Link talking to the Mipha in LoZ: BotW.

Mipha is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Mipha is the Zora Champion of Hyrule. She piloted the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. She could use her magic to heal most wounds.

She fought using the Lightscale Trident and was very skilled with it.




Mipha: I must say... that i am so happy to see that this day has finally arrived. Now Ruta can be freed of Ganon's control. You'll need a map to prevent you from getting lost. The Guidance Stone there contains the information that you will need.

Mipha: There should be a new glowing mark on your map. Head there! Be careful not to let your guard down.

Mipha: Please take care. That...thing is one of Ganon's creations. I put up as much of a fight as I could, but it proved to be my demise 100 years ago... Regardless...I believe that you are well prepared for this moment. I have faith in you!

Mipha: Good! You've obtianed the map of the Divine Beast. You will see several glowing points on your map which represent the terminals that control Ruta. Take Ruta back by activate all of the terminals. Be careful.

Mipha: Hello, Link. Because of your courage, my spirit is now free. And Ruta, as well. Thank you. For I am now allowed by this freedom... to be with you once again. Since I am now a spirit, my healing power would be wasted on me. I have no need of it. So therefore... I would like you to have it. Please accept, Mipha's Grace. Yesterday, I was awash in a pool of tears. I had nearly given up hope and resigned myself to being trapped here, as a spirit, for the rest of eternity. But now you're here. All this time, my hope... was to see you once more. Promise me that you will not hesitate to call upon my power if you ever find yourself in need. Knowing that... will let my spirit rest in peace. I must go. Ruta and I have our roles to fulfill. We are both honored to be able to play the role of support. We'll annihilate Ganon together. Farewell. Save her, Link. Save the princess... Save Princess Zelda...

Mipha: Ruta, we've found a way to be useful to Link. Our job will be to help Link as he fights Ganon inside the castle...however we can. Using your ability to drain Ganon of his power is key to our success. This is it. This will be our last chance... and everyone's last hope. If we seal him away, then we can restore peace to Hyrule. And both your duty and mine will be fulfilled. Father, are you well, I wonder... I want you to know... I have always followed my heart. I'm sorry I made you worry... I wish I could see you again... Even just once more...