Test of Wood is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

Test of Wood is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk with Damia




One of the Korok Trials in the Lost Woods.

Quest Items[edit]


  • Talk with Damia up the slope to the Mida Swamp.
  • They will offer you the Test of Wood, challenging Link to get through a section of the Lost Woods using only the Forest Dweller's Sword, Shield and Bow.
  • Be careful of the fire that some enemies have that they will use against Link. Any time something is ignited, be sure to put it away to put out the flame.
  • Remember you are in the Lost Woods, you need to keep to the path in front of you.
  • Go forward and up the slope. You will encounter 3 Keese on your way.
  • Keep along the path as it continues upwards and bends to the right.
  • At the turn you will encounter a Chuchus.
  • Going past it you will find more Chuchus waiting for you.
  • Go forward to the boxes that block your path. Approaching them will trigger a pair of Chuchus to appear, 1 in front of the boxes and 1 to the right of them.
  • You can light the boxes using Fire Arrows on fire or blow them up with a Remote Bomb.
  • Past the boxes you will encounter a pair of Stal-Bokoblins. 1 has a Tree Branch and Pot Lid while the other attacks you with a bow.
  • You can use your sword to easily dispatch the StalBokoblin on the ground. A quick headshot will take care of the archer.
  • Be careful of the mud pits. Link can only walk on them for a very short while before being pulled down. There is 1 in front of the StalBokoblin archer.
  • Defeat them and continue down the path.
  • Just past them, you will fire a pair of Fire Keese who have a Stal-Bokoblin with Ice Arrows supporting them. There is a second archer in the same area on the opposite side.
  • Take out the Keese carefully, pulling back on the path to avoid the archer's additional fire.
  • Continue to the East and deal with the pair of archers.
  • Press forward to come to a large swampy area with a number of Octoroks in it.
  • As you approach the large swamp a Large Yellow Chuchu will appear from the ground. Shoot it quickly with your bow for a fast kill.
  • Before beginning to cross this swamp, shoot the closest Octorok to kill it.
  • Climb up the tree to the right, on the Southern side of the swamp.
  • Go to the Northern edge of the tree and jump off it, immediately starting to glide to the North.
  • Aim to land the Northern most patch of land in the swamp.
  • Quickly make a running jump and glide from this patch of ground to land again.
  • Continue to the North, where you see a pair of barely held-together barrels.
  • Smash them and run across (or jump) to the next patch of land.
  • On it, turn to the East and move to the next small patch of land with grass on it. 2 Red Chuchus will emerge from the ground and a Stal-Bokoblin with Fire Arrows will start shooting at you.
  • You can fight through all of them or wait for an updraft to start from the fire.
  • Using the Updraft from the fire you can easily, and quickly, reach the Shrine to the North.
  • Having done all that, you will see Maag Halan Shrine. Approach it and Damia will approach to congratulate you.



Damia: Hey, hero guy! I was told you'd be coming. But do you really think you're ready for Test of Wood?! Some say it's the hardest of the Korok Trials. But it's not complicated-all you need to do is equip this Korok weapon set and reach the shrine at the back of the area. Are you ready to try it?

Link: I'm ready

Damia: All right. Go get 'em. You have to keep the sword, bow, and shield equipped the whole time. If they break or you unequip them, you're out! All you have to do is reach the shrine in the back of the area. Off you go!

Link: Maybe later.

Damia: Gooooooooal! CONGRATULATIONS! You've passed the Test of Wood! Well done, hero man! Happiness await you at the shrine. Oh, right! If you ever want to do the trial again, just let me know. See ya!


With the forest dweller's sword, forest dweller's bow, and forest dweller's shield equipped, head for your destination.


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Be careful because of the surprising amount of fire that the enemies use here.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Test of Wood + Maag Halan's Blessing