History of the Zora, Part Six in LoZ:BotW.

The History of the Zora, Part Six is a Monument, and a location you need to visit for the quest Zora Stone Monuments.


Divine Beast Vah Ruta Ruto As told by King Dorephan

When the Divine Beast Vah Ruta was first discovered at Zora's Domain, my daughter Mipha hurried to see it. Those present that day say they saw an unusual sparkle of excitement in Mipha's normally calm eyes as she beheld Ruta. The princess spoke of the Divine Beast as she would a friend and was overjoyed when she was chosen to pilot Ruta. I thought nothing of it at the time, but given the events that followed, I now regret allowing this to happen. I spent many long years consumed by guilt. My dearest wish is that her soul will know peace. I pray for it everyday.