Reach Zora's Domain is part of the Main Quest in LoZ:BotW

Reach Zora's Domain is a Quest (Main Quest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk with any of the Zora that have scattered through the lakes and rivers of Hyrule. They will direct you to Inogo Bridge to meet Prince Sidon.




Zora's Domain is under threat of flooding. The Divine Beast Vah Ruta has locked the region into a perpetual rain cycle.

Quest Items[edit]


  • There are a number of Zora scattered in the rivers and lakes of Hyrule, that when talked to, will allow Link to begin this quest.
  • The Zora, Torfeau, can be found just outside Soh Kofi Shrine that can begin this quest.
  • You can find Ledo to the East of Crenel Peak or to the Northwest of Mercay Island.
  • Tona can be found in the river to the South of Lanayru Tower.
  • Gruve can be found at the top of Lanayru Tower.
  • Make your way to the Inogo Bridge and approach the start of it from the main path.
  • Prince Sidon will call out to Link and then jump down to greet him.
  • After talking with him, Sidon will give Link an Electro Elixir.
  • Once across the Inogo Bridge, you will need to be on guard against a few Lizalfos that are patrolling along the riverside.
  • There is one on the rocks and another in the water nearby.
  • Farther along the river's path, you will also need to worry about a few Octorok.
  • Follow the path alongside the river. There will be a second Octorok shortly around the corner.
  • Continue forward around the next corner and follow the path upwards.
  • When you make it to the next switchback, there are a few crates and a Lizalfos who is watching over the crates.
  • Keep close to the rock-face to help avoid the next few Lizalfos.
  • Going forward you will come across a rock bridge on the river. Go across it, but be careful of the Octorok in the river.
  • Go across the next bridge and cross back over to the other side of the river.
  • Going across this bridge, another Octorok is pop out of the water.
  • Go up the trail from there. You will find Silent Shrooms along the trail.
  • Sidon will stop you around now for a quick talk.
  • Follow the path uphill. Be careful close to the top of a few boulders rolling down from the right-hand side of the path.
  • Either continue along the path which will lead you into a Lizalfos.
  • If you go up the slope to the South, you will encounter a small encampment with more Lizalfos.
  • Continue to the South, across the Mountaintop.
  • Glide across the river to reach the far side. Be sure to aim for a place that Link can easily climb up.
  • Once again, head on up the slope, avoiding the boulders coming at you.
  • Reaching the top of this path will have you reach a boulder blocking your path forward.
  • Look to your right as you emerge from the cave.
  • There is a Lizalfos to the right with 3 spears by it.
  • Follow along the path to the Southwest from there, passing by a Zora Monument.
  • Be very careful around the next corner. You will find a few more Lizalfos who are armed with Shock Arrows.
  • Either try to rush in and quickly defeat the Lizalfos on the ground or snipe it from the ground, avoiding the nearby water.
  • Rushing too deep in will have you fighting 2 Lizalfos and a Blue Lizalfos.
  • You can simply run past them if it is too difficult of a fight.
  • Continue along the path following the pylons to continue toward your destination.
  • This will lead to another bridge that Link can cross, Luto's Crossing.
  • There is a chance you will immediately be attacked by a Moblin after that conversation.
  • Continue along the bridge to the East after that.
  • Follow the path to the East after that. There are a number of mushrooms along this path.
  • This path will turn to the North after that.
  • Be a little more careful here because there is a Wizzrobe at the next turn.
  • Try to climb up the rocks before the turn to avoid the Wizzrobe in this weather that would give it a lot of advantage with the burst effects from the lightning.
  • Avoid it and then make your way to the Northwest along the path to reach the final bridge leading into Zora's Domain.
  • You can easily reach this location by climbing to the top of the local mountain top. Glide from there over to the bridges below to make for an easy trip.
  • Drop down onto the island or the bridge just before Zora's Domain.
  • Follow either to go forward and reach Zora's Domain itself.
  • Go inside the city to trigger one more conversation with Sidon.
  • He will be looking at a statue of Mipha.
  • Go forward and take either staircase upwards toward the top of the structure that is Zora's Domain.
  • Link can also go straight forward to reach the shrine just past the statue, Ne'ez Yohma Shrine. Activate it to have a fast travel point here.
  • Go up the ramp and stairs to reach the throne room. Approach the massive Zora in the middle to complete the quest and begin the next one. This is King Dorephan.



Ledo: Over here! I'm over here! I apologize for calling on you so suddenly! I am Ledo, a proud member of the distinguished Zora. As you are a real Hylian, I had no choice but to call upon you! Will you please spare me a moment of your time.

Link: Sure thing.

Ledo: Thank you so very much! Do you see that tower...the one atop that mountain yonder? I need you to go upstream of Zora River, which runs along the north side of that tower... to Inogo Bridge. You see, Prince Sidon of the Zora is in desperate search of a strong Hylian. And as this is a royal request from the prince himself, it's safe to assume a generous reward is in the cards. That is why I am asking you to meet with Prince Sidon at Inogo Bridge, along the Zora River just upstream of here.

Tona: Uwaah! You're a... Hey! Come here! Oh, my! Oh, wow! Oh, whoa! It's a Hylian! A real Hylian! Umm... I mean... You are a Hylian, right?

