Trial of the Sword - Final Trials is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

Trial of the Sword Final Trials is a Quest (The Master Trials Sidequests) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.




Link descends through the underground illusory realm of the Sword Monk's Shrine. This realm will test Link to the utmost to unlock his true potential as well as that of the Master Sword.

Quest Items[edit]


Level 1 - Final Trials[edit]

  • The first has rain coming down in a thunder storm, so be careful when using metal weapons.
  • The monsters to appear are Stal-Bokoblin and scattered throughout the room. They are armed with a variety of weapons, like a Spiked Boko Bat, Spiked Boko Spear, Spiked Boko Shield, and Spiked Boko Bow.
  • In the crates, you can find supplies like arrows.
  • There is a Rusty Broadsword.
  • Take your time to defeat the enemies here and collect what you can before heading down to the next level.

Level 2 - Final Trials[edit]

  • Once again, it is raining on this floor. You can now see a few Electric Keese.
  • Go forward and either melee or throw your weapon (Bokoblin Arms recommended) to destroy the Keese.
  • It is recommended not use any of the Rusty Weapons against the Keese because the electricity can arc from it to Link and hurt him.
  • Next, head toward the stone skull to encounter a few Stal-Lizalfos that will emerge from the ground.
  • Look up toward the eyes to find a lantern which allows Link to drop it onto some powder kegs.
  • This will detonate and quickly break apart the Stal foes. Rush in and destroy their heads after that.
  • They can be armed with a Spiked Boko Spears and Lizal Forked Boomerang.
  • Go to the left of the stone skull and look around using Magnesis.
  • You will find a hidden chest in the ground you can pull out to find a Royal Guard's Sword
  • Search around briefly for anything else and then head for the teleporter to the next level down.

Level 3 - Final Trials[edit]

  • Once again it is raining with more lightning.
  • There is a chest in front of you on a platform which you can collect a little later.
  • Immediately in front of you are a few Electric Chuchus.
  • Go over to the left or right to start fighting the Electric Chuchus.
  • Be very careful approaching them because of the electricity arcing off them.
  • You will want to throw a weapon or fire an arrow at each of the Chuchus to quickly defeat them.
  • Next you will need to fight through a few Stal-Moblin.
  • They are armed with a variety of weapons like Dragon Bone Boko Bow, Spiked Moblin Spear, and Spiked Moblin Club.
  • With most of them dead, head up the stairs in the back of the camp.
  • Going up to the left will lead to the first chest with a Knight's Shield inside it.
  • If you can make your way onto top platform with a chest. Inside it is a Knight's Bow.

Level 4 - Final Trials[edit]

  • Once again it is raining with lightning in this room.
  • Link is facing off against a horde of Stal-Bokoblin on Stal-Horses.
  • It helps a lot to use the Cryonis, which brings Link above melee range for most of his foes here.
  • After that, you can either work to pick off the Stal from on top or stay down on the ground and use your Reach weapons to fight them.
  • Remember that a careful head shot will immediately defeat any Stal-Bokoblin.
  • There are more enemies for Link to deal with in this room.
  • Head for the back right part of the room to find more Stal-Bokoblin on more Stal-Horses.
  • Look inside the stone building remains to find wooden crates with more supplies inside it.
  • Some of the ruins nearby the exit portal have some Shock Arrows if you have some good luck.
  • There are some rusty weapon scattered around the room as well.
  • Collect what you can and then head for the exit.

Level 5 - Final Trials[edit]

  • This floor just has a single enemy but it is another Lightning storm you will be fighting in.
  • You will be fighting a large Stalnox.
  • This massive skeleton can only be killed by Link taking out its Eye.
  • This enemy has a few weapons stuck in its body. You can see a Thunderblade, Flamespear, and Great Frostblade.
  • After the second eye shot, the Stalnox's eye will fall to the floor.
  • Attack the eye and deplete its health to kill the Stalnox.
  • Any weapons you have not grabbed from its body will fall to the ground after the fight.
  • Head over to the right from the exit to find a pair of metal crates you can break open. They have useful items inside them.
  • Search around for a few more weapons or items and then make for the exit portal.

