The Lost Pilgrimage is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

The Lost Pilgrimage is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk with Tasho and they will ask Link to follow Oaki into the Lost Woods and to shrine hidden within.




A stealth mission where Link must follow the Korok Oaki to the Daag Chokah Shrine.


  • For the duration of this quest, Link cannot be seen or else he is forced to start over.
  • Start by following Oaki in a Northward direction. He will go past the first bush, then turn West.
  • Follow Oaki that way for a short while, past a few growths of Blue Nightshade.
  • Oaki will turn to the Northwest after that, then turn to the North after passing a large tree on its right.
  • It will then pass between the two trees just past the large one.
  • Oaki will pause briefly passing through these trees to comment, "This is the right way..."
  • Continue with Oaki past the tree with the bee hive on it.
  • Go to the next tree on right that Oaki passes, wait for a moment there. 2 Tree Branches will fall and startle Oaki, causing them to turn around.
  • Once Oaki is moving again, with the question mark gone from above their head, continue after them.
  • Oaki will head into a toppled hollow tree after they comment on seeing some pretty flowers.
  • Follow Oaki into the Hollow tree, but stop at the end of it. You can also go to the left of it, just keep against the tree.
  • Wait for Oaki to panic, thinking they have seen a ghost.
  • Once Oaki has recovered, commenting "Oh. It was just a shadow...", resume following them.
  • Continue to the West with Oaki at a safe distance, so that you can track him, but not very close.
  • Oaki will go past another tree, commenting that "This isn't so bad. I'm not scared one bit."
  • A short while later, Oaki will say, "OK... I'm a little bit scared". Use that to track them if you have lost sight of them as they head to the North.
  • In this section of the Lost Woods, you can encounter a Wolf. Be ready to take it out with your Bow. You cannot be seen by Oaki.
  • A short distance more and Oaki will comment, "I'm almost there!", be careful now, you are getting close to the Shrine and you will be able to see it soon.
  • Continue slowly through the trees toward Oaki as they head to the West once more. The Shrine will be in sight, Do Not charge at it, you need to wait for Oaki to arrive first.
  • When Oaki says, "Aha! There's the shrine!" you are almost done. Just keep following them.
  • Oaki will say, "Woo! I've finally made it!" when they make it to the Shrine.
  • You no longer need to worry about sneaking and can run up to Oaki at this point.
  • Approach and talk with Oaki to complete the quest.



Oaki: Now that I've finish the trial, I'm the real deal! Hee Hee!


One of the Korok, Tasho, wants Link to watch over his friend Oaki who is looking for the hidden Shrine in the Lost Woods.


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Like anywhere in the Lost Woods, you must stay within a particular range or else you are taken back to your last entry point.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Lost Pligrimage Video Walkthrough


  • If you are having trouble spotting Oaki, use Stasis to help it stand out.
  • You can track Oaki by their speech bubbles, they do like to talk.