
  • Head back toward the entrance and over to the right to find an unlit brazier.
  • Light the brazier using the torch and go through the newly opened door.
  • Inside the new room you will see a Guardian Scout.
  • Ahead on the left you can see another set of Malice Eyes to hit.
  • Go forward and look to the right past a Malice Barrier.
  • Just past the barrier you can see another Malice Eye.
  • Destroying this eye and its barrier will reveal 2 chests. The closer one has Arrow x5 and the farther one has Arrows x5.
  • Head toward the next chest dropped by the farthest Malice Eye. This chest has a Royal Bow.
  • Head back to the entrance of the room and re-light your torch.
  • Go to the back left part of the room you opened, and use the lit torch to ignite the brazier to lift the bars and allow you to access the room beyond it.
  • Go into this room to find the map terminal for the Divine Beast.
  • Interact with it to get the map and see the surrounding area.
  • This will allow Link to adjust the angle that the Divine Beast is moving at, letting Link access different parts of the Divine Beast.
  • This allows Link to tilt the Divine Beast 90 degrees. It also will open the shutters on top of Rudania, allowing light inside the beast.
  • Head back toward the teleport point of the Divine Beast.
  • Go to the torches at the base of the ramp, pull out an arrow or a wooden weapon and light it using the torch.
  • Fire (or throw) your weapon at the metal door with the Wooden bar and vines on it to the left of the entrance (with Link facing the teleport point of the Divine Beast).
  • Use Magnesis to open the door here.
  • Go forward to the terminal in front of you and activate it.
  • With that done, step back to the main hall, light another arrow or weapon using the Blue Flame.
  • Look back into the room with the first terminal. You can see some dried vines holding a chest against the ceiling. Fire the arrow or throw the weapon onto the vines to light them and cause the chest to drop.
  • Inside this chest you will find an Ancient Gear.
  • Once again, head to the blue flames at the base of the entrance.
  • Light an arrow and head over to the right.
  • You will see a door with an eye-shaped opening.
  • Fire the arrow through the eye to hit the brazier on the other side.
  • This will raise the door to let Link through it.
  • Light an arrow using the brazier inside the room and head toward the tail entrance.
  • Look upward to the ceiling to see dried vines and wood. Fire the lit arrow into them to reveal a Metal Block.
  • Use Magnesis to lift the metal block.
  • Use that to block the flame jets that are preventing Link from moving forward.
  • With the block in place, get close to the metal block and then use your map to shift Rudania 90 degrees to let Link get past the flame jets.
  • Once past the flame jets, reset Rudania to access the terminal in this room. This will also turn off the flame jets.
  • Head back to the main chamber, and light your Torch. Position Link just past the large doorway on his left.
  • Tilt the Divine Beast and wait for it to stop moving.
  • Head for the ramp with the small metal block at its base.
  • Go on up the ramp to the top of it.
  • At the top, go to the left and look down. You will see an unlit brazier ahead of you.
  • Slide down the slide of the Divine Beast to this brazier and light it with your Torch.
  • This will open a cage that is holding a small Shiekah Sphere.
  • Tilt the Divine Beast back to its default position.
  • Head back along the Divine Beast and go back to the doorway you just came through. Stand just outside it, near where the Shiekah Sphere is.
  • Tilt the Divine Beast once again. It is time to get the Shiekah Sphere into position.
  • Watch the Sphere roll down along the ramp to the bottom of it.
  • Pause a short distance down the ramp, looking along the right-hand side of it.
  • You can find a chest along this ramp. Look down.
  • Below the ramp you can find the next Terminal.
  • Drop off the ramp and glide over to the terminal. Activate it.
  • Now, head to the base of the ramp that you were just on.
  • Use Magnesis to lift the small metal block to allow the Shiekah Sphere to fall into the room below you.
  • If needed, drop into the room below you and place the Shiekah Sphere in the middle of its reciprocal.
  • This will raise the nearby bars and allow you to access the next terminal.
  • Interact with the terminal to get close to the end.
  • Reset Rudania to its default position and head on out of the room with this terminal back into the main hallway.
  • Reposition Link to climb up the ramp and tilt Rudania.
  • Go back up the ramp and drop off the ledge at the top to the left. This time, head to the right after you drop from the ledge.
  • Go forward and then over to the right, toward the belly of Rudania.
  • Be cautious going forward because of the Cursed Mouth which can spawn Cursed Bokoblins, Cursed Moblins and Cursed Lizalfos.
  • Continue toward the underside of Rudania.
  • Look to the right and snipe the Malice Eye as soon as you can from a distance to close the Cursed Mouth.
  • Drop down to the platform where the Cursed Mouth was and head toward the tail of the Divine Beast.
  • Jump off the ledge and glide over to the chamber on the underside of Rudania.
  • Glide into the open door to enter a chamber.
  • Inside the chamber you will find a chest with a Silver Rupee inside it.
  • Go diagonally across the chamber to the crystal switch. Activate it to open the door directly across from the chest.
  • Go through the doorway and drop down.
  • In this small chamber, reset Rudania.
  • Head through the door going toward the tail of the Divine Beast.
  • Go to the ramp once more and climb it to the top.
  • Once again, drop off the ledge and slide down to the brazier you lit toward the top of Rudania.
  • Go to the left, past the brazier this time.
  • You will find Malice blocking your way with the Eye plainly visible close to the middle. Take out the Malice Eye with an arrow.
  • Go along the spines on the back of Rudania and to the edge of the first set. Look underneath the next set to see another Malice Eye. Take it out with an arrow.
  • Climb onto the arch supporting the spines and head toward the spine with the chest on it.
  • Jump the railing to reach the spine and approach the chest to open it. Inside it is an Ancient Core.
  • Get close to the ridge on the spine.
  • Tilt Rudania back to drop onto the ridge properly.
  • Head toward Rudania's head to find the final terminal.
  • Activate the terminal and then turn to the right and glide over to the right to drop onto the shoulder joint of the front right leg.
  • Look to the middle of the Divine Beast to spot the main control unit.
  • Drop into the opening in front of you to land on the ramp below you and reach the last chest. Inside the chest is a Royal Bow.
  • Head on out of the main chamber toward the tail and go over to the left.
  • Make your way to either side of the Divine Beast. Go up the side and head to the center of Rudania's back.
  • Heal up then approach and interact with the Main Control Unit to begin the fight with Fireblight Ganon.

