The Hero's Sword is part of the Main Quest in LoZ:BotW

The Hero's Sword is a Quest (Main Quest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Enter the Korok Forest and approach the Master Sword.



Link has found his way back to the Master Sword. He must prove his worth to the blade to draw it and harness its power.

Quest Items[edit]


  • Make your way through to the Korok Forest.
  • Once there, head forward to the Master Sword.
  • Attempt to pull it to trigger a memory with Princess Zelda.
  • After that, the Great Deku Tree has information to tell Link.
  • To pull the Master Sword, you want at least 13 hearts to manage to pull the Sword.
  • Press and hold the prompted button until Link manages to pull the Sword (or dies if he does not have enough hearts).
  • When Link manages to pull the sword, another memory scene will be triggered.
  • Link now has the Master Sword in his inventory permanently.



Great Deku Tree: Who is that...? Did I doze off again? Hrm? Well, well... it's you. You finally decided to return. Better late than never. After 100 years, I'd nearly given up hope on seeing you again. Even my patience has limits, you know... That look on your face tells me that you have no recollection of me, however. I have watched over Hyrule since time immemorial. Many have referred to me over the ages as the Deku Tree. That is the weapon created by the ancient Goddess. The sword that seals the darkness - that only the chosen knight can wield against the Calamity Ganon. Believe it or was actually you who wielded that sword 100 years ago. But I must warn you to take extreme caution. The sword stands as a test to anyone who would dare attempt to possess it. As you are now, I cannot say whether you are worthy or not... If you sought to free the sword in any sort of weakened state, you would surely lose your life where you stand. Best of luck, young one...

Great Deku Tree: If you hope to pull the sword from its resting place, you must use your true strength. Let us see whether or not you currently possess said power.

Great Deku Tree: What you just saw happened where you stand 100 years ago... After you were separated from the sword, the princess thought to bring it here, where she knew that it would be safe under my watch. She continues to fight, trapped deep within the confines of Hyrule Castle. Her heart cascades with faith that you will return. She has a smile like the sun... I would do much to feel its warmth upon me once again.

Great Deku Tree: That blade has a name... It is the Master Sword. When used against Calamity Ganon or those tainted by his Malice, it will become suffused with holy light... At such times, the true power of the sword will manifest... but be warned. Do not rely too much on its power. If you wield it without need, its power will exhausted and it will no longer be of use to you... Should this happen, you must wait for the sword to recover. It was your partner a century ago... use it with care... And wield it bravely for the ones who waits for you...



Video Walkthrough[edit]

[ The Hero's Sword Video Walkthrough]

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The Great Deku Tree will save Link the first time he attempts to pull the Master Sword without enough Hearts. He will not do so a second time.
  • In the Korok Market, you can find a free Inn to allow Link to rest.
  • Visit the nearby Keo Ruug Shrine to have a quick travel point to return to if you do not have enough hearts.
  • The Master Sword is the only weapon that will naturally restore itself if it is broken in the game.


  • The Master Sword has been hidden in many places. The Lost Woods is one of the more traditional hiding places for it.
  • It is entirely possible to beat the game without ever coming across the Master Sword.