Level 6 - Final Trials[edit]

Level 7 - Final Trials[edit]

  • This is the first heated room. Non-metal weapons will caught fire now when equipped.
  • There is a fire chuchu immediately in front of you.
  • Throw a weapon or fire an arrow into the Chuchu to quickly defeat it. Remember to keep your distance from it to avoid the explosion resulting from its death.
  • Head into the nearby updraft and use it to reach the stones in the edge.
  • This stone island has a Rusty Claymore that you should grab for a little later.
  • Head back to the main island in this room.
  • There are some Igneo Pebblits sitting in the corner of the island.
  • Use the Remote Bombs to quickly destroy them after you get their attention.
  • Head to the far end of the island to find the Rock Octorok.
  • Any Rusty weapons should be thrown in front of this Rock Octorok.
  • They will suck in the weapons and clean them up, revealing a much better weapon.
  • Defeat the Octorok after getting the weapons cleaned and exit the room.

Level 8 - Final Trials[edit]

  • Once again Link is in a Heated Room.
  • Across from your starting point, to the left, you can find a Black Lizalfos with a Strengthened Lizal Bow.
  • Return to the updraft you used to reach the first Lizalfos.
  • Ride it upwards and then head to the next platform with the Metal Crate and another Black Lizalfos with the same bow.
  • You can smash the metal crate open to claim some pre-cooked food.
  • The final tall island has one more Lizalfos with a metal crate there as well.
  • Smash it open for some loot and collect the bow that the Lizalfos dropped.
  • Return to the starting island to find the exit point.

Level 9 - Final Trials[edit]

Level 10 - Final Trials[edit]

  • Once again, you are in a Heated Room with numerous Lizalfos around. This time there are also Moblins.
  • Go over to the right to reach the first Lizalfos.
  • Quickly fire off arrows into its head to kill it. It will drop a Strengthened Lizal Bow.
  • Turn to the Metal structure toward the middle.
  • On the lower part you have a Moblin with a Knight's Bow.
  • Above that you have a Moblin with a Royal Guard Halberd.
  • Make your way up to the very top of the enemy camp. You will find one more Moblin armed with a Knight's Claymore.
  • Drop down to the ground below the enemy outpost.
  • Look into the lava using Magnesis to find a chest in the lava.
  • In that chest you will find Ancient Arrow x3.
  • Smash open the Metal Crate on this level to find some more supplies.
  • Collect the supplies from Metal Crates and head to the exit.

Level 11 - Final Trials[edit]

  • This room pits Link against an Igneo Talus in a heated room.
  • Smash open the crates for some more supplies.
  • Investigate the left-hand side of the room and go to the weakened rock.
  • Blow up the weakened rock with a Remote Bomb.
  • Below those rocks you will find an updraft.
  • Head around the room and repeat this process for each pile of weakened stone rocks.
  • Approach and engage the Igneo Talus.
  • If you still have your Great Frostblade, swing it once to cool it enough to allow Link to climb up onto it.
  • Once on the back of the Igneo Talus
  • If you have an Iron Sledgehammer, this is a great weapon to use against the Iron Sledgehammer.
  • Use the charge attack with the Iron Sledgehammer to get a quick kill or inflict very heavy damage.
  • Defeat the Ingeo Talus and then take a little time to search the room for a few more crates.
  • Head to the exit portal and move onto the next level.

Level 12 - Final Trials[edit]

  • This is Link's second rest stop. It will be a while before the next one so use this to your advantage.
  • Sneak across the room and collect the 2 Fairies on the far side of the room. These can be vitally important later on.
  • On the right-hand side you can find a plant with 3 Spicy Peppers.
  • To the left of the entry point is a Hearty Radish.
  • There are 3 chests on the right-hand side of the rest stop. The far one, closest to the exit has a Hylian Tunic, the middle chest has a Stone Smasher, and the closest chest has a Royal Guard's Shield.
  • Between the chests and the crates, by the tree closest to the entrance point, you can find more Spicy Peppers.
  • Smash the crates for more supplies.
  • On the left-hand side you will find Stamella Shrooms between the cooking pot and the apple tree.
  • There is also a Silent Shroom at the base of the top left tree.
  • Finally, in the pond you will find 3 Sizzlefin Trout.
  • Take some time to do minimal cooking to get cold-resistance.
  • Combine your Sizzlefin Trout with the Spicy Peppers in a few dishes to get the maximum duration on your cold resistance for the coming rooms.
  • With the cooking done, head to the exit and move onto the next section.

