The Rune Interface in LoZ:BotW.

Rune Abilities are a type of ability Link can use in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Runes are a special type of object which is controlled by the Sheikah Slate and grant Link the power to manipulate objects and the world around him in some way.

Before a Rune Ability can be used, it needs to first be extracted into the Sheikah Slate. The Runes are located at Shrines of Trials that are scattered across Hyrule. Once in the Shrine, Link inserts the Sheikah Slate into a pedestal and from that point on he can use the respective Rune Ability for the remained for the game.

Each Rune also comes with a trial that Link must complete and receive a Spirit Orb from the Monk of that shrine.

List of Runes[edit]

Rune Description Shrine Trial Area
Detonate the explosive using a remote trigger.
The force of the blast can be used to damage monsters or destroy objects. There are both round and cube bombs, so use what would be the best fit for the situation.
Manipulate metallic objects using magnetism.
Grab on to metallic objects using the magnetic energy that pours forth from the Magnesis Rune. Objects held in the magnetic snare can be lifted up and moved freely.
Stop the flow of time for an object.
Objects stopped in time will store kinetic energy. This stored energy will be expelled when the flow of time resumes. Making good use of the stored energy can move even the largest of objects. Take note of the time needed to recharge it.
Create a pillar of ice from a water surface.
Builds ice pillars that are very stable. These pillars can be used as stepping stones or as obstacles. Use Cryonis on an ice pillar to break it


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Many puzzles can be solved by using the Rune Abilities.
    • There may be more than one way and more than one rune that can be used to solve the puzzle.
  • Some Treasure Chests require using a Rune Ability to reach them.