A Lynel from LoZ: BotW.

The Lynel is an enemy in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Lynels are massive centaur-like beasts. They possess the body of a horse, a human torso, and a lion's head.

Lynel Locations[edit]

Lynels have been spotted in the following locations:

  • N. Tabitha Snowfield, south of the Sha Gehma Shrine: White Lynel
  • Drenan Highlands, west of Thyphlo Ruins: White Lynel
  • Shatterback Point, north of Zora's Domain: Red Lynel
  • Coliseum Ruins, east of Rota Ooh shrine: Silver Lynel
  • North of Goron City, in between the Eldin Deplian Badlands and the Eldin Great Skeleton: Silver Lynel
  • To the East of Tempest Gulch, which is South of Skull Lake: Silver
  • Gerudo Summit in the Gerudo Highlands: White Lynel
  • There are two Lynels in Hyrule Castle, in the First Gatehouse and the Second Gatehouse: Blue and White
  • West Side of hill near Northern Tech Lab's blue flame source: White
  • Hyrule Castel in a small arena: Blue
  • Lanayru Road East Gate: Red (?)
  • SE of Gerudo Summit: White
  • NW of Shoda Sah Shrine/ NE of Faron Tower: Red
  • East of Kakariko Village Great Fairy Fountain, through ruined arches and bridge
  • South of Lodrum Headland, near Tarm Point
  • Two south of the taobab grasslands: blue lynels

Be warned that some lynels will increase in difficulty (For example, blue>white) As you progress through the game.

Add new locations if you spot them in any more places!

Lynel Fight[edit]

Strategy 1[edit]

1. Jog in from afar (this area was too open with no coverage for stealthing easily). When he notices your presence with a white “?” over his head, start sprinting in, because you want to be close enough so he takes out his melee weapon, not his bow. I found his shock arrows to be much too much to deal with so I avoided that all together. If he draws his melee weapon, that’s your cue for step two.

2. Get your stasis+ rune out and use it on him before he charges (or finishes charging) you with his first attack.

3.Swap to your bow and hit him twice in his face while moving forward so you are close to his body by the time stasis breaks. I was using a soldier’s bow and could not get more than two shots in before stasis broke.

4. While he is briefly downed from the arrows to the face, run behind him (hopefully you’re already pretty close to him at this point) and get in a few whacks on his butt or side. At this point, a lot of guides recommend mounting him and hitting him from upon his back, so you can try that if you get the “mount” prompt. I, however, could not consistently hit him with arrows so he was low enough to the ground to get the mount prompt, so I just hit him normally.

5. Don’t get greedy on hits while he's stunned. Get in 3-5 quick hits with a one-hander when he's down. The fight will be longer but you’re less likely to take damage if you retreat earlier than you THINK he'll be able to get up. Another thing that helped me was not keeping him constantly targeted. Running/sprinting freely, rather than trying to target and side-step/dodge was easier for me personally, to remain mobile. After stasis breaks he uses a whirling attack so make sure you retreat before he does this as it will knock you far back and damage you a lot. The length of his weapon is longer than you think, so give yourself some time to get space between you and him.

6.Run around him clockwise or counterclockwise until your stasis is recharged (like I said above, I found it easier to run around him than targeting and side stepping to dodge). The best time I found to hit him with stasis+ again was when he would run away/jump back to do another forward charge at me. Other weapon swings were easier to dodge but the charge was annoying so disrupting it with stasis, especially mid-charge, helped a lot.

7.Repeat steps 2-6.

8. Once he gets to a certain health %, I think about 30%, he will do about 3 fireball flamey breaths. Easy to dodge if you are at a good distance and just run as in step 6.

