The Silent Swordswomen is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

The Silent Swordswomen is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk with Laine by the Northwestern gate to Gerudo Village.




Laine tells Link that there a hidden treasure if he can follow the Statue's swords to it. This does mean braving a sandstorm.


  • Head out to the West from the town and approach the first statue.
  • Orient underneath the sword to face the same direction.
  • Go forward and move to the Northwest.
  • Head to the next nearby statue and orient from there to the West.
  • Continue to the West toward the Sand Storm. Go around the rocks in front of you to the right if you do not want to fight some Bokoblins and a Lizalfos.
  • Look for 3 pillars at the base of a dune. You will see another Statue in front of the sand storm.
  • Head to the West once again toward the broken archway in the distance.
  • As you enter the sand storm, the arch will fade out of sight. Instead, orient on the mountains beyond the sand storm.
  • When you come to the leviathan bones, turn to the left and follow them down the dune's slope.
  • This will lead you to another Gerudo Statue.
  • Orient so Link is facing the same direction as the sword the statue is holding. Look to the Mountain beyond to find a marking you can use.
  • Go forward over the next dune. You will find a building's ruin.
  • Go below the elevated platform to find the next statue.
  • Once again, orient below the statue to get ready.
  • Go forward and into a ravine that is just below a narrow bridge.
  • Follow the ravine to its end and go straight forward from it.
  • There can be some Lizalfos along this path.
  • This leads to another Statue. You are almost to the shrine itself.
  • Just a short distance from there you will see more Leviathan bones.
  • Just beyond the bones you will find the Kema Zoos Shrine.



Laine: I couldn't get a good look at the Divine Beast from here anyway, but I'm glad it's gone. Now, if we could only do something about the monsters and sandstorms. Without those, I'd be able to find all of that treasure hidden out in the desert! If the legends are true, that is...

Link: Treasure?

Laine: Having said that, I don't really know the details either. There are statues of swordswomen scattered across Gerudo Desert. They're remnants of ages long past. People talk about the statues pointing to the hiding place of ancient treasure... but that's just superstition. Even if it was true, there are dangerous monsters in the sandstorms. I wouldn't risk it.


In the Gerudo Desert Gateway, they say that the swordswomen statues point the way to treasure. However, getting there means braving the sandstorms.


You followed the guidance of the swordswomen statues to find the treasure amidst the desert sandstorms. The prize turned out to be an ancient shrine!

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The Silent Swordswomen + A Delayed Puzzled Video Walkthrough