Link talking to the Manny in LoZ: BotW.

Manny is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Manny is a villager in Hateno Village




Manny: Even in the rain, still gotta check everyone out... Ever stayed at the Ton Pu Inn?

Link: Yep.

Manny: Makes no difference to me, but... I'm supposed to check out everyone who comes into town.

Link: Right, right.

Manny: I know things have been peaceful recently, but the outside world is still pretty dangerous, yeah? So I gotta check and make sure if any beauties-er, I mean - suspicious folks have come around here.

Link: Beauties?

Manny: *sigh* If you're lucky enough to stay at the Ton Pu Inn, you'll see what I mean. Say hullo to Prima for me if you do. Not that she even knows who I am... This is tough... I have to give her SOMETHING. What kind of gift do you think Prima at the Ton Pu Inn would want? Just take a guess. That's not for me, you understand. It's for ... my buddy's friend.