Link: Yes, I'm a Hylian.

Tona: I knew it! I SO knew it! Well, what are you waiting for?! Go see Prince Sidon! He's waiting at Inogo Bridge, which is upstream of Zora River. Please listen to what dear Prince Sidon has to say! I know it's sudden, but you'll understand everything once you get there. Trust me! You'll see!

Torfeau: Oh, my, how wonderful! You are a Hylian, yes?

Link: Yes, I am.

Torfeau: Perfect! It must be my lucky day! Oh... *ahem* I apologize for calling out to you so suddenly. I am Torfeau of the Zora. I have been searching for a Hylian like you for a very long time. My home, Zora's Domain, is in terrible danger. That is why Prince Sidon sent me in search of a strong Hylian warrior. Prince Sidon is waiting at Inogo Bridge. Would you please talk to the prince and perhaps save us all? We would be ever so grateful.

Gruve: WOW! I cannot believe it! *ahem* Excuse me! yes, you! I am Gruve of the Zora! It is apparent that you are a traveler, but may I ask what brought you here?

Link: I could ask the same!

Gruve: Hm... How very astute of you! An excellent query indeed! I, by order of Prince Sidon of Zora's Domain, am searching for a Hylian. Or I was...but then I fell asleep. I awoke to a loud noise and awful quaking, and now here I am. I'd like to get down and be on my way, but I'm simply too high up! I need to figure something out. Prince Sidon is down at the bridge below, but for some reason I cannot seem to catch his attention! But you! You are a Hylian, yes?! Well then! My luck is improving! Prince Sidon! I found one! I FOUND A HYLIAN!! ... Hmm... Prince Sidon doesn't seem to notice my struggle... Perhaps I should swallow my fear and jump to the river below. Then I could return to him! He must be worried sick! ... No! Nope! Can't do it! I'm too high up.I'll likely meet the gods of the ever after before I ever see Prince Sidon again... Mr. Hylian, I must apologize. It will be some time before I can get back to Prince Sidon. Pleas, you must leave me here and go on ahead.

Prince Sidon: Say, hey there! Young one! Up top! Above you! Pardon the entrance, but you're a Hylian, aren't you? I was hoping perhaps you'd have a moment to talk... Aha! A Hylian! Yes, I knew it! Oh, pardon me... I am Sidon, the Zora prince! And what is your name? Go on, please tell me! Link? Your name is Link?! What a fantastic name! Hmm, though I cannot shake the feeling that I have heard it somewhere before... Well, in any case, it is a strong name! To be honest, I've been watching you. I've seen the way you work. I can tell by how you carry yourself that you are no ordinary person. Link! You must be a strong warrior among the Hylians, correct?!

Link: That's right.

Sidon: Aha! Just as I suspected! I am a Zora prince, after all. I have an eye for talent that is unparalleled! Yes! Exquisite! I have been searching for someone like you for a long while. A man like you, Link, who carries himself with power! Right now, Zora's Domain is in grave danger because of the massive rainfall coming from Divine Beast Vah Ruta! Please, promise you will help us! We need your strength, warrior! Won't you please come toZora's Domain with me?

Link: Sure thing.

Prince Sidon: Wow! Really?! Thank you, Link! You are indeed the man I thought you were! Now Zora's Domain will be saved for certain! No time to waste! Hurry up and head over! Because of the rain, the cliffs are too wet to climb. To reach the domain, you will need to go straight along this path. As a Hylian, I know you are unable to swim up the river. As such, the path to the domain may be a bit treacherous. You likely have a tough fight in store - there are monsters up ahead that attack with electricity. Don't give up! I believe in you! ... Oh! That's right! I have something that I would like to give to you! This is just a small trinket to show that I have faith in you. It is a drink that will increase your resistance to electricity! I am not sure why, but its effect do not seem to work for Zora. Perhaps because it was made specifically for Hylians. It should work wonders for you, though! I shall go on ahead and make sure there is not anything strange going on where you are headed. I'm counting on you!

Prince Sidon: HEY! Link!! Sorry for calling out to you from the river! Since I pressured you into coming, I was not sure you would really come through. I am pleased things are going well. Ever since this strange occurrence, there have been a lot of monsters around here. Be careful as you proceed! And hurry! All of my fellow Zora are anxiously awaiting your arrival!

Prince Sidon: Hey! Link!! Look below! Down here! You are still pretty far off, my friend! But I was sure you'd be passing over this bridge, so I have been waiting for you. You will be in Zora's Domain before you know it! In fact, I'm going to head that way too! I shall meet you there!

Sidon: Whoa! I've been waiting for you, Link! Welcome! Behold the pride of my people, Zora's Domain! Now I shall introduce you to the king. Hurry, this way!


Sidon, prince of the Zora, invited you to come to Zora's Domain.

He warned you that owning to the heavy rains, the rocks along the path are dangerously slippery.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

[ Reach Zora's Domain Video Walkthrough]

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Before defeating Divine Beast Vah Ruta, all of the area around Zora's Domain will constantly be under rain.
  • Shock Arrows, when they hit puddle or any body or water, will create an area burst that does electric damage which could cause Link to drop what weapons he has equipped.