The Perfect Drink is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

The Perfect Drink is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk with Pokki who is draped over the control console for Misae Suma Shrine




Find Misae Suma Shrine located by the rock formation bordering the East Barrens, East of the Southern Oasis

Quest Items[edit]


  • Make your way to Misae Suma Shrine, found on the Western border of East Barren
  • Talk with Pokki who is draped over the control console to access the Shrine. She will tell you that she wants a drink called "Noble Pursuit."
  • Return to the Gerudo Village either by traveling back there or by fast traveling to Daqo Chisay Shrine.
  • You need to find the bar and talk with the owner there.
  • The Bar is found on the Western side of the Village, in the Northern corner.
  • Go inside the bar and talk with Furosa and ask about the Noble Pursuit.
  • She will tell you about Pokki and that she needs Ice to make the drink. She will direct you to the Ice House that is North of Town.
  • Head out the bar and to the North from Gerudo Village.
  • Head toward the middle of the ruins to the North of the Village.
  • Walk down that stretch of the path, clearing out the nearby Lizalfos.
  • You want to reach the Northern Ice House, be sure it light out. If it is not, set up a Camp Fire and rest by it until Noon.
  • Go down into the Northern Ice House and talk with Anche.
  • Exit the Icehouse and head to the South.
  • Try to exit at night, when it is colder. If it is still daylight, try to keep to the shade where it is cooler. Be sure to equip any Ice Weapons that you have.
  • You can use Stasis to quickly launch the Ice Cube from one point to another by freezing and hitting it.
  • At night, sometimes Bokoblins will appear in the middle of the ruins and camp out.
  • Move to the right-hand or left-hand side of the ruins, keeping to the shadows, to limit the ice's melting.
  • When you make it to the entrance area of the Ruins, you will see Furosa who calls out to Link.
  • Make your way back to Misae Suma Shrine using whatever means you want. You can find Sand Seals just outside Gerudo Village.
  • Once you make it back to the shrine, talk with Pokki.
  • She will immediately be interested, revived and make her way back to Gerudo Village.
  • The Shrine will now be accessible.



Pokki: I'd just found the shrine too...Ugh, my throat... It's so dry... I can't move a muscle...If this really is the end... I wish I could have one last taste...One sip...One sip of an ice-cold Noble Pursuit...

Furosa: Vasaaq... A Hylian vai, huh... I can't tell how old you are, but this place is definitely not for young vai. Because the drinks we make here are different from regular drinks. For one, they have a rare treat in them-ice...

Link: Noble Pursuit?

Furosa: You want to try our signature drink, Noble Pursuit? Unfortunately, I need a huge amount of ice to make that drink, and I'm fresh out right now. Besides, it's a really strong drink. Even if I could make it, I wouldn't sell it to a little vai like you.

Link: Actually...

Furosa: What'd you say? Pokki's collapsed? Hmm. I want to help her out, I can't make a you-know-what without ice. There's ice at the Icehouse, but my legs aren't in the best shape for hauling ice...

Link: Should I get it for you?

Furosa: Are you serious? You'll get it? That'd be a huge help. Pokki is my best costumer, after all. I wish I could get the ice myself... Anyway, the icehouse is north of town. You should know that she heads to bed quite early. If you plan to go, you'll need to get there while it's bright out. Oh, young lady... Carrying ice all the way through the desert and then all the way to the town? I can't let that stand. If you bring the ice to the entrance of the ruins - between town and the icehouse - I can take it from there.

Anche: This is an icehouse used for storing the ice brought down from the mountains. Seeing as we live in a desert, it's pretty important stuff for us Gerudo... So I guard the icehouse 24 hours a day...

Link: Actually...

Anche: I see... Well, if Furosa wants ice, then you should bring her some. You're permitted to take some ice. You've taken the heat into account, right? If you move too slowly, the ice will surely melt. Furosa has no use for water...

Furosa: Hm? You're... Well, whatever... I don't care who you are, as long as I get my ice.Looks like the ice is in good shape. Sarqso. Sorry, but could you please let Pokki know? Tell her that I made the best one ever and I've got it waiting for her... Knowing her, she'll probably come running when she hears that there's an amazing drink with her name on it.

Pokki: I can't take it anymore... I'm going to rot here...

Link: Actually...

Pokki: Huh? Did you say "best Noble Pursuit ever"? Pfft, I am GONE!


A Gerudo named Pokki has collapsed in front of the ancient shrine. You'll have to find a way to revive her if you want to get inside. She was barely coherent, but it sounded like she was muttering something about wanting to drink something called Noble Pursuit.


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The best time to bring the Ice across the ruins is at Night when the surrounded temperature is the lowest.
  • Equipping an Ice Weapon helps here because it lowered the temperature around Link and slows the melting of the ice.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Perfect Drink + Misae Suma Shrine