This page has the Rhota Chigah Puzzle Solution.

The Stop to Start Trial is a Trial in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

This page has the walkthrough/solution to the Stop to Start Puzzle.


Recommended Runes[edit]



  • Go forward over to the right-hand side.
  • This will lead you up a ramp and will be looking over a moving spiked floor.
  • Look over to the left and use Magnesis to grab the small metal platform on the other side.
  • Drop the small metal platform between the ramp you came up between you and the long metal platform.
  • Go onto the short metal platform and then jump over to the long metal platform.
  • Get to the far end of it and then use Magnesis to grab and move the large metal crate into the back right corner of the moving spike floor.
  • After that, turn around and use Magnesis to grab the small metal platform.
  • Place it between the metal crate and large platform.
  • Quickly climb up the metal crate and go over to the platform in the wall.
  • This will lead you to the chest in the shrine with the Forest Dweller's Shield inside it.
  • Turn around head over to the far side of the spiked floor room.
  • You will find an open doorway to pass through and reach the next room.
  • In front of you is a pair of moving gears, and beyond that, some conveyor belts.
  • Equip Stasis to begin.
  • Use Stasis to lock the second gear in place.
  • Run across the first gear and then jump onto the second.
  • Continue to the conveyor belt beyond the second gear.
  • This conveyor belt is running opposite, toward the spikes just behind you now.
  • Run against the conveyor belt and over to the next 2 conveyor belts.
  • Move very carefully here because you are surrounded by spikes.
  • Turn to the right to continue forward.
  • This leads to a room with 3 swinging maces in the ceiling.
  • A pit is the floor for this area.
  • Use Stasis to freeze one of the ceilings.
  • After that, glide across the room carefully.
  • Go down the stairs and look over to the right.
  • Look down at the edge of the platform you are on, to see a pressure switch.
  • Drop down, using the Paraglider to land safely.
  • Stay off the switch initially and equip Stasis.
  • Step onto the switch.
  • This will reveal a spiked wall that will be steadily moving toward you.
  • Immediately use Stasis on the switch to keep the gate open long enough for you to run through it.
  • Run and climb over the stone on the left-hand side.
  • Continue running along the walkway on the left-hand side, because there is a spiked pillar that will launch at you.
  • Going forward, continue to be careful because of 2 more attacking pillars, one from the left and one above.
  • The next stone will have 2 spiked pillars come crushing in on the stone.
  • This is followed shortly by a a third Spiked Pillar coming down from above, wait for this pillar then go around the stone.
  • Go past the stone and continue forward carefully.
  • Just after that, 4 spiked columns will come out of the wall.
  • Climb up onto the pillar that came out from the the right.
  • Go to the edge of that, run and glide over to the final portion of the walkway.
  • Be mindful of the spikes in this area to reach the platform with the Monk on it.
  • Climb the stairs and interact with the Monk Rhota Chigah.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • This can take numerous tries because of the last corridor and its ambushing spikes. Playing carefully will likely ensure your safety.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Stop to Start Trial Video Walkthrough

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