Fighting Fireblight Ganon[edit]

  • The first phase of Fireblight Ganon, Link wants to move in close to it and attack.
  • Be mindful of the Massive Guardian Sword that it uses. Dodge or parry its attacks.
  • If you are more distance from it, it will also fling fireballs at you. Use the nearby pillars to evade the fireballs.
  • Keep in close to avoid most of its attacks.
  • Getting it below 50% health will trigger the second phase.
  • During this second phase, it will start to use a single massive fireball.
  • These fireballs can be destroyed with a single Ice Arrow. Otherwise take cover behind a pillar.
  • While Fireblight Ganon is glowing orange, it is almost invulnerable.
  • Wait for the Fireblight to begin using its Vacuum ability to pull in fire.
  • While it is doing this, use either Remote Bomb and hurl it toward the Fireblight and then detonate it when it gets close.
  • It will stun the Fireblight and it will drop to ground. Rush it and attack with your weapon.
  • It will recover and, if Link is close, attack with its sword and some flames on the ground.
  • Stun and damage it to complete the fight.


Bludo: Drat! That blasted Rudania!

Link: What's wrong?

Bludo: With Rudania runnin' wild recently, Death Mountain's eruptions have gotten real bad. Do ya see Rudania stompin' around up there on the mountain. They say that 100 years ago, it actually used to protect our people from harm... but that was then, and this is now! Now all it does is mess up our mining operations! We're all suffering because it's stoppin' us from doin' business! I can't tell ya how many times we've used the cannon to chase off that fiend. But it always comes back!! Arrrgh... Youch... Owwwowow...

Link: Are you OK?

Bludo: Hmph, it's just some back pain... Wait. Who are you?

Link: I'm a traveler.

Bludo: I see... So, then, you came all this way to pay your respects to me? I like you already, brother! Well, my name's Bludo. I'm the great Goron Boss who's fearsome enough to silence a crying child! Or to make a silenced child cry, either way. Yes, it is none other than I, Bludo! I was plannin' to drive off Rudania like I always do, but then this blasted pain in my back flared up outta nowhere... That blasted Yunobo... When will he return?

Link: Who is Yunobo?

Bludo: Yunobo is a young Goron who helps me drive off Rudania. He went to grab some painkillers for my back from the Abandoned North Mine, but he hasn't come back yet...Slacker... I bet he's off somewhere wastin' time... Hey... if ya happen to see Yunobo, will ya let him now I'm lookin' for him? Arrrgh... Ugh... Ouch...

Drak: Yeesh! What's goin' on today?! So many peeeople out and about! You should know it gets much hotter past here and there are also loooots of monsters. It's reeeally dangerous!

Link: Do you know Yunobo?

