Good Sized Horse is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

Good Sized Horse is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk with Zyle who is in Gerudo Canyon.




Zyle is stuck in the Gerudo Canyon and wants a horse to help get him through the area.

Quest Items[edit]


  • Talk with Zyle who can be found wandering the Gerudo Canyon.
  • He will ask you to bring him a horse and he will pay you 300 rupees for one.
  • You can bring him any horse you have tamed or found in the world.
  • Travel to any stable and collect a horse you have.
  • Bring the horse to Zyle who will be waiting at his camp.
  • Talk with Zyle while on horseback to complete the quest.
  • Zyle will pay you 300 rupees for the horse.



Zyle: Hey, hey, I sure wasn't expecting to meet anyone out here... Maybe this is just the upturn in luck I needed! Yeah, so yeah, I'm a traveler like you... And I was attacked by monsters in this very canyon. That's when my partner, that's to say, my horse, ran off. And hey, I've been stranded here ever since... Hey, yeah, if I just had a horse, I could continue my travels, and you're a fellow traveler, so I have to ask, right? If, on your travels, you see a horse that would suit me, would you sell it to me for 100, no, 300 rupees?

Link: You got it!

Zyle: Hey, thanks! But don't bring me too big a horse... Won't be able to ride it! No, I need a suitable sized!

Zyle: Ohh! HEY! That horse... It's just like my old partner! Talk about a fine horse... I'll pay you 300 rupees for it, what do say, hey?

Link: I'll sell it!

Zyle: Heyyyyy, really?! You know this is for keeps, right?

Link: It's yours.

Zyle: Hey, yeah, thanks so much! Here's the 300 rupees I promised you as fair payment for this horse!

Zyle: Hey, hey! I'm making this horse I bought from you my new partner! My new best buddy and traveling attendant! So off we go, me and my partner! May we all have good travels!

Afterwards Zyle can be found at Outskirts Stable and says: Hey,hey, you're that traveler who sold me the horse before! Really appreciate that, seriously! thanks to you, I made it back to civilization. Yeah, and after I got back, I made a niiiiice profit selling it to...Erm... I mean... Hey, HEY! I am taking great care of that horse! My trusted partner! Real great care! Then in subtext, he says Almost blabbed the whole thing...That was too close...


You ran into a traveler named Zyle on a road in the Gerudo region - he's in trouble after losing his horse on his journey.

He says he'll give you 300 rupees if you bring him a horse... but it has to be appropriately sized for Zyle's body frame.


Zyle lost his horse during his travels and he seems to have approved of the one that you gave him to replace it.

You gave the horse to him for 300 rupees.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Good Sized Horse Video Walkthrough

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • If you have managed to tame multiple horses and bring them to any of the Stables around Hyrule, this is a way to sell off one that you are not as attached to.