Link talking to the Muzu in LoZ: BotW.

Muzu is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Muzu is an advisor to King Dorephan. This old zora was in charge of the education of both Mipha and Sidon. He is very stubborn but will listen to evidence presented to him.




King Dorephan: Ah. You must be the Hylian that Sidon brought here, correct? You did well to come all the way here! I am King Dorephan, ruler of the Zora. Hm? That object upon your waist... is that not a Sheikah Slate?! HMMM?! Now that i have gotten a good look at you, it is all too clear who you are... You are the Hylian Champion, Link! Do not tell me you have forgotten me...

Sidon: The Hylian Champion? You can't mean THE Link? THAT Champion?! So that's where I have heard your name before! What a fateful coincidence that we could cross paths!

King Dorephan: I cannot believe it. The Hylian Champion, Link, has appeared before us... We have met numerous times, I'll have you know. Ah... So many memories! My mind is overflowing with nostalgia, my friend. I'd heard a terrible rumor that you had fallen in combat, but it appears you managed to survive. Extraordinary!

Link: I've been sleeping

King Dorephan: Come again? Sleeping, you say... Hm. Is that you do not seem to remember me? But surely you must remember my precious daughter, Mipha, yes? You do, do you not?

Link: Mipha who?

King Dorephan: I cannot believe it... Have you truly forgotten my dear Mipha as well? You and Mipha were so close... Yet you do not remember her? Young hero... Please look upon the beauty of Zora's Domain. Do you see that statue? Does gazing upon Mipha's immortalized form still not jog your memory? Well, perhaps your memory will return in time. I dearly hope so.

Sidon: Father... I do not believe discussing my sister is helping matters at the moment. Link seems confused.

King Dorephan: Oh? Yes, of course. But first, it is worth noting how remarkable it is that Sidon brought a Champion here without realizing it! That is quite a feat, my boy! Wah ha ha! That is a good one! Link, I doubt not that you have endured a great many trials. Still, I must ask you to hear my plea. Now then. Hero... I must inform you that Zora's Domain is in danger of vanishing because of Divine Beast Vah Ruta. I shall do you the courtesy of speaking bluntly. We alone cannot stop this beast. Will you lend us your strength?

Muzu: What?! King Dorephan! My liege! Please do not speak so! To ask a Hylian for help... Why the very thought of it curls my fins!

King Dorephan: Muzu, I expected more of you. How can you still protest?

Sidon: Muzu! It is rude to speak that way to your king and his guest. Link is here because I invited him! With such unprecedented rainfall, we have no choice but to rely on the aid of a trustworthy Hylian. Have we not already discussed this and arrived at that very conclusion? He is the key to saving Zora's Domain. I have no doubt in my mind.

King Dorephan: Indeed! Link is a Champion, through and through. As things stand now, Zora's Domain... Nay! Perhaps all of Hyrule... is doomed to be swallowed by the sea. This is bigger than all of us, my friend. Zora and Hylians alike must put aside our differences and band together.

Muzu: Have you forgotten already, my king?! We cannot trust these lowly Hylians! A hundred years ago, they abused the power of an ancient civilization and turned Hyrule into what it is today! And that is not the least of it! It is their fault that Lady Mipha was lost to us...

King Dorephan: ... Link... Divine Beast Vah Ruta has great power. It is the unique ability to create an endless supply of water. Of late it has been mercilessly spouting water into the air. As a result, this area has been plagued by heavy rains. For us Zora, water and air are as one, so you would not think this would be quite so critical of a problem. Sadly, the rains have filled the eastern reservoir nearly to the point of flooding. If the reservoir bursts, as it soon will, I fear immense damage will befall not only Zora's Domain... but also the area downstream from us. There, Hylian lives are in very grave danger. Hmm... The Divine Beast is crying out once again...

King Dorephan: The Divine Beast Vah Ruta... Your princess, Zelda, often studied the Divine Beasts. That is, in the time before the Great Calamity. According to her research, the orbs located on Ruta's shoulders... are mechanisms that can control the water it generates. However, they require electricity to work. These orbs are clearly out of control now because there is no electricity coursing through to stop them.

