The Memories that are found within Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

The various story missions and side quests that can be found in Assasin's Creed Odyssey.

Story Missions[edit]


Chapter 1 - Another Day, Another Drachma[edit]

Chapter 2 - A Debt to Pay[edit]

The Cyclops cast a long shadow over the poor people of Kephallonia, including Kassandra/Alexios and their sometimes-ally, Markos. Now, he demanded payment or Markos's head - or both.

Chapter 3 - The Wolf Hunt[edit]

Seeing something rare in Kassandra/Alexios, Elpenor gave her a chance to prove herself/himself. The mercenary set off to kill the "Wolf of Sparta" - a job that would prove more complicated than it first appeared.

Side Missions[edit]

Side Quests - Kephallonia[edit]

Side Quests - Megaris[edit]

Side Quests - Phokis[edit]

Side Quests - Lokris[edit]

Side Quests - Abantis Islands[edit]

Side Quests - Attika[edit]

Side Quests - Korinthia[edit]

Side Quests - Argolis[edit]

Side Quests - Naxos[edit]

Side Quests - Pirate Islands[edit]

Side Quests - Obsidian Islands[edit]

Side Quests - Silver Islands[edit]

Side Quests - Southern Sporades[edit]

Side Quests - Pephka[edit]


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