Survive lava's fiery fate is one of the Main quests in LoZ:BotW

Survive lava's fiery fate is a Quest (Main quest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Champion's Ballad.


Install the Champion's Ballad.



Three, survive lava's fiery fate.


  • Make your way to Kayra Mah Shrine to get to the closest possible point.
  • From there, you will want to head to the East over and to Darb Pond.
  • Leave the cave the Shrine is in and start up the slope to the East.
  • Climb up the slope and continue to the east.
  • Make your way East and over to the Southern shore of Darb Pond.
  • There you can see the Goron Brothers looking down at the Shiekah Ring just above the lava.
  • Talking with them will reveal the details of the challenge.
  • The challenge here is to pass through the ring without dying to the lava just below it.
  • Equip the Magnesis rune and head to the Northern shore of Darb Pond.
  • There, you can see 2 Metal Crates that you can get into position below the Sheikah Ring.
  • Climb up onto the first, closer, metal crate and then glide out to the first boulder in the lava pond.
  • Use Magnesis to move the Metal Crate out into the Sheikah Circle and drop it in there.
  • Now, either fall into the lava or use Revali's Gale to head out to the ring.
  • Drop into the ring just above where the Metal Crate is to complete this challenge.
  • On the Western ledge above the Goron Brothers, Rinu Honika Shrine will appear.
  • Make your way over to the shrine and enter it to begin its trial.



Bayge: PUMP IT UP, BROTHER! Oh! It's the fourth Goron Blood Brother! The one who beat both the contest of endurance and our Gut Check Challenge! Do ya know why Champion Daruk chose this place to train, brother? ...Neither do we! But us Goron Blood Brothers are gonna find out by completing the training ourselves! I'm sure this is some part of Lord Daruk's secret Goron champ training. Intense! We're gonna do all we can to be might Gorons just like Lord Daruk! It's the only possible path for the Goron Blood Brothers!

Heehl: FEEL THE BURN, BROTHER! You see that glowing ring in the lava? Think of it as a target, and... stand on the lava, brother!

Kabetta: So sweaty... Brother... Even Gorons can't walk on lava. I wonder if Lord Daruk really did this training... Not that I doubt him, brother!

Bayge: No wonder Lord Daruk chose this spot. It's hard-core, brother! This training is gonna be rough! I can almost taste the gains! Time to strategize, brothers!



The scattered One-Hit Obliterator led you to a location where a stone monument with a map of trials apperaed. Kass's song seems related...

One, stop a titan of molten stone.

Two, follow rings of light alone.

Three, survive lava's fiery fate.

Champion, trials await!


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Survive lava's fiery fate Video Walkthrough

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