Divine Beast Vah Ruta in Location in Loz: BotW.

Divine Beast Vah Ruta is a Dungeon found in Lanayru



You activated the devices on Divine Beast Vah Ruta's back, halting its barrage.

Now's your chance. Head inside and take back the Divine Beast!



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Accessing the Divine Beast[edit]

  • To get into the Divine Beast, talk with Prince Sidon who is waiting for you at the reservoir where the Divine Beast is.
  • Equip the Zora Armor to begin your way into the Divine Beast.
  • Sidon will point out there are glowing pink orbs that Link will need to hit with Shock Arrows.
  • To get there, you will need to ride on Sidon and destroy the ice blocks that it will be hurling at you.
  • As you go around the area you will be dealing with an increasing number of ice blocks.
  • The spiked Ice Balls will come at Link from behind him. The Ice Blocks will come at Link from in front him.
  • Get into the waterfall from the Divine Beast and swim up with the Zora Armor.
  • Once up there, use your bow and arrow to fire a Shock Arrow into the Pink orbs at the top of each leg of the Divine Beast.
  • Hitting all 4 of the orbs will trigger the next step of the act of freeing the Divine Beast.

Cleansing the Divine Beast[edit]

  • Go on up the stairs and fire an arrow into the Malice Eye which holds the barrier at the top of the stairs.
  • Go across the room to deal with the Guardian Scout just armed with its eye blast.
  • Look to the left now. You can see a Malice Barrier at the far end of a pool and just below the surface, on the right, you can see the Malice Eye.
  • Hit the eye with an arrow to break the barrier.
  • Go to the left-hand side of the pool and use Magnesis to lift up a hidden chest in the water.
  • Inside this chest you can find a Ancient Spring
  • Use Cryonis to lift the gate in front of a terminal.
  • Go up to the terminal and interact with it to get the Divine Beast Map.
  • Go across the room, across the pool, to the metal crank.
  • Use Magnesis to wind the crank and bring the terminal in the water out of it.
  • Go out the door on the opposite side that you came in through.
  • Head up the ramp to the right and through the open door there on the second landing.
  • On this floor, you will immediately encounter a Guardian Scout with a Guardian Sword. Defeat it and then look to the small water wheel in front of you.
  • In this small water wheel you can see a Terminal on the inside. Just outside the small water wheel you can see the fountain moving it. Target this with Cryonis
  • Wait for the terminal to reach the lowest point of its rotation and then freeze the water coming out.
  • Done right, the terminal will have just emerged from the water and start glowing, allowing Link to access it.
  • Access the terminal and head back onto the main platform.
  • Break the ice and go to the small area between water wheels.
  • Ride the paddle up and over to the far side of the wheel itself.
  • As it comes to the water fountain, jump off it and glide over to the ledge just to the left of the water fountain.
  • Go to the left and open the chest there to claim the Silver Rupee.
  • Head back to the area between the two water wheels.
  • Access your map and have the water come through the top of Vah Ruta closest to its head.
  • This while start spinning the large water wheel.
  • Watch the paddles and wait for the paddle with the malice barrier on the bottom of a paddle.
  • Jump onto the paddle just below the malice barrier. Wait for the paddle to level out then destroy it with a quick arrow shot.
  • This will reveal a chest with 10 Fire Arrows.
  • Jump off the paddle at the far side.
  • Destroy the Guardian Scout there with a Guardian Spear.
  • Go over to the left and step on the pressure plate there. This will create a waterfall, allowing quick access to this upper area.
  • Across from you is a bridge leading to the middle of the large water wheel.
  • Glide over to the bridge and head to the middle of the large water wheel.
  • First, wait for the 2 sliding stone blocks to show up.
  • Freeze the top block as it is getting close to the top of the wheel arc.
  • Go and open the chest to claim the Ancient Core.
  • Quickly get away from the chest and start waiting again.
  • When you see the glowing sphere sitting against the center of this water wheel, freeze it as it is getting past the middle point on the top.
  • This will hold open the gate just in front of the terminal.
  • Rush into the terminal's chamber and activate it. Once again, quickly step outside the chamber.
  • Head to the waterfall you trigger before this and swim up it to its top.
  • Immediately after Link launches out of the waterfall, use the paraglider and go to the ledge with the chest on it.
  • In the chest you will find a Knight's Halberd.
  • Drop the ledge below the one you are on. Head into the open hallway going toward the head of the Divine Beast.
  • Get to the end of the hallway and then access your Map.
  • Lower the trunk so it is flat.
  • Glide out to near the end of the trunk. You can see some Malice and a Malice Eye. Just in front of the eye is a chest.
  • Destroy the malice eye. Inside the chest you will find an Ancient Shaft.
  • Once collected, tell the trunk to said most of the way up, 4th notch from its top.
  • Return Link to the hallway that he had just emerged from.
  • Lower the trunk back down.
  • Glide out to the very end of the Trunk and then balance Link on the end of the trunk as you tell it to raise up.
  • Once again, set the trunk to the 4th notch from the top.
  • Head across to the far side of the end of the trunk.
  • Drop when you can to the wall just behind the terminal on the underside of the trunk.
  • Wait for the trunk to stop moving and interact with the Terminal.
  • Jump from the trunk and go over to the left-hand side of Vah Ruta's Back where you can see a Malice Barrier.
  • Land on this side and look across to the other side.
  • You can see the Malice Eye for this barrier on the far side.
  • Use a long range bow for an easy shot or set the arc appropriately for any other.
  • This will reveal the chest that was blocked by the Malice.
  • Open it to find Ice Arrow x10.
  • Turn to the head of Vah Ruta and glide over to it.
  • There is a small opening that Link can drop through to land a walkway inside Vah Ruta's head.
  • On this walkway, look toward the Trunk to see a Malice Eye. Destroy it with an arrow.
  • You will see another metal crank you will need to interact with using Magnesis.
  • Wind it to open the roof of Vah Ruta's head.
  • Adjust the trunk to its 5th notch from the top.
  • This will get the water spout to put out the fire around the final terminal.
  • Drop down to the terminal and interact with it.
  • This will activate the central terminal.
  • Turn and head away from the head of Vah Ruta.
  • Just next to the first crank is the ramp down to the central terminal.
  • Go and interact with the Central Terminal to summon the boss of this dungeon, Waterblight Ganon.

Waterblight Ganon[edit]

  • Rush into the Waterblight Ganon and start attacking him with your melee weapon.
  • Be careful while close to the Waterblight. It can raise its spear and than stab it into the water, creating a blast to knock Link back.
  • Keep in close and attack. Be sure to shield when you see the Spear being raised.
  • This will continue until Link gets the Waterblight below 50% health.
  • This will bring the Waterblight into the second phase. The water level rises and 4 platforms rise up from the ground.
  • The Waterblight will summon up Ice Blocks to throw at Link.
  • Link can either use the Cryonis rune to destroy the incoming blocks or fire an arrow at it to break it.
  • It can summon up to 5 ice blocks to hurl at Link.
  • Link can also dive into the water behind the raised stones to avoid the incoming ice blocks.
  • It can also raise its spear and strike across most of the area.
  • It can also raise the spear and throw the spear at Link.
  • This spear attack attack is best dodged.
  • Try to hit the Waterblight in the head to stun it.
  • Once stunned, rush the Waterblight and attack it.
  • When reduced to 25% or less, the Waterblight will start to use the Guardian Laser attack.
  • These attacks can be reflected if you have practiced some. They can also be avoided by keeping nearby the stones.