The Guardian Scout III is one of the Guardians in LoZ:BotW.


A Guardian Scout is the most basic combat unit of the Guardians. There are a number of versions of this unit, each iterative model presenting a greater challenge.

Description - Guardian Scout III[edit]

Although originally designed by an ancient civilization to combat Ganon, these scaled-down Guardians were placed inside shrines as part of the trials. This model is equipped with twin-blade functionality to fruther test the combat prowess of one undertaking the trials. It takes a nimble fighter to overcome this one.





  • Go & hit it! (Get flurry rushes if you can.) Spinning laser attack: Fly up in the updraft & shoot ancient arrows at it!(If you have them.) Focused laser attack: If ur confident, go ahead and parry it! But if ur a normal player like me, I'd suggest go & hit it with an ancient weapon.