Using a Travel Medallion in LoZ:BotW. Part of the Expansion Pass DLCs Pack 1
Using a Travel Medallion in LoZ:BotW. Part of the Expansion Pass DLCs Pack 1

The Travel Medallion is an item from the Expansion pass DLC Pack 1, "The Master Trials", in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


The Travel Medallion lets you register your current location as a point for Fast Travel.

This mysterious tool was made using forgotten ancient technology. Place it by opening your pouch and registering your current location as a travel gate.



  • Hint Book Location: South Akkala Stable.
  • Hint: "I hear the treasure chest containing this tool is located beneath a labyrinth in northeast Akkala."


Where to find[edit]

The Travel Medallion is found in a chest in Hyrule.

Lomei Labyrinth Island. Take the wind tunnel down beneath the maze.

The Medallion is found in the underground room filled with Guardians on Lomei Labyrinth Island in Northeast Akkala. The chest itself is found on the central southern end of the room.

See screenshot below for help finding the exact place of where the chest with the travel medallion is:



Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Once you find the Travel Medallion, you can register ANY point as a Fast Travel point, you are no longer limited to fast traveling only to shrines.
  • You can register only one location at a time for the Travel Medallion fast travel point.
    • When you register a new location, it will override the previous one.

Expansion Pass DLC Pack 1[edit]