Sidon: Seggin, who is quite shock resistant for a Zora, hit one with a shock arrow. Sure enough, it slowed the water a bit. Unfortunately, as an aquatic race, we Zora are terribly vulnerable to the power of electricity. Perhaps because we could not safely strike it with enough electricity at once,, the water soon returned to its full force. That is why I went in search of a Hylian who could help us! Link, I am certain you have already figured this one out, but... We need you to use shock arrows to get those orbs working properly again! I will aid you in any way I can, of course. Please, hero... I beg of you. Help me stop Ruta's rampage of destruction!

Link: I, um...

King Dorephan: Whaaat?! Princess Zelda herself instructed you to board the Divine Beast and appease it from within? So then, Princess Zelda is still alive?

Link: Yes, in Hyrule Castle.

King Dorephan: I do not believe it... she was alive this whole time, just as you were! The events of 100 years ago cannot be altered, it is true. But if we can regain control of the Divine Beasts... they may yet prove useful in sealing Calamity Ganon once and for all!

Sidon: I did not know you had such grand ambitions, Link... Wonderous! Naturally, I shall help too! Once it has stopped rampaging, you can easily climb inside it. Come, Link! Let use appease Ruta together!

Link: I'm in. Let's do this!

King Dorephan: Thank you, Link. Truly. We are in your debt. Our goal is the same. That means our meeting was nothing short of destiny. Now then, allow me to offer you this gift as a show of faith. So long as you wear this, you can ascend waterfalls just like a Zora. Please, take good care of it.

Muzu: King Dorephan!! Surely you do not really intend to give this outsider the Zora Armor! Countless generations of Zora Princesses have gifted that armor to the one they have sworn to marry! Princess Mipha made that one there with her own hands! It is far too important to entrust to a shady Hylian! He may be a Champion, but Mipha had no such relationship with him. So why should HE receive such an honor? This is just too much, my liege! I do not understand it one bit!

King Dorephan: Hmph. That Muzu is not easily swayed once his mind is set. You must understand... He was in charge of educating my dear daughter, Mipha. Naturally, she means a lot to him... just as she means the world to us. Ever since we lost her to the Calamity, he has grown to despise Hylians. I hope you can forgive his rudeness. Hmm, but what shall we do now? I tasked Muzu with finding the shock arrows we will need to appease Vah Ruta. But now he has rushed off in a huff...

Sidon: Link! Do not let his words concern you. I will work this out with Muzu. I shall return shortly!

King Dorephan: Sidon... I suppose that means that you are going to tell him... Link... Muzu is most likely at the square down below. Would you mind going down there? I would like you to try to speak with him.

Muzu: Hmph. You came all the way here, but it was in vain. I have no desire to speak with you.

Sidon: Listen well, Muzu. There is something you need to know. He who stands here...the man called the one whom my sister. Mipha, had feelings for. I was only a child then, so I did not know it myself at the time. But it is so. I grew up hearing my father tell stories, some of which were about my sister's undying love for a Hylian named Link.

Muzu: What?! No... You cannot fool me with such a fanciful lie. Not this Zora! How could Lady Mipha possibly have feelings for a Hylian like him?! The facts are clear. He remembers nothing. Even when he looks upon Princess Mipha's statue...

Sidon: It is the truth, Muzu. Though you never knew it, he was ever in Mipha's heart.

Sidon: What is the matter, Link? Are you unwell?

Muzu: Hm? You are quivering like a hatchling... Whatever is the matter?

Link: Mipha... I remember.

Muzu: WHAT?! Do not mistake me for a fool, Hylian! There is no way you remembered her just now, when it is most convenient. In any case, without any solid proof, I cannot possibly take you at your word! If you have any such proof, now is the time to show it. Do so, and... and I...I shall tell you how to get those shock arrows! Yes, as well as anything else you wish to know.

Sidon: Have you truly not figured it out yet? Simply take a closer look at what is wearing!