Drak: Why's a stranger like yoooou askin about Yunobo?

  • Link: Boss wants to know.

Drak: Huuuh? Boss does?! Yunobo... went to the vault to fetch some painkillers. But not that a mention it, I suppoooooose he never came back. This place is daaaangerous, so ya probably shouldn't go lookin' for him.

Link: Who are you?


Link: Where are I?

Drak: This is the Abandoned North Mine. Oh, and this is the little ditty we all used to siiiing as we worked: Ammo goes BOOM 'til ore fills the Room! Gather said ORE for rupees GALORE! Dig all DAY to get the good PAY! Yeah, this is a famous mine, my maaan. Or it was... until Divine Beast Vah Rudania showed up. Now it's waaaay too hot! There's tons more laval and all kiiiiinds of monsters out and about. It's so dangerous, we can't dig here anymore!

Drak: Soooo? Do ya neeed somethin' else?

Yunobo: Oh man, oh man, oh man... What am I gonna do? Monsters! They're here! They found me! Help!

Yunobo: Hmm... HMMM... Now that I've gotten a good look... Whoa! It's a Hylian! Were you the one who broke through that crag to rescue me, goro? Thanks, brother! But what brought you all the way out here to begin with?

Link: Lookin' for Yunobo!

Yunobo: Oh! So that's it! Boss told you to come find me! Phew, thank goodness. In any case, I sure am glad you saved me, goro! The name's Yunobo. Everyone calls me... Yunobo. Makes sense, goro. I came to get some painkillers for Boss, but a magma bomb caused a rock slide, sealing the entrance, goro. By the way... How did you break those rocks at the entrance, goro?

Link: With a cannon.

Yunobo: That thing is so difficult to use. I thought only Boss could handle it! Ooops, I nearly forgot! This isn't the time to chat... I need to deliver these painkillers as soon as possible! Sorry, I've gotta run! But do come by and see the Boss later, OK? He may be gruff, but he always repays a favor. I'm sure there's a reward in it for you. OK then! Good-bye for now, goro!

Bludo: Yunobo told me all about how you helped him, brother. Here's a reward for ya. Hylians like you need this sorta thing, right?

Bludo: OK then. Well, I took my painkillers, so I guess it's time to meet up with Yunobo. I mean no disrespect to Daruk's legacy, but if I'm not there to give that Rudania a good walloping...

Link: Daruk?

Bludo: Are ya tellin' me ya don't know about Daruk? The Goron Champion?! See that statue up there? That's Daruk!

Bludo: ...What's gotten into you? Hylians sure are strange. Anyway, Yunobo is actually a descendant of the great Daruk. That's why that slacker can even use Daruk's Protection! He uses it to protect himself when we fire him at Rudania. That's the only way we can chase that blasted beast away. We have no choice because normal cannonballs are no good against him. All right, that's enough outta me. Time to go drive off Rudania! Arrrgh... Youch... Owwwowow...

Link: Are you OK?

Bludo: Oh yeah, just peachy. Dumbtraveler. Of COURSE I'm not OK. Owww... Arghhh... I'm afraid I won't be goin' anywhere today. I hate to put you on the spot, but... can ya please go tell Yunobo that I'm gonna have to cancel for today? He should be at Eldin Bridge.

Yunobo: WOW! You're crazy strong, goro! You saved me again!

Yunobo: Thanks for savin' me brother! I would've been in real trouble if you hadn't shown up when you did, goro. *sigh* Still no sign of Boss, eh?

Link: He's not coming.

Yunobo: Huh? Not coming? But why, goro?

Link: His back hurts.

Yunobo: After we went through all that trouble to get them... Well, if Boss can't help, there's nothing else we can do. I suppose I'll just head back now...

Link: Wait a minute...

Yunobo: Huh? You're not goin' back?! But why, goro?

Link: I wanna board Radunia

Yunobo: WHAT?! You're gonna try to board the Divine Beast? Who do you think you are... Lord Daruk? It's dangerous in there, goro! Though I guess if you weakened it first, it might be possible. But... why risk it?! Hmm. Well, I don't really get it, but I'm sure you have your reasons, goro... The problem is... good ol' Boss raised the Bridge of Eldin to make sure that mean Divine Beast couldn't get over here. In order to get where Rudania is, we'll have to find a way to get the Bridge of Eldin back down, goro. Boss would normally use the cannon to power it.... Ugh, we can't get across unless we figure somethin' out! If Boss can't come down here, then he can't use the cannon to lower the bridge. That means we're out of luck, goro! Oh! It occurs to me that YOU know how to use the cannons! Don't you, goro? Maybe we CAN get across after all... So let's just do what I do to help Boss sometimes. That means I'm gonna be the cannonball! And you'll launch me, goro!

