Windblight Ganon found in LoZ: BotW.

The Windblight Ganon is a Boss in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


This incarnation of Ganon took over the Divine Beast Vah Medoh and was responsible for the demise of the Champion Revali. It specializes in long-range wind attacks.



Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Its head is its vulnerable point.
  • You will want to use either a One-handed weapon and a Shield or your Bow throughout most of this fight.
  • Take your time with firing off your arrows, especially in the earlier portion of the game.
  • Using the Bomb Arrows is a great way to inflict damage on him.
  • The Master Sword will be in its powered up state of the whole fight and will not break.

  • During the first part of the fight, Windblight Ganon will be moving somewhat slowly, using its teleport to get around.
  • Mostly it will sway and do its larger movements by becoming a ball of wind and flying to a different part of the Divine Beast.
  • At first Windblight Ganon will attack with its Guardian Arm
  • Thankfully, like the Guardians, it has a Charge time before it will fire. It will fire in a volley of 4 blasts.
  • Usually it will simply aim and fire a few bursts of energy at Link. These can easily be blocked.
  • Aim for its head and hit it either with Arrows or Bomb Arrows.
  • If it is low to the ground, you can rush it and attack it with melee weapons as well.
  • During the first phase, the other attack Windblight Ganon will use is a Tornado attack.
  • Link can safely enter the tornado and use the Paraglider to slow his descent and take aim at Windblight Ganon when it reappears.
  • When Windblight Ganon reaching 50% health, it will loose 4 small drones.
  • These drones can reflect the shots fired from Windblight Ganon's cannon to better target Link.
  • They will also come together and rotate rapidly in front of its gun. They will then be launched at Link with deadly accuracy.
  • When low on health, Windblight Ganon will start to use its eye as a Guardian Laser.
  • This Guardian Laser can be interrupt with a Bomb Arrow to its face.
  • Enough sequential bomb arrows can stun Windblight Ganon and cause it to drop to the ground.