Domidak at the Dueling Peaks Stable in LoZ: BotW.

Domidak is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

He gives you the side quest, "Misko, the Great Bandit"


Domidak is a treasure hunter. Him and his brother, Prissen, seek to locate the treasure of Misko, the Great Bandit.




  • Domidak: You again? Pay no mind to my little bro's chatter from before. He's got a penchant for running his mouth with crazy talk.
  • Link: So... Misko's treasure?
  • Domidak: Ahhh shoot. Welp. Can't say I didn't try to throw him off...
  • Prissen: Hey, Dak... Why don't we just tell him? Maybe he'll leave us alone if we do. I mean if we can't figure this riddle out, there's no way someone like him will be able to.
  • Domidak: ...That's a good point. We're after nothing less than the treasure of Misko, the Great Bandit! Finding it would mean incredible riches... I'm not about to give this information away for free. I'm no fool!
  • Prissen: That's the keen sense of the strongest treasure hunter at work! No gold left behind - not by Domidak! You're great, Dak!
  • Domidak: It'll be 100 rupees to learn what we know. Truth is, it'd be a steal to get this exclusive scoop for 1,000 rupees... So what do you say?
  • Link: Deal!
  • Domidak: Heh. Good deal.
  • Prissen: Way to go, Dak. You did it!
  • Domidak: "The little twin steps over the little river. My cave rests above that river's source." Misio hid the location of the treasure in some kind of strange little code. I head this from a former dog walker of Misko's underling's descendant's neighbors. As solid a lead as any.
  • Prissen: Just knowing someone with good intel like that? Exactly what I'd expect from you, Dak!

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • If you don't have the 100 Rupees that you need to get this quest, you can find a silver rupee in an Iron Chest stuck under the ground next to a tree near the stable (use Magnesis)


  • "Hrm..."

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