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This page will have all the memory locations in Breath of the Wild.

Memory 1 Location/Photo 1[edit]

  • Memory Name: Subdued Ceremony
  • Memory Location: Sacred Ground Ruins (Central Hyrule)

Subdued Ceremony Video Walkthrough

Memory 2 Location[edit]

  • Memory Name: Revali's Flap
  • Memory Location: Rito Village (Tabantha)
  • Main Quest: Divine Beast Vah Medoh

Memory 3 Location/Photo 2[edit]

  • Memory Name: Resolve and Grief
  • Memory Location: Lake Kolomo (Central Hyrule)

Resolve and Grief Memory Video Walkthrough

Memory 4 Location[edit]

  • Memory Name: Daruk's Mettle
  • Memory Location: Goron City (Eldin)
  • Main Quest: Divine Beast Vah Rudania

Memory 5 Location/Photo 3[edit]

  • Memory Name: Zelda's Resentment
  • Memory Location: Ancient Columns (Tabantha)

Zelda's Resentment Memory Video Walkthrough

Memory 6 Location[edit]

  • Memory Name: Urbosa's Hand
  • Memory Location: Gerudo Town (Gerudo Desert)
  • Main Quest: Divine Beast Vah Naboris

Memory 7 Location/Photo 4[edit]

  • Memory Name: Blades of the Yiga
  • Memory Location: Kara Kara Bazaar (Gerudo Desert)

Blades of the Yiga Memory Location

Memory 8 Location/Photo 5[edit]

  • Memory Name: A Premonition
  • Memory Location: Eldin Canyon (Eldin)

Memory 8 A Premonition Video Walkthrough

Memory 9 Location/Photo 6[edit]

  • Memory Name: Silent Princess
  • Memory Location: Irch Plain (Hyrule Ridge)

Silent Princess Video Walkthrough

Memory 10 Location[edit]

  • Memory Name: Mipha's Touch
  • Memory Location: Zora's Domain (Lanayru)
  • Main Quest: Divine Beast Vah Ruta

Memory 11 Location/Photo 7[edit]

  • Memory Name: Shelter from the Storm
  • Memory Location: West Necluda (Dueling Peaks)

Shelter from the Storm Video Walkthrough

Memory 12 Location/Photo 8[edit]

  • Memory Name: Father and Daughter
  • Memory Location: Hyrule Castle (Central Hyrule)

Father and Daughter Video Walkthrough

Memory 13 Location/Photo 9[edit]

  • Memory Name: Slumbering Power
  • Memory Location: Spring of Power (Akkala)

Slumbering Power Video Walkthrough

Memory 14 Location/Photo 10[edit]

  • Memory Name: To Mount Lanayru
  • Memory Location: Sanidin Park Ruins (Hyrule Ridge)

To Mount Lanayru Video Walkthrough

Memory 15 Location/Photo 11[edit]

  • Memory Name: Return of Calamity Ganon
  • Memory Location: Lanayru Road - East Gate (Necluda)

Return of Calamity Ganon Video Walkthrough

Memory 16 Location/Photo 12[edit]

  • Memory Name: Despair
  • Memory Location: Hyrule Field (Central Hyrule)

Despair Video Walkthrough

Memory 17 Location/Picture 13[edit]

  • Memory Name: Zelda's Awakening
  • Memory Location: Fort Hateno (Dueling Peaks)

Zelda's Awakening Video Walkthrough

Memory 18 Location[edit]

  • Memory Name: The Master Sword
  • Memory Location: Korok Forest (Great Hyrule Forest)
  • Main Quest: The Hero's Sword

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