Hestu's Maracas in LoZ: BotW. Return them to him in the quest The Priceless Maracas, and you will be able to unlock additional inventory slots for Link.

Hestu's Maracas is a quest item in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Hestu's beloved maracas. He's been shaking them since he was two years old.




  • Hestu: SHALA-KALA! Those are... Those are my maracas! Please giiiiive them to meeeeeee! Shaaaaaa-laaaaah-kaaaaaah! But wait! There's something wrong with my maracas! The Korok Seeds inside are gone! How am I supposed to dance now? Shoko... If I had just one Korok Seed, I could since, dance, and use my powers to help you. You see, I have the power of Inventory Expansion. So let me know if you find some Korok Seeds!



Hestu's Maracas Map

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]


  • Hestu has a cool maracs dance! You can watch Hestu's dance every time you have him upgrade your inventory.

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