Link talking to the Hudson in LoZ: BotW.

Hudson is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Hudson is an employee of the Bolson Construction company. Hudson is sent off to Tarrey Town by Bolson to aid in the company's expansion.




Hudson: Yeah?

Link: What are you doing?

Hudson: Taking a break. Bu the way... Did you buy that house?

Link: Yes.

Hudson: Impressive. You're just a pup.

Link: Uh... come again?

Hudson: Don't worry about it. Anyway...

Link: What?

Hudson: Looks like I've gotta head out and leave this place soon.

Link: Why?

Hudson: I've been transferred.

Link: Transferred...

Hudson: Mighta heard, but Bolson Construction is planning to expand big-time.

Link: That's great

Hudson: Yeah, big expansion.

Link: Where will you go?

Hudson: Zora's Domain is north of here.. We're going north of that, though. AN area called the Akkala region.

Link: That's pretty far.

Hudson: Yeah...well.

Link: Good luck!

Hudson: OK then.

Hudson: Well... No time like the present, right? I should be getting on my way... If you'd like, you should come to the Akkala region and say hello. Well... Take care of yourself.