Hunt For The Giant Horse is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

Hunt For The Giant Horse is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk with Straia in the Mounted Archery Camp




Straia has heard of a massive horse but cannot approach it because of a hrose-like creature that is on the path.


  • Make your way to the Mounted Archery Camp at the end of the road leading away from the Stable
  • Straia can be found wandering nearby the tent just inside the camp before the nearby forest.
  • Talking with him will tell Link about the Giant Horse that can be found in the Taobab Grassland found to the Northwest from the Mounted Archery Camp.
  • After that, you have a few ways to get to the canyon where the Giant Horse can be found.
  • You can either fast travel to Owa Daim Shrine and then glide down to the quest marker (to its Southwest)
  • Or hop on your own horse, or tame one of the nearby horses to the South of Pappetto Grove, and head to the West and then turn to the North.
  • Traveling over land will likely put you into conflict with 2 Lynel. With a good horse, they can be outrun.
  • Make your to the Northern end of the canyon to find the Giant Horse in the middle of the herd surrounded by the very tall trees.
  • You will want a item or armor set that boosts stealth. Use Items that augment stamina if you only have 1 Stamina Wheel.
  • You will want around 2 Stamina wheels to Soothe the Giant Horse.
  • Sneak up on the Horse and then quickly mount it. Rapidly press the Soothe button (LB) until the horse calms down.
  • Once the horse is calmer, steer it to the South and then make your way back to the Mounted Archery Camp.
  • Talk with Straia when you arrive back at the camp to complete the quest.
  • For your efforts, you will get 100 Rupees.



Straia: Hey there! It's not every day that I see someone all the way out here! We're doing an ecological study on the wild animals in the area. We'd heard that there was a Giant Horse living in this region. Apparently it can't be found anywhere else... That's all we needed to hear! We headed this way to investigate right away!

Link: Giant horse?

Straia: The really big horse in this region is likely part of a rare, local species. However, with all the monsters roaming around, we simply can't go any farther. To be so close to discovery.

Link: Monsters?

Straia: That's right... There was even a monster that looked quite a lot like a horse... I approached it, thinking at first it was the Giant Horse we've been looking for, but... Oh, it was terrible. Just form looking at you, I'd guess that you're an adventurer, right? You certainly look strong. Hrm... Hey, how would you like to go and catch a Giant Horse for us?

Link: Leave it to me.

Straia: They say that the Giant Horse lives around the Taobab Grassland... That'd be northwest of here. Do you think you could catch it and bring it back here? Don't stress out over the request, though!

Straia: What do you want at this hour? That horse... It's huge... I've never seen one that big! That is definitely an endemic species! Sorry, but can I take a good look at that horse?

Link: Go ahead.

Straia: Thanks, I'll be right back. Hrmmm. This is impressive. Ah, hmm. Quite interesting. Wow. With this much info, I can feel my spirit for discovery murmuring in contentment. It's definitely different, seeing something with your own eyes rather than just reading about it. Thank you! This is to thank you for helping with our investigation!


Out in the Faron Grasslands, you came upon Straia, who is conducting a study on animals of the region. He's said he's specifically looking for the rumored Giant Horse that lives on the Taobab Grasslands


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Hunt For The Giant Horse Video Walkthrough

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