Level 13 - Final Trials[edit]

  • This is the first cold room. You will want to eat something you have cooked with Cold Resistance to begin.
  • Head straight forward and pull out a Remote Bomb.
  • There are a few Frost Pebblit and a Frost Chuchu approaching from the back of the room.
  • Throw the bomb at the Pebblits and destroy them.
  • Use your arrows to quickly defeat the Frost Chuchu.
  • Make your way to the back right after that.
  • You will find a small Bokoblin camp in that corner with Metal Crates.
  • Either use the metal crates or your weapons to quickly defeat those few Bokoblins below you. There are 2 Blue Bokoblins and Black Bokoblin.
  • They are armed with a Spiked Boko Spear, Spiked Boko Bow, Lizal Tri-Boomerang and Reinforced Lizal Shield.
  • Defeating the Bokoblins will clear the floor.
  • If you still have your Flamespear, the Bokoblins are around an unlit Cooking Pot.
  • You can smash open the wooden crates to find more supplies.
  • Collect all you can then head for the exit to get to the next level.

Level 14 - Final Trials[edit]

  • This is another cold room with an enemy outpost in the middle.
  • Go over to the right and sneak into the hills.
  • Look toward the back to spot a pair of Frost Chuchus.
  • Defeat them with a few quick arrows.
  • This will get the attention of a nearby Frost-Breath Lizalfos armed with a Forked Lizal Spear.
  • All you need to go is hit them once with a Flame weapon, like the Flamespear, to instantly kill it.
  • Go up the stairs of the enemy tower. On the first landing is a pair of Blue Bokoblins. One has a Dragonborn Boko Bat and a Spiked Boko Bow.
  • Another Blue Bopkoblin can try to sneak down behind you while you are approaching the one looking over the edge.
  • The Bokoblin coming at you from behind is armed with a Dragonborn Boko Shield and Dragonbone Boko Club
  • Make your way carefully up to the top of the outpost.
  • There you will find a Silver Moblin with a Dragonbone Moblin Club.
  • You can quickly kill it with a single Ancient Arrow headshot.
  • Having defeated the Moblin, the exit will open. Search around for any remaining goods.
  • Drop down to the ground in front of the tower to find the exit to the next level.

Level 15 - Final Trials[edit]

  • This is another cold room that you will need to clear.
  • if you want to get a look at what is to come, climb the tall pillar next to the entrance.
  • Up there you can see the Moblin, Ice Wizzrobe, Silver and Blue Bokoblins.
  • Jump and glide from the pillar, using a mid-air shot with a Fire Arrow on the Wizzrobe.
  • Get to and climb to the top of the pillar nearby the Bokoblins by the fire.
  • Nearby them you can find a large number of weapons: a Knight's Broadsword, Knight's Shield, Knight's Bow, and Knight's Halberd.
  • Last you will have the Moblin on the other side of the room.
  • Approach and defeat it with your melee attacks.
  • Go around the room quickly to smash the crates and barrels for more supplies.
  • Collect what you can and then head to the exit.

Level 16 - Final Trials[edit]

  • Once again, you are in a cold room. This time with a single opponent in the middle of the room.
  • Link will need to face off against a Frost Talus
  • Use any Flame weapons to defrost the Talus enough that Link can safely climb it without risking getting frozen or taking damage on his approach.
  • Once defrosted, climb onto its back. Use the charge attack with the Iron Sledgehammer or another two-handed weapon.
  • Be careful of its arm attacks where it will throw its arms at you.
  • You also need to watch for its body slam attack if Link is in front of it.
  • Take your time with the fight.
  • After that, head to the exit.