Muzu: Hm? You really think changing your clothes is going to make me... Eh?! What in the ... That is the Zora Armor from before! Lady Mipha made that by hand... and yet it fits you perfectly! What is the meaning of this?!

Sidon: Now you understand, do you not? Now you know who her heart belonged to and who she made this special armor for. The fact that this armor fits Link perfectly should be proof enough that Mipha made it for him and him alone! You have always disliked Hylians, even before the Great Calamity. That is why Mipha never told you. Now that you know, you must promise to help him save us all, Muzu. Please... Tell us where we can find the shock arrows we need. Knowing you, I bet you have already figured it out.

Muzu: Hmph. I never would have imagined she would make that special armor for one such as he... I do not approve of asking for help from a Hylian, but I suppose it is our only option at this point. I am a proud Zora. That means I must take responsibility for my unwarranted behavior toward you. As promised, I shall tell you where you can collect as many shock arrows as you will need. That tall mountain over yonder... It is called Ploymus Mountain, and there you will also find Shatterback Point. A terrifying creature has made its home up there. This awful beast shoots volley after volley of shock arrows. Even a single one could be fatal to a Zora.

Sidon: Aha! You must mean that Lynel! He is the man-beast, that one! That beast does indeed wield shock arrows. That is certainly one way to collect them quickly. He is vicious, to be sure. But I am certain Link will rise to the challenge.

Muzu: In order to appease the Divine Beast, I estimate that you will need...hmm... at least 20 shock arrows. DO you think you can gather that many?

Sidon: Why do you still doubt him, Muzu? I have no doubt he will be triumphant! OK, Link. Let's get moving. The fastest way to Ploymus Mountain is to ascend the waterfall east of the domain! That Zora armor should come in handy. Just swim to the waterfall basin, and then go up the waterfall from there! I'll wait at East Reservoir Lake, right by the Divine Beast. Gather at least 20 Shock Arrows, and then come join me!

Link: I'm on it!

Sidon: Wonderful! Together we shall stop that Divine Beast's onslaught!

King Dorephan: Link! You did well to survival your trial! I have been awaiting your return! The violent downpour has disappeared, as has the threat to Zora's Domain! It is all little more than a bad dream now. Thanks to your efforts, there is no longer any danger of a great flood laying waste to Hyrule! You appeased the Divine Beast Vah Ruta and thusly saved Zora's Domain! We are all truly grateful! What you did for us is more than we could have ever expected of you.

Muzu: Link... I must sincerely apologize for my harsh treatment of you. That whole time, you were thinking of Hyrule's and Lady Mipha's well-being, just like the rest of us. All of the members of our council humbly fold our fins back in gratitude, along with the rest of our people. Perhaps the older generation of Zora, myself included, misunderstood Hylians after all. It would seem so. That said, I would be over joyed if you could find it in your heart to forgive me. If not now, then perhaps one day.

King Dorephan: Link! I must reward your efforts! Now then! I implore you yo collect the treasure inside that chest over there. It was cherished by Mipha. A memento of sorts. I would like to have it as a token of our friendship. Please take good care of it. By the way, Link. I see you are without your trusty blade... the sword that seals the darkness. Did you perhaps lose it when you lost your memory?

Link: What sword?

King Dorephan: Hm. So you have forgotten that as well... That is a legendary blade that only you, the Hylian Champion, can wield. It is no doubt resting somewhere in Hyrule even now... waiting for its master to return. Link, all of the Zora thank you from the depths of our hearts for your heroic and selfless work! ...And you too, Sidon. As your father, I am proud of you fighting the Divine Beast alongside Link. You have grown much recently. I kknow you will be a worthy heir when your time comes.

Sidon: Father... I ... Thank you!

King Dorephan: The heavy rains have stopped,, and the Divine Beast is our ally once again! How glorious! Truly splendid! Wah ha ha ha!

Sidon: Link! This is wonderful! Link! Thank you so much! Truly, I could never thank you enough! You helped save our home from vanishing away! This calls for a top-tier expression of gratitude! ZO! ZO! RA RA RA! With all my heart... Thank you!