Link Riding a horse in LoZ: BotW.

Link can ride a horse in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Link can tame and ride horses.

Useful for travelling long distances.


You can tame horses by feeding them or by riding them.

Horses with spots, or patches are gentle in nature and thus easier to tame. Solid color, or horses with a white face and feet are wild and much more challenging to tame.

Riding Horses[edit]

Riding Commands include:

  • Soothe
  • Whoa
  • Yah!

Registering your horse[edit]

You can register your horse for 20 Rupees at a stable. This lets you name the horse and access its stats. Registering the horse will also let you keep it for future use.

A saddle and bridle will be placed on your horse when you register it.

You can come to the stable any time to take any horse you have registered.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Horses can be found in the wild, or purchased from stables.
  • Different horses have different speed and stats.
    • You can see a horse's stats when registering it into a stable
    • Stats include:
      • Strength
      • Speed
      • Stamina
      • Temperament
      • Bond
  • Horses can die in battles
  • Horses can swim
  • Once tamed, horses will be able to gallop on and follow a paved road without constant guidance from Link
  • Certain side quests involve locating a specific type of horse.
  • Once you've registered a horse, it will also respond to your whistle and come to you if within certain range of you.
    • You will also be able to retrieve a registered lost horse from any stable.
  • Horses are not the only potential mounts, Link can also tame and ride a Deer or a Bear.


  • Horses gear can be changed at a number of stables, simply talk to the woman near the stabled horses.
  • Different types of gear include.
      • Stable Bridle and Saddle - Obtained upon registering horse
      • Extravagant Saddle - Obtained after beating best time (1:15) at Highland Stable.
      • Extravagant Bridle - Obtained after getting a time between 1:15 and 1:30 at Highland Stable.
      • Knight's Bridle - Obtained after shooting 20 or more targets in the mounted archery minigame located Southwest of the Lake Tower right before Pappetto Grove.
      • Knight's Saddle - Obtained after shooting 23 or more targets in the mounted archery minigame located Southwest of the Lake Tower right before Pappetto Grove.
      • Royal Saddle and Bridle - Obtained after registering the white horse.
      • Monster Bridle and Monster Saddle - Can be purchased from Kilton for 698 mon.

Special Horses/Mounts[edit]


  • Exclusive to the Smash Bros. Link amiibo
  • Cannot be renamed

Giant Horse

  • Part of the sidequest "A Giant Horse", initiated at the Mounted Archery Camp.
  • It is too large for stable helpers to customize its gear or mane.
  • Has maximum Strength, but low Speed.

White Horse

  • Part of the sidequest "A Royal White Stallion", initiated at the Outskirt Stable.
  • Has maximum Stamina, but low Strength.


  • Part of the sidequest "Stalhorse: Pictured!" initiated at the Snowfield Stable.
  • Cannot be registered at a stable.
  • Its body will fall apart in the daytime.


  • Cannot be registered at a stable.
  • Is required for a shrine quest on Rabia Plain.
  • It will run off when dismounted.


  • Cannot be registered at a stable.

Lord of the Mountain

  • Cannot be registered at a stable.

is not a quest