Level 17 - Final Trials[edit]

  • Another cold floor with a single foe, a Lynel.
  • Aim carefully with an Ancient Arrow at the Lynel's head.
  • One head shot will destroy the Lynel.
  • Search the room quickly to find any crates or barrels.
  • Head to the exit portal and head down to the next level.

Level 18 - Final Trials[edit]

  • This is the final rest stop for Link in this trial.
  • The chests on the right-hand side have a Royal Bow closest, Royal Shield in the middle and finally Royal Broadsword to close the exit.
  • The crates behind them have a number of useful items inside them.
  • On the left-hand side, you will find a Ironshroom, some Apples and a few Stamella Shrooms in the back.
  • In the pond behind the Cooking Pot you will find a few Hearty Bass.
  • Go to the pot and cook these 1 at a time. Each will offer a full recovery with 2 extra hearts.
  • These full heals are going to be vital in the final 5 floors with their deadly challenges.
  • Cook and then head for the exit.

Level 19 - Final Trials[edit]

  • While there does not seem to be much here at first glance, this can be a deadly floor.
  • Link must face off against a series of Decayed Guardians
  • At first, it is a single Decayed Guardian.
  • The quickest way to defeat this foe is to shield parry the blast from it. It will destroy the Guardian in a single attack.
  • After the first one is destroyed, a pair of Decayed Guardians will activate. One will activate on each side of the room.
  • Use the trees in the room to hide Link from one of the Guardians until you destroy the other one.
  • After that, engage this second guardian.
  • With those 2 defeated, another 3 Decayed Guardians will activate from behind the entrance portal and the sides of the room.
  • Keep in cover and once again deal with the Decayed Guardians one at a time with Shield parries.
  • A good hint with shield parrying is to do is just after the Guardian fires its blast, just as it is emitting its firing sound.
  • If Shield parries are not a strong suit, you can stun one for a few seconds with an arrow shot to its eye.
  • From there, get behind the Guardian, preventing a line of sight from any other guardian and attack it with any melee weapon.
  • Take your time with the fight and defeat them as single guardians to make this encounter much easier.

Level 20 - Final Trials[edit]

  • This is another single opponent room, this time Link must face off against a Guardian Stalker
  • On the right-hand side of the room you can find a pair of horses that Link can quickly tame to help in this fight.
  • Try to get in close to the Guardian Stalker and quickly take out its legs with two-handed weapons.
  • This will disable the Guardian's movement and ensure it will not be able to follow Link.
  • It will also inflict heavy damage on the Guardian, leaving it very vulnerable.
  • If you have used very few of your Ancient Arrows, then this is a good place to use one for a very fast kill.
  • If you are particularly skilled with the horse, you have dash past it and get some hits by hugging against the Guardian's torso.
  • This is another fight where it is good to take some time to confront your foe and fight them in a manner you are very comfortable with.
  • There are crates and barrels with a few items inside them.
  • Defeat the Guardian and then head down to the next floor through the exit.

Level 21 - Final Trials[edit]

  • This time you are brought to a large open room with a tower in the middle.
  • There you will find a chest with Bomb Arrow x5.
  • There is a Guardian Skywatcher.
  • Using the bomb arrows can be helpful to destroy some of the propellers that are keeping the Skywatcher aloft.
  • If grounded, the watcher is minimal threat.
  • You can use the slow time effect with archery to inflict heavy damage with fairly minimal risk.
  • The Skywatcher follows a set pattern, circling around the whole of the room between the numerous pillars on the sides and the one in the middle.
  • It is also very possible to fight this Skywatcher by shield parrying the blasts. The timing is the same as with any other guardian.
  • Look to the left of the middle pillar, from the entrance, to find some barrels and a crate to collect more supplies.
  • Collect those and then head to the exit portal.

