Locked Mementos is part of the Main Quest in LoZ:BotW

Locked Mementos is a Quest (Main Quest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Complete Seek Out Impa.




Impa knows that Link's Sheikah Slate needs some attention.

Quest Items[edit]


  • Having talked with Impa, you are going to want to make your way out of Kakariko Village and start on your way to Hateno Village to the East.
  • Be sure to visit and activate Ta'loh Naeg Shrine for ease of getting back to Kakariko Village later in this quest.
  • Having a horse makes this trek notably faster to do.
  • Make your way along the path nearby Lake Seili next to Kakariko Bridge.
  • Make your way through Fort Hateno and from there, just follow the roads up to Hateno Village.
  • Having a horse will allow you to avoid having to find the Moblins and Bokoblins that are on the way.
  • As you enter Hateno Village, you will be stopped by Thadd.
  • Talking with him, he will welcome you into the village and, if asked about where you are, warn you about a yappy old lady in the building at the hill behind the village.
  • Make your way through the village and follow the path up the hill to Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.
  • Go inside and talk with the girl inside. She will tell you to speak with the director in the back of the Lab, Symin.
  • He will assess the state of your Sheikah Slate and tell you that the director, who you spoke to after coming in, can restore its full functionality.
  • Go and talk with the girl, Purah, who will reveal herself to be the director of the lab.
  • She will tell you that to restore full functionality to your Sheikah Slate, she will need you to light the furnace outside the Tech Lab.
  • Be sure it is not raining and head down the hill. You can see the Ancient Furnace that is at the base of the hill past the ranch.
  • Along the road to the Ancient Tech Lab, you will find lanterns that you can light to preserve your progress in case of rain or having to use Tree Branches.
  • Once the furnace outside the Tech Lab is lit, the lab will be added to your fast travel network.
  • Talk with Purah to restore the full functionality of the Sheikah Slate.
  • She will ask you to take a picture of her to test the functionality.
  • Select the Camera Rune and take a picture of Purah.
  • She will send you back to Kakariko Village to talk with Impa once more.
  • Travel to Ta'loh Naeg Shrine and make your way back to Impa's House.
  • Inside, Impa will tell that the photos there are likely to help Link remember his forgotten memories.



Thadd: Who are you?! Be on your way, you... suspicious man!

Link: I'm a traveler.

Thadd: Hrm? You certainly do appear to be a Hylian like the rest of us... Hylians are generally good folk, so... Sorry for getting all worked up... You're free to go. We're just a waypoint on your winding road, huh? Ah, the life of a traveler. Well, you can get most things you need at the general store, and the inn is just back there.

Purah: Good evening. This is the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Do you have some business with the director?

Link: That's right.

Purah: The director is in the back. A terribly busy person, that one. Please try to keep it brief.

Symin: Good evening. I imagine you've never seen so many books in one place. Pretty incredible, isn't it? We've gathered all of Hyrule's known literature on ancient civilizations here. As for the actual number of books, well... Hmm? Is that... That thing on your waist? Is that a Sheikah... There's no mistaking it. That's a real Sheikah Slate, isn't it?! I've never actually seen one in person! If you could just show me the runes on it, I'd be most appreciative. Stasis... Ah. Magnesis... Yes, yes. The Remote Bomb and Cyronis... And what else? Let's see... So that's it for runes... But... Hmm... Strange... It doesn't seem like you have the basic runes... I don't understand why they're missing. There must be some reason... Ah! Where are my manners? I nearly forgot to introduce myself! My name is Symin. You are... Link, right?

Link: You know my name?

Symin: Lady Impa caught me up to speed. You see... we were told, " A young man holding a Sheikah Slate will appear. And you must do all you can to help him. He will be the hope that awakens from the Slumber of Restoration. His name will be Link. Oh, dear! I forgot to tell you something very important. Director! Listen, Ms. Director! This is a REAL Sheikah Slate!

Link: Director?

Symin: Oh, that's right... I haven't introduced our director. Ms. Purah happens to be right over there... At the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab director, Ms. Purah is the world's foremost authority on ancient Hyrule culture.

Purah: Check it!

Symin: I have the utmost respect or Ms. Purah and all she's accomplished. I'm honored to be her assistant. On that note, Link... You see, the director may look like a young girl, but... Well... maybe it's not my place to be telling you these things. You should talk to Ms. Purah herself.

Purah: Hey! Heeey! Are you surprised?! The director of this laboratory is NOT Symin. It's ME! Snappity Snap! Anywaaay. Linky! Do you remember any dreams from your time in the Slumber of Restoration? You don't look like you've changed a bit in the last 100 years, but SOMETHING must have happened in all that time! Well, no matter! I'm just happy you're still in one piece. Linky? What's with that look? You do still remember me, right?

Link: I don't remember.

Purah: Really?! Well! I'm so shocked I don't know if I'll ever be able to recover from this! Even though, 100 years ago, I took you to the Shrine of Resurrection after Calamity Ganon fatally wounded you... Even though I was the one who put you safely into the Slumber of Restoration....

Link: ...

Purah: Hmm... As expected. After 10 years in the Slumber of Restoration, subject...has...lost...all...memories. Noted! Oh, soooooory... i have a bad habit of taking notes rather aburptly like that. It's a charming quirk, isn't it? Ahyhoo... Do you have any questions for me?

Link: Aren't you a child?

Purah: How very rude! Hm, or perhaps it's not rude at all... I suppose that's rather a logical conclusion to jump to. The truth is, I look this way because of a failed experiement. Well, I say "failed," but...in some ways, it was a success. I documented the full affair in my diary upstairs. BUT! The whole thing is embarrassing, so I insist you refrain from reading it! Anyway. Enough about that! Back to the topic at hand! Here you are, after 100 years! Here to defeat Calamity Ganon who is growing in strength with each passing moment!And to rescue our beloved Princess Zelda! That is, if you've got the courage to try. And to help the one true hero, I, the one and only Purah, will restore the basic functions missing from the Sheikah Slate! Aaaand what do you say to thaaaat?

Link: Yes please!

Purah: I knew you'd say that! All right, then. First I need you to run an errand for me... What's with that look on your face. You didn't think I'd fix your Sheikah Slate for free, did you?

Link: I did not.

Purah: Hmm. You're pretty considerate for a young person. But then... I suppose that's because you're actually over 100 years old! Let me explain what this errand entails. You know the unlit furnace on the wall just outside this laboratory? Could you please bring the blue flame from the Ancient Furnace in town? Oh, and also use it to light our furnace? This sweet little Guidance Stone will start working once you do that, allowing us to restore your missing runes! Huh... I wonder if young women these days still say things like "sweet" and "little." Ah, well. I suppose it doesn't matter anyway. OK then. I'm counting on you for that blue flame!

Purah: Hey, you! Linky, thank you so much! Now then, take a look over there! The Guidance Stone must be starting to react! There's nothing mysterious about it - this is pure science! Heh... My sweet little Guidance Stone... you sure know how to make this old researcher's heart flutter! Well then... Let's go ahead and restore those Sheikah Slate runes for you! Give me a nice SNAP! Go on, no time to be shy about it!

Link: Snap?

Purah: Hmm... That was pretty weak. But that's OK. Hokay then, Sheikah Slate repair... underway! Guidance Stone lock removed! Now... let's do this thing!

Purah: Aaaaand... it's done! So?! Is it all fixed up now? Hmmm, lessee here... Which one is it... Camera, Hyrule Compendium, album... Yep, looks good! So I know this is sudden, but hear me out. Take a picture of me with the Camera! Oh, and don't forget to let me see it!

Purah: Snap! How;s the picture taking going? Did you get a cute pic of me with the camera?

Link: I took one!

Purah: Oooh, I can't wait to see it! Lemme see, lemme see! Hm? My, who IS this young creature? Huh? Oh, I guess that's my cue! Sorry, I kind of lost it there. It wasn't on purpose. Hmmm... Ah, it's not just a pretty girl in these images. Yes, there are also some old landscape photos stored in the album. I knew Princess Zelda had made frequent use of the Camera feature, but this... Hey, Linky! It dawns on me that you were Princess Zelda's appointed knight, which means... there's a strong possibility that you accompanied her to all of the places where these pictures were taken. Oh... right. The "lost memory" thing could prove troublesome. But don't lose hope! It just means these pictures could be the missing piece to help store your lost memories! If my hunch is correct, I suggest you check in with Impa. She knows more about Princess Zelda than even I do! ... Oh, yeah! There's just one more thing I need from you! You don't have to worry about this until after you see Impa, but I want you to bring me some ancient materials! Bring them either to me or to Robbie at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. As if my joy weren't enough, if you bring us ancient materials, we'll give you something good as a reward. All right. Let's do this.

Impa: Huh... I heard Purah was giving you the runaround, but you seem just fine.

Impa: Now then.. let me see.


According to Impa, the Sheikah Slate that Zelda left to guide is incomplete.

The director at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab may know a way to restore the Sheikah Slate's missing components. Use the map to find the location of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and its director.


The Hateno Ancient Tech Lab's director can't fix the Sheikah Slate until the Guidance Stone is operational again. The only way to power the Guidance Stone is to light the furnace on the outer wall of the tech lab with a blue flame.

Carry the blue flame from the ancient furnace in Hateno Village to the tech lab, and use it to light the lab's furnace.

The blue flame in the furance is now powering the Hateno Ancient Tech Lan's Guidance stone.

Report to the director so that she can repair your Sheikah Slate.

You proved the Camera works again by capturing an image of Purah!

According to Purah, the album already has pictures from the past in it.

Where could these have come from? Impa in Kakariko Village may have the answers.

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Video Walkthrough[edit]

Locked Mementos Video Walkthrough

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • You can get the flame either on foot or while on horseback. Changing from one to the other will put out the Torch.
  • If it is raining, you will not be able to complete this task, you should pass the time in other ways until it stops.