Link: Are you sure?

Yunobo: I've got Daruk's Protection, goro! My ancestor's help can't possibly fail me! That means I can smash into anything and it won't hurt me one bit, goro! My ancestor, Daruk, was a big deal, goro. That's what Boss says, so it's just gotta be true! And I can use Daruk's Protection just like Daruk could! That means there's no need to worry, goro! So rest easy, got it? Well, go on then! Take aim at the Bridge of Eldin and fire away, goro! Just, y'know... be kind gentle about it.

Yunobo: We did it... See that, goro... If we put our heads together... anything is possible! That power I got from my ancestor... Daruk's Protection... It really is somethin' else, isn't it? Anyhow, I guess my time as a cannonball isn't over just yet. So let's get a move on and cross that bridge, brother!

Yunobo: Oh... Yikes... a Sentry is always a nuisance, no matter where it is or how many of them there are. If one finds you, Rudania will go nuts, which will cause Death Mountain to erupt, goro. I...always get spotted, and then magma bombs come raining down one after another. If Boss were here, he'd swat those magma bombs awy like they were nothin' and force his way up! I don't think you'd be able to do that, goro. And I don't wanna cause you any trouble. Hmmm... Maybe the best idea is for you to give me a signal to let me know when I should stop and when I can move forward. Let's hurry and decide what the signal will be, goro! Um, got any ideas?

Link: A whistle!

Yunobo: A whistle? That's a great idea, goro! When I hear your whistle, I'll either stop in my tracks or start moving forward! I like it! Even though it's kinda like calling a horse, goro... OK, then. I'm counting on you and your whistles to make sure I'm not spotted by those awful sentries!

Yunobo: We did it, goro! If we can keep this up, we should be able to corner Rudania.

Yunobo: We did it! Direct hit, goro! And thanks to Daruk's Protection, that didn't hurt me one bit, goro! My ancestor came through for me! If we keep weakening it like this, we should be able to get inside. Don't let up, brother!

Yunobo: That was so cool! You really put a licking on that thing, Link! It's time to finish the job. This is our big chance.

Daruk: Hey, little guy! Long time no see. I always knew you'd come back. Y'know, I never stopped believing in you! You're here to take control of ol' Rudania back from Ganon, eh? You're going to need a map that shows the guts of this place. You can grab the info from the Guidance Stone over there. Now get a move on!

Daruk: Nice job getting the map of the Divine Beast! The terminals that control Rudania are noted by the glowing points on your map. To take back Rudania, you'll need to activate all of the terminals. You got this, little guy!

Daruk: There are four terminals remaining! That's the way!

Daruk: There are three terminals remaining! All right, let's get movin'!

Daruk: There are two terminals remaining! Just a little more!

Daruk: Just one terminal remaining! Just one more!

Daruk: Nice! That was the last terminal! Now go ahead and start up the main control unit! There should be a new glowing mark on your map. You're going to need to make your way over to that. Stay focused little guy!

Daruk: Watch yourself now! That ugly pain in the crag is Ganon's handiwork. Thing got the best of me a hundred years ago. Good luck, little guy! Go get 'im!

Daruk: Great work lil' guy. I owe you big for this. Because of you, my spirit is finally free. Can't thank you enough! I feel like I should apologize. I was doing all I could to protect Hyrule when that thing got the best of me. Sorry that me resting with the rubble causes such a mess. The good news is, Rudania is now back under our control. That means that our century-old Ganon beat-down plan can finally go into effect! I'm gonna take this down the mountain. I'll have a better shot at Ganon there. And then, once you've made your way into Hyrule Castle, we're gonna light that thing up! I want to give you something. It's a special power of mine called Daruk's Protection. It's no good to me now that I'm a spirit... but it might be useful for you. Here it comes!

Daruk: From this moment forth, the power of protection from the depths of my soul, now lives inside you. Good luck, little guy! And give my regards to the princess.

Daruk: Well, that oughta do it! We're set here, now we just gotta wait for the perfect shot. Ganon won't know what him 'im! Hyrule looks pretty good from up here... even after a hundred years. The ol' rolling grounds sure are a sight for sore eyes. I wonder how the Gorons fared after the Great Calamity. I sure hope everyone down there is still going strong after every- Hey! Well look at that! Still going strong, indeed!



Video Walkthrough[edit]

Divine Beast Vah Rudania Video Walkthrough - Reaching the Divine Beast and Completing its puzzles

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