Level 22 - Final Trials[edit]

  • Once again, Link is in a very large room and you can plainly see another Guardian Skywatcher that is searching for Link.
  • In addition to the Skywatcher, there is a Guardian Stalker in the far portion of the room patrolling.
  • In the far right corner of the room is a tower with a Guardian Turret on top of it.
  • In the front right corner of the room Link can find a pair of Horses that he can mount and tame.
  • Be careful with which Guardian you wind up fighting. Remember that reflecting their laser blast back with a shield parry is a great way to do heavy damage. Most will be destroyed after 3-4 reflects.
  • The Guardian Turret can be an easy fight once you manage to climb all the way up to it.
  • Once up to the Turret, just repeatedly attack it around stunning it with an arrow to the eye.
  • You only need to stun the Turret when it raises up its eye to fire at Link.
  • The Guardian Skywatcher can easily be evaded with some positioning until the other 2 Guardians have been dispatched.
  • Use an elevated position to get the initial stun in on the Skywatcher or attempting to destroy any of its propeller pods.
  • Before leaving, climb into the central section of the wall remains and go up the left-hand stairwell.
  • At the base of the stairs, look to the left to find a chest with a Royal Bow.
  • This will bring Link to a chest with a Royal Shield inside it.
  • You can find a wooden crate on the next section of wall to the left.
  • Having collected what you can, go to the exit to reach the final challenge floor.

Level 23 - Final Trials[edit]

  • This is the final floor and the greatest challenge of all within the Trials of the Sword.
  • Immediately run off to one side, you are facing off against a Lynel and a herd of Mounted Bokoblin.
  • For Normal, all the Bokoblin on Horseback are Red, making them a quick kill, but it remains challenging because of their sheer number.
  • Keep on the move for this entire encounter on foot. Most of the fight there are just too many opponents to have the time to mount and tame a horse.
  • When you make your way to the back right of the area, you will be targeted by a Guardian Turret.
  • If you have any remaining Ancient Arrows, use one on the Silver Lynel to get an instant kill and make this fight significantly easier.
  • If you have more, using one on the Turret will also improve your odds.
  • After that, focus more exclusively on the Bokoblins to quickly eliminate them.
  • Use all your remaining supplies to defeat these foes, this is your last floor.
  • Defeat the foes and then head for the exit portal.

Level 24 - Final Trials Sword Floor[edit]

  • Go on up the stairs in front of you.
  • This will allow you to reach the Monk at the top of the stairs.
  • Approach and talk with the Monk to fully unlock the power of the Master Sword.


Mysterious Voice: To the blade's chosen hero... In the name of the Goddess Hylia, I offer the Trial of the Sword. You are nearly worthy of wielding the true splendor of the Master Sword... You must fortify your mind, body and soul by eradicating all obstacles that appear in this realm. In this illusory realm of sacred mystery, anything can happen... All that you obtain here will be lost upon your return to the reality you know. Chosen hero of the Master Sword... Overcome the Trial of the Sword and claim the blade's true splendor!

Mysterious Voice: You have done well... The depth of your heroism is beyond question. We are the ones who prepared this trial, following a revelation from the Goddess Hylia. To the one who has overcome the Trial of the Sword... you have proven your hand worthy of the legendary Master Sword. Now that the hero has gained the power necessary to combat the Calamity, our sacred duty has been fulfilled. Chosen hero... with the awakened Master Sword now boasting its true splendor... protect the kingdom of Hyrule... for now and for always ... Take hold of the Master Sword.

Great Deku Tree: Ah, So you have finally returned. Your mind, body, and soul are now ready to wield the Master Sword at its full potential. You never fail to impress! Now you are truly with that sword of yours. I must say, its sacred glow suits you well. As ever, I shall watch over your journey from here... The Princess... I am certain Hyrule's princess is pleased with your accomplishment as well...


According to the Great Deku Tree, the Master Sword's true spledor has to be awakened. To do so, you must conquer the Trial of the Sword.

Challenge the Trial of the Sword by placing the Master Sword in its pedestal.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Stasis and Magnesis can be used to find hidden weapons scattered around the rooms.
  • Woodcutter's Axe can be used to destroy Wooden Crates and barrels with a single swing. This helps keep all items inside together.
  • Use your Sheikah Slate + set to seek out Treasure Chests to find more of the secrets scattered throughout the trial.


Expansion Pass DLC Pack 1[edit]