9. Continue to repeat steps 2-6 until dead.

Strategy 2[edit]

Strategy: Hold out your shield and wait for them to make the first move, and DO NOT try and fight them from range. Their bows deal huge amounts of damage and they are deadly accurate. Get in close enough so when they attack that you can time a backflip, and if you time it right, you do flurry rush. after you've flurry rushed, take out your bow and quickly and immediately shoot them directly in the face. The face, not the mane - their headshot hitbox is quite small. if you headshot them, they'll kneel down for a few seconds on the ground. If you have a really good bow, keep firing, but before they get up just run up behind them and press a to mount. Then mash y to deal as much damage as possible. Rinse and repeat.


  • If you're on a horse or have high enough ground, you can do the slow-motion arrow thing to deal tons of damage.
  • To dodge the fireballs, just move sideways. You don't even have to sprint. After the fireballs you get a perfect chance to shoot them in the face for a mount.
  • When they get down on all fours (sixes?) and run straight at you, side-hop instead of backflipping to activate flurry rush. Same goes for overhead strikes.

Strategy 3[edit]

even if you get good at dodging, and doing flurry strikes, etc, lynels still take a long time to kill and eat up tons of your weapons.

However if you completed the Gerudo Divine Beast, you get a power to unleash a lightning storm. This lightning storm when activated will actually cause the lynels to stop for a moment to catch their breath. It doesn't hurt them too much, however what makes it useful is it requires no timing!

They can be in the middle of nearly anything, getting ready to attack, attacking you, etc., and it will cause them to stop.

Immediately after you have them incapacitated, use a powerful two handed weapon and then just hold the attack spin button, and move around them constantly spinning and hitting them, until you automatically unleash the final power move.

By the time you finish, the lynel is probably already up again about to attack. But you should still have enough time to unleash another lightning strike, incapacitating them again. Rinse and repeat!

Strategy 4[edit]

Want to save your hard earned Crushers, Claymores, Broadswords, Spears, and more? Consider the following tips and strategy to learn how to beat Lynels while only consuming Bows and arrows!

Early on in the game Lynels are formidable foes, and even the bravest warriors can be cut down in seconds flat. Take the tips and strategies mentioned already, and start to stockpile Lynel weapons. Eventually, what you'll want to have on hand is Savage Lynel Bows, Savage Lynel Crushers, and Shock Arrows, all of which can be obtained for free by defeating high level (White Maned, Silver, or Gold) Lynels. You can make do with regular Lynel weapons, or the Mighty variants as you progress through the game. If you're running low on Shock Arrows, the road to Zora's Domain is an excellent place to get them. Simply fight your way through all of the Lizalfos and you'll walk away with plenty for Bow and Shock Arrows. Rush the Lynel and get as close as you comfortably can. Alternatively you can use high ground or Revali's Gale to drop down from above, and use slow-mo to line up a shot to the left side of the beasts face. Why the left side? The game seems to favor it for stunning Lynels. Why Lynel Bows? They're the most powerful multi-shot bows available, and the multiple arrows (up to x5!!!) make it way easier to use this strategy.

2. Take a shot. You'll want to keep trying until you get a bright flash indicating you've stunned the baddie. As soon as you see that, safely drop to the ground by exiting slow-mo and unfurling your glider right before you hit the ground. You will quickly learn what heights require the glider buffer and which don't.

3. Equip a Savage Lynel Crusher (or your highest damage weapon), and mount the Lynel. From here all you have to do is keep hitting it until it shakes you off (remember that when you mount a Lynel, every hit is considered "free" and weapon durability is unaffected). Now the real fun begins.

4. Keep shooting the baddie in the face to stun it, then mount it, and hit it, rinse and repeat. In between mounts and hits, you will have to dodge its attacks and refrain from using those Flurry Rushes as these consume weapon durability points.

5. Practice and refine these techniques to fit your own play style. Feel free to use other Divine Beast Powers, Runes, or weapons other than what I've mentioned, but most importantly have fun! Lynels are mean, but they're a blast to fight.

I hope this strategy helps you conquer your apprehension of Lynels as it did for me, now get out there and get to huntin', Its Lynel season!