The Horseback Hoodlums is one of the side Quests in LoZ:BotW

The Horseback Hoodlums is a Quest (Side Quest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk with Perosa who is tending to horses at the Highland Stable or sitting inside at one of the tables.




There are Bokoblin bandits that are taking the wild horses.

Quest Items[edit]


  • Talk with Perosa who will tell Link about the Bokoblin bandits who are plaguing the Faron grasslands by the stable.
  • Head to the North of the Stable to find the bandits there.
  • Most of them are on horses, so there will be a greater challenge to defeat them on foot.
  • If you are on foot, try to take them on with a bow and arrow to make it a bit easier to face off against them.
  • On horseback, remember to use two-handed weapons to fight against this Bokoblins or archery.
  • When firing on the Bokoblins on horseback, lead your shots or let them come straight at you.
  • Head to the Northwest of the Stable after that, you will find the next group of Bokoblin bandits.
  • When all of the Bokoblins are defeated, then the quest will update.
  • Make your way back to the Stable.
  • Talk with Perosa to get your reward.
  • Perosa will give Link an Endura Carrot.



Perosa: Is this your first time here?

Link: Yes.

Perosa: I see. These plains are home to many quality horses. In the past, nomadic tribes would gather here, but... Nowadays, bands of riders roam the plains, acting like they own the place. I can only hope that someone steps up and deals with those hooligans...

Link: Leave it to me!

Perosa: Oh, really? I'm so glad to hear that. I'm counting on you!

Perosa: You took care of the hooligans? This is a small token of my thanks!

Perosa: Horses really love it! Try sharing it with one, and you'll see what I mean!


Faron Grasslands is known for its horses.

However, a gang of heathens has taken over the area lately. This has caused Persoa and the other residences some strife.

If someone were willing to take on this group of hoodlums, it would definitely


Video Walkthrough[edit]

[ The Horseback Hoodlums Video Walkthrough]

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