The Sheep Rustlers is one of the side Quests in LoZ:BotW

The Sheep Rustlers is a Quest (Side Quest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk with Koyin at the farm in Hateno Village.




Koyin needs help dealing with monster that have been stealing their sheep.

Quest Items[edit]


  • Approach and talk with Koyin who is at the Ranch in the town nearby the Ancient Tech Lab.
  • Talk with her to begin the quest, which directs you to the nearby Hateno Beach which is down the hill to the Southeast from the village.
  • Head down the hill to the Southeast to reach the beach.
  • You will find a Monster encampment at the end of the path with a number of Bokolins and a Moblin.
  • Approach the camp carefully from the East to have the easiest time to use the ridge there to pick off the Bokoblins.
  • In this camp, there are a number of Red, Blue Bokoblins and a Black Bokoblin as well.
  • Use the ridge to scout and eliminate the Bokoblins in the back to the front along the beach with a bow and arrows.
  • You can also lure them out to the North of their camp by hitting them at a distance with an arrow.
  • After that, turn your attention to the Moblin.
  • Finally, you have the remaining 2 Bokoblins on the platform over the water.
  • When all of the Monsters are defeated, the chest nearby will unlock and the quest will update.
  • Return to Koyin at the Ranch. She will thank you for your efforts.
  • She will reward Link with 10 Fresh Milks.



Koyin: Hey, you.

Link: Yes?

Koyin: What do YOU want? Oh, don't act so clueless. Although... fine. You seem harmless enough. Forgive me, I've just been on edge with all those monsters running around. They come up from Hateno Beach to steal my sheep. If someone doesn't do something soon, I won't have anything left!

Koyin: I hate that group of monsters on Hateno Beach...

Link: Which monsters?

Koyin: The stupid ones who attack anything that moves. Last time they showed up, I gave them a test of my pitchfork. But I had second thoughts about follow them back to their camp on Hateno Beach. I was mad enough to spit but maybe not mad enough to take on seven monsters at once.

Link: Hateno Beach?

Koyin: It's southeast of the village. Follow the winding road, and you'll be there before you know it. It's well-known enough that you can probably find it on a map, come to that. Anything else you want to know?

Link: Goodbye.

Koyin: Good... *sigh* good-bye. I'm sorry if we got off on the wrong foot. Uh... that's all.

Koyin: The sheep have calmed down. I think they get that they're not about to be snatched at any moment. Hey... Sorry, if I'm off the mark in asking this, but are you the one who took care of those monsters?

Link: That's right.

Koyin: I had a feeling. When the sheep calmed down, I thought, "Maybe he did it..." So it seems I owe you some thanks. This isn't much of a reward, but hey, it's light. That counts for something.



Video Walkthrough[edit]

[ The Sheep Rustlers Video Walkthrough]

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Sneaking up on the camp at night is very helpful because most of the Bokoblins and the Moblin will be asleep.
  • The monster chest will have a Ruby inside it.