Thunderblight Ganon in LoZ:BotW.


Thunderblight Ganon is 4 of Minions of Calamity Ganon. It had manifested on Divine Beast Vah Naboris.




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • During the first phase, move in and attack Thunderblight Ganon when it stops moving.
  • It will occasionally send out homing bursts of lightning that can disarm Link of his equipped weapons if they hit him.
  • Keep on the move to avoid these Lightning Blasts.
  • Most of the time during this phase it will jump around at a high speed to attack Link with a slash of its Guardian Sword.
  • It will pause briefly, giving Link a chance to parry with his shield and stun the Thunderblight.
  • When it enters its second phase, it will electrify its sword. Now, hits from this sword is disarm Link.
  • It can also drop a number of metal spikes into the ground. These are used to attract lightning from clouds it can create.
  • Link can grab the Spikes with the Magnesis rune and by raising one above himself, protect himself from the lightning.
  • Link can also bring the Metal Spikes over to the Thunderblight and the Lightning Strikes will stun and damage the Thunderblight.
  • The Thunderblight will also occasionally try to parry Link's strikes. Limit the length of your attacks against it.
  • During its final phase, in critical health, it will start to use the Guardian Laser Blast.
  • Like with any other Laser Blast, it can be reflected back with a well-timed shield parry.


  • Defeating Thunderblight Ganon will free the spirit of Urbosa.