Seek Out Impa is one of the Mainquests in LoZ:BotW

Seek Out Impa is a Quest (Main Quest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Complete The Isolated Plateau by speaking with the Old Man.




King Rhoam has tasked Link with traveling to Kakariko Village to find and speak with Impa to learn more about his quest.


  • Fast Travel to the Great Plateau Tower. Run and jump off the Tower to the East to descend down into Hyrule Kingdom.
  • Aim for the road below you heading to the East toward the Dueling Peaks.
  • This will take you through the East Post Ruins. Be careful because of the pair of Moblins that reside her.
  • Just outside the ruins, before Proxim Bridge, on the Southern side of the road, you will find Bosh Kala Shrine.
  • This will also take you past Dueling Peaks Tower, which is on the Northern side of Hylia River. It is recommended to visit this tower to reveal the Dueling Peaks area.
  • Passing between the Dueling Peaks you will need to pass by a few Bokoblin Camps.
  • Once through the Peaks, follow the road to the North, across the Big Twin Bridge and over to the Dueling Peaks Stable.
  • Visit Ha Dahamar Shrine to have a fast travel point to quickly return to this area. The barrier around the shrine can be avoiding by using the ledge just to the left of the waterfall. The barrier disappears when the shrine is cleared.
  • After the quick stop here, follow the road to the North, into the hills.
  • Head across the Kakariko Bridge and follow the road up the mountain path.
  • A short way up on the right-hand side of the road, you will see a large Korok, Hestu. Talk with him to begin the short side quest, The Priceless Maracas.
  • Follow along the road and it will lead you directly to Kakariko Village.
  • Just inside the village, you will see Nanna on the ground. She will either call out to you or you can stop and talk with her. She will point you to Impa's House in front of Lantern Falls.
  • Follow the path down to the house that Nanna pointed out.
  • The two guards, Cado and Dorian, will halt Link for a moment before they realize who he is and hurry him inside.
  • Go on up the stairs. At the top you will meet Paya. She too, will hurry Link inside.
  • Go inside and talk with Impa. She will tell Link about what happened if you talk with her again.
  • She will reveal to Link the locations of the 4 Divine Beasts and the location of a Sheikah Researcher in Hateno Village in Akkala

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Nanna: Traveler! I'm sorry, but I seem to have twisted my ankle... Hmm, let's see here... I'm sorry you had to see me like that ... Say, traveler... Where did you get that... object hanging from your waist?

Link: Well, you see...

Nanna: Yes. I see... That Sheikah Slate is a symbol. It means you are the hero of legend. Though there are few who know of such legends anymore... But we Sheikah have been waiting for you for a very long time. Please... before all else, I must insist that you meet with our leader, Lady Impa.

Link: Where is she?

Nanna: Lady Impa's House is below Lantern Falls - just over there. In any case... It was a real honor to meet you. Heh, I suppose you're used to that, having lived as long as you have.

Cado: You there! Who are you?! How dare you trespass upon Lady Impa's abode! Hm? Is that... a Sheikah Slate? But that would mean you are... No, it's not possible.

Dorian: Please forgive us for behaving so rudely. Of course we have heard the legends from Lady Impa herself. Please, friend... Go ahead and step inside.

Paya: A man?! Huh? Is that--?! It's a Sheikah Slate! Could you be the hero my grandmother told me about? What was her name? Li... Lin... Ummm...Oh, it's not that I forgot.... I'm just bad with speaking. As for me, my name is Pa... Paaa... Paaay... Oh! My name is Paya! Phew! I got it out... I know I should be able to say that easily, seeing as how it's my own name and all. I'm so... sorry. Anyway, my grandmother's been awaiting your return ever since I was little. Plea.... please hurry inside.

Impa: ... So you're finally awake. It has been quite a long time... Link. I am much older now, but... you remember me, don't you? What is the matter? You are looking at me as though I am a strange to you. Those eyes... They lack the light of familiarity. it is I, courageous one. Impa. Surely you must at least remember the name Impa? I see... So you have lost your memory. In fact, that may actually be a blessing in disguise for the time being. Dearest Link... Please come a bit closer. A hundred years ago... Yes... a hundred years ago, the kingdom of Hyrule was destroyed. After you fell, Princess Zelda's final wish was to place you in a sacred chamber. And then... all alone... Alone she went to face Ganon. Before Princess Zelda went to nobly meet her fate... she entrusted me with some words she wished to say to you. I have been waiting 100 years to deliver the princess's message. However! These words, which the princess risked her life to leave you... Well, if are you to hear them... You must be prepared to risk your life as well. But I am afraid that burden may be too much to bear while you are still without your memories. I leave the choice to you. When you feel you are ready to receive the princess's message, return to me.

Impa: The words that the princess risked her life to impact to you... I cannot pass them on to someone who lacks conviction. Are you prepared to risk your life for the greater good?

Link: I am.

Impa: Ha! Not a memory to your name, yet you are as intent as ever to charge forward with only courage and justice on your side. You have not changed a bit. Once a hero, always a hero. Very well. Since you have lost your memory, I will recount for you all that has happened...

Impa: A hundred years ago... in preparation for the foretold revival of Ganon, we strove to follow the lead of our ancestors of 10,000 years prior. the end...Despite our best efforts and careful planning, we underestimated his power. In order to avoid ever making that grave mistake again, the princess left you these words... "Free the four Divine Beasts." That is what she said.

Link: Four Divine Beasts?

Impa: The four Divine Beasts are the ancient Sheikah weapons wielded by the four Champions who Ganon defeated. The Divine Beast Vah Rudania, controlled by Daruk of the Gorons. The Divine Beast Vah Medoh, controlled by Revali of the Rito. The Divine Beast Vah Ruta, controlled by Mipha of the Zora. And the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, controlled by Urbosa of the Gerudo. It would be extremely ill-advised to face Ganon without the power of the Divine Beasts to help you. You must infiltrate the Divine Beasts that were stolen away by Ganon 100 years ago and bring them back to our side. More information about these Divine Beasts can be found by locating the four races scattered across Hyrule. The Sheikah Slate will guide you on your way. You must go where it tells you and meet with each leader there.

Impa:... It seems to me that your Sheikah Slate is no yet complete. The device Princess Zelda left you is your guide and also your memory. Now let's see... Someone at the research lab in Hateno Village might be able to help you...

Link: Hateno Village?

Impa: The location shining on the eastern edge is Hateno Village. It is a small village... One of the very few places that avoided suffering significant damage during the Great Calamity. You are Princess Zelda's only hope... and Hyrule's, as well... You cannot turn back now. Follow your heart and seize your destiny!


You were tasked with going to Kakariko Village to speak with Impa, who will give you more details on your quest.

Descend from the Great Plateau and head east beyond the Dueling Peaks, then follow the road north. The blinking dot on your Sheikah Slate's map will guide you.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Seek Out Impa Video Walkthrough

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Having a horse like Epona makes this quest very simply to complete. Remember to register Epona with the Dueling Peaks Stable to ensure she will stay with you throughout your journey.
  • Once you reach Dueling Peaks Stable, be sure to take a little time to tame and register a horse. It makes